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Subject: Scotland Skinners
Date: 4 April 2007
From: "Tonia Skinner Hannemann"

In the last few years, I have read a few articles about the McGregor Clan of Scotland and the possible connection to the Skinner line. One was written quite awhile ago by Frances Gorton Skinner Barnard Mackay, MI .

Has there been any recent research on the possible connection between these 2 families? We are going to be in Scotland this well as England...but we will not be able to get to Chichester. The idea of the names seems to make quite a bit of sense.

My Skinners, according to Fernald, descend from Thomas of Malden. If I remember correctly that some Skinner researchers tried to trace the Chichester Skinners, but only found meager church records.

What stirs my wondering is a typed paragraph by my grandmother Helen (O'Connor) Skinner about my father, her first born. She wrote that he was of Irish, Scotch and Dutch ancestry...but of course did not go on to say from which ancestors. Grandmother's parents and their parents were born in Ireland. My grandfather was a Skinner (his mother's maiden name was Hallock...and they had been on Long Island for 100's of years.) Since my grandmother was an Irish Catholic ...I guess it is possible that it would have pained her too much to put down English for the Skinners...but I just feel she would not have done that.

Bottom line: Are there other Skinner researchers out there with Scottish theories for their ancestors?

Thank You,
Tonia Skinner Hannemann

Subject: Martin Skiner & Mary Johnston Davison, Edinburgh
Date: 21 August 2006
From: "Mary Heywood" Dartmouth, Devon UK

I've just discovered I have a Great Grandfather called MARTIN SKINNER. My Great Grandmother was MARY JOHNSTON DAVIDSON who lived in Edinburgh. She had an illegitimate daughter (my Grandmother Mary Constance Skinner Walls) in 1895 and the father is noted as MARTIN SKINNER, a private in the 12th Lancers.

I've only been able to find one MARTIN SKINNER of the right sort of date. On the 1881 UK Census, there's one born c.1873 in Plumstead, Kent, living at 21 Bird in the Bus Road, Camberwell, London. His mother is Mary Skinner, unmarried and an annuitant aged 39.

However, the same chap on Free BMD and Ancestry BMD gives him as being born in Woolwich, which is not very far away.

Do you know anything about this Martin Skinner and why he might have been in Edinburgh at the time of my grandmother's conception?!! I've tried to find a connection with the 12th Lancers and Edinburgh, but not had any luck so far!

Any clues would be wonderful. I was adopted and have found a great deal about my natural father's family and am now starting out on my mother's!

Subject: Benjamin Franklin Skinner & Mattie Marcelena (Reynalds), Fauquier, VA
Date: 21 October 2006
From: "Peggy Rideout"

I've been researching the Skinner side of my husbands family on and off for the last 5 years.  It is quite entwined and can be exasperating, as you know, I'm sure. My husband, is a Rideout.  His family line goes back to a marriage between Joseph Merrill Rideout and Kathleen Skinner, in VA.  Kathleen's mother was Mattie Marcelena (Reynalds)  m. Benjamin Franklin Skinner, Fauquier, VA. Family history has it that these Skinners are related to Landonia Lake who was married to a Benjamin Franklin Skinner serving under Gen Mosby.  (ref. Mosby Memoirs). Is the first mentioned BF Skinner the Junior to the second? I've also been told this line can be followed back to John S Skinner of Ft Mc Henry era. I would appreciate any guidance.
Subject: Guy Roy and Hattie Belle (Edwards) Skinner of Tryon, NC
Date: 12 August 2006
From: "Pamela Skinner Weinhoffer"

I am looking for descendants or relatives of Hattie Belle Edwards Skinner and Guy Roy Skinner of Tryon N. Carolina. Any leads or information would be greatly appreciated.

Subject: Mary C. Skinner - Arkansas
Date: 08 August 2006
From: "Cheryl Hunter-Davidoff" Lewisville, TX

My great-grandmother was Mary. C. Skinner. She and her brothers were born in Arkansas and by 1870 they were living with stepparents that may have been older cousins Neverson F. and Martha J. Sutton in Independence County, AR. In 1900 she was still living with the Suttons but she had my Grandfather with her he was 2 she was 33 years, they were in Forestberg, TX, Montague County which is a short distance from where I live in Lewisville. She was not married when she had my Grandfather, but the name Cagle is the name of her neighbor at this time.

I know she married someone named Mitchell and they had 2 sons Bob and Ben, but I can not find her after the 1900 census until she is with my Grandfather Jasper Armstrong Cagle in Childress, TX in the 1930 census. I believe that she was somewhere in OK because the Suttons, her brother Isaac A. Skinner and the Cagels were in Sayre, OK area. Her son Ben was born in OK but I don’t know where.

In 1870 John W. or N. (hard to tell) 10 years of age, Isaac A. was 8 and Mary C. was 4 Skinner were all together with the Suttons. I can not locate John after that census. I found Isaac but his name is spelled Isaak in the OK census. I know it is him because his wife and children are with him. I believe that his nick name was “Blue.” Any information you could share would be helpful.

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