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Subject: John Skinner b. Georgia abt. 1792
Date: 27 Sep 1999
From: "Beverly and Gary Skinner" <sitzy@metrolink.net>
Looking for information on John Skinner b. Georgia abt. 1792, wives name was Ellen ?. Was in Ga., Al. descendants were in upper west Florida also

Subject: Skinner family from Kentucky and Indiana
Date: 26 Sep 1999
From: Linda L Daffron <ldaffron1@juno.com>
Skinner family from Kentucky and Indiana
I am looking for any information on Nellie Skinner who married Michael Daffron (Daffern) in Nelson County, Kentucky in 1818. Her brother is Elijah Skinner who later went to Greene County, Indiana. Her mother, Elizabeth, had married a second time to Charles McMannus and they were witness to the marriage. Michael and Nellie were in Dubois county, Indiana in 1820. In 1826 Michael was witness to the marriage of his sister in Jefferson county, Kentucky. After that, nothing. Trying to locate where they went after 1826. Also Giles Daffron married Nancy Skinner in Greene county, Indiana and they later moved to Knox county, Indiana. any information about this family would be greatly appreciated.
Linda Daffron

Subject: James Allen Skinner-b March 16, 1833 in Kentucky
Date: 25 Sep 1999
From: GSellmeyer@aol.com
Looking for the parents of James Allen Skinner-born March 16, 1833 in Kentucky. Died Sept. 7, 1924-Saline Co., Mo. Married Mary Sarah Rebecca Downey on Feb. 2, 1860 in Howard Co., Mo. Mostly lived in Howard Co., Mo. James and Mary were the parents of these children: John, Francis, James, Cosmos, Theopilas, Baucamp, Orren and Rebecca. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Subject: New Jersey Skinner Origins
Date: 18 Sep 1999
From: "wevo" <wevo@gateway.net>
Searching for New Jersey Skinner Origins
My Skinner ancestors arrived in Cumberland (now Franklin) County, PA, from New Jersey in 1782. A biography of a family member published in 1905 includes the following information: Fourth generation of this line in America. John Skinner, progenitor, arrived from England and first settled in New Jersey.

He had the following known children: Archie, Anna, William, George, Phebe, and "others who names can't be determined". His son William was born on 15 Nov 1757, and married Martha Duncan.They moved to Cumberland County in 1782, and their son Stephan was born there in 1783. In searching New Jersey Skinner records, I have targeted the Rev. William Skinner family of Middlesex County. The family names (John, William, Stephen) are correct. I would appreciate information on this and other possible families in the Garden State. Sincerely, Ed Wevodau wevo@gateway.net

Date: 31 Oct 1999 20:32:55 -0700
From: "Paul Skinner" <paulo@mcn.net>
I am a tenth generation descendent of Richard Skinner of Woodbridge New Jersey. He was a servant to the first Governor of NJ,
Philip Carteret. He married Susannah Poulain in May of 1666. Richard arrived on August 1, 1665 from the Isle of Jersey, but not
sure if he was born there or somewhere else. Am researching that now.

Subject: John Lewis Skinner
Date: 17 Sep 1999
From: "Alyne Brazier" <abrazier@apex.net>
I am looking for any information on John Lewis Skinner. I know that he had a son named George Allen Skinner b. 2/19/1923--d. 5/1970. I think they may have been from Missouri originally and later moved to Kentucky. George married Dorothy Wring and had two daughters. I am trying to find this information for my aunt so if you can help me please contact me by e-mail at abrazier@apex.net or at poppysgirl@excite.com . All replies are welcome.
Thank you.
Subject: Query Response
Date: 16 May 2000
From: Cindy Perkins <Cindy@claedf.com>
I am answering your query. My and Dorothy Wring married George Skinner and lived in Paducah, Ky. They had two daughters, Johnnie Belinda and Marissia. They both live in Paducah. My father is Leonard Wring and Dorothy was his sister, my aunt. She died a few months ago.

Subject: Skinner x Meeks
Date: 16 Sep 1999 21:00:47 -0700
From: "maxine meeks" <melmac@schweg.com>
Hi I am looking for information on skinner in decature co Indiana in 1840 t0 1860 a Rosanna who was 54 in 1850 married to William Meeks a rebeccaBurton married to Barnet skinner in 1832 a sarah Skinner married to Obediah Meeks 1846 in Decature co Ind. There was a William Skiner and Mella borned in Va in 1771 allso on 1850 cencus
any information apprected
Subject: Query Response
Date: 24 Oct 1999
From: "penny creason" <psc54@netusa1.net>
I am also looking for Skinner's in Indiana, Most of my family are around the Clinton County area. I am trying to find my great-grandparents John Skinner BORN:Feb..01,1855 in Scott County, KY. He married Rinda ? in 1879. If you or any one have info. about them please let me know. My grandfather was Samuel E.Skinner Born March 27,1884 Death Oct 3,1969 He was Married to Linda (Harter) born Apr 3, 1882 Death May 21,1951 Both are buried in Clinton County. Thanks
I also have from the Clinton County Library the following Skinner's but Don't know how they match up with my family. They might be some of the ones you asked about.
William Skinner Born Feb. 11, 1774 Death May 26,1856
Wife: Milly----- Skinner Born March 20,1775 Death March 26, 1866
Rosanna Skinner Meeks
Barnet Married Rebecca Burton OCT. 5,1832
George Married Sally Burton Sept,23,1834
Elizabeth Skinner Taylor
John (might me some of my family not sure how he connects yet)
Sally Skinner Marshall
Catharine Skinner Boyles
Nancy Married Alexander Pierce March 2, ?
Lucinda Married Lyman Thompson March 7,183? (some of my copies were cut off
so I put question marks in those areas)
Mary Married James Hill Nov. 18, 1838
William Married Nancy Northcutt Oct 5, 1831
I don't know if any of these are the ones you need but I hope I have helped a little.
I didn't realize when I started their were so many Skinner's .
Penny in Indiana


Subject: William Benjamin Skinner
Date: 11 Sep 1999 18:09:43 EDT
From: Jmjcmink@aol.com
Looking for information on my gg grandfather, William Benjamin Skinner (b. abt 1845 in England). He was married to Mariah Sheldon/Skeldon. William was a cut glass artisan who came to American in about 1863.
William settled in New Bedford, MA and later settled in Souther New Jersey where he started Skinner's Cut Glass Factory in Hammonton, NJ.
William and Maria had the following children: Thomas (b.1877) m. Mary Cook, Frances, Eliza, Alfred, and Elizabeth.
Need to know info on William Benjamin Skinner's parents.

Subject: Pritchett / Skinner Family Web Site
Date: 8 Sep 1999 21:51:10 EDT
From: SPritch209@aol.com
Hi everyone:
I have been working hard on my web page/site and would like to have everyone take a look and see if you can match up with any one of my Skinner relations. I am looking for several cousins to fill in the blanks.
Please let me know if you find someone to connect to you families.
God Bless
Subject: QR 08 Sep 99
Date: 5 Oct 1999 16:51:47 -0700
From: "Eileen Messina" <leedon@maxinter.net>
I found your web site, and you did a great job and put a lot of work into research.
I was adopted, so I didn't grow up knowing my bio. family. In the 1960's I found my mother and in 1976, I found my father.
My father's name was Clarence TITLOW, his father was Isaac and his mother was Georgia TIPTON.
Georgia's parents were Nathaniel TIPTON and Rebecca SKINNER.
I have Nathaniel's info. but not Rebecca's.
She died in the 1920's, but no parents are listed on her death certificate.
She last lived in Loudon Co., so I have been told. Also they lived in surounding Counties[Knox,Blount etc]
Does any of this sound like your Rebecca, dau.of Lorenzo and Delilia? I hope so.
Thanks for your time,

Subject: Ardessee / Andessee SKINNER / CRIPPEN (b. July 1835, PA)
Date: 27 Aug 1999
From: Elnore PARIS, Coldwater, MI
From 5 June 1900 Federal Census, Pasadena Township, Los Angeles, CA 5 Precinct, Supr Dist No. 6, Enum Dist No. 117, Sheet No. 3, (3144 or 5144? B) Howard Street, No of family 60, she is shown as wife of Myron A. CRIPPEN, (age 65) also shown with Hawley O. Crippen, Grandson (age 10).
The CRIPPEN family was very prominent in Branch County, MI, in 1835 thru 1900's. Myron and Ardessee were the parents of "The Mild Murderer" who killed his wife in London, England and was hanged in London for the crime. The murderer was Hawley Harvey Crippen, (1862-1910). There have been many books, plays, music, etc. written about Hawley, and his image is in the wax museum in London.
In one book, written by Tom Cullen, it is stated that Myron Crippen married a local girl Andresse Skinner, which I have been unable to find proof, and have searched diligently. The Branch County Early Marriages (1833-1875 and 1876-1887) have been published here.
In the local newspaper, The Courier, dated Nov. 21, 1910, pg 1, it states that Myron A. Crippen died Nov. 18th, in Los Angeles, CA caused by privations and worry over his son's fate AND that his wife died several years since.
I would appreciate an obit on both Myron & Ardessee, info on where they are buried in the Los Angeles area. Mostly I would like information about Ardessee's family, where born, father & mother, any siblings, etc. from that area, or in Pennsylvania.

Subject: Robert Skinner, brother of James Skinner of Skinner's Horse fame in India
Date: 27 Aug 1999
From: Rebecca Ridges <rridges@metz.une.edu.au>
I'm looking for any information on Robert Skinner, brother of James Skinner of Skinner's Horse fame in India.
We know Robert killed himself and his wife but he supposedly had a son, Thomas Skinner (or Jeremiah Thomas) who died in 1826. This Thomas married a Sophia Watts at Arcot, Southern India in 1823 and they had a son, Thomas William Skinner in 1824.
Unfortunately most of this is just hearsay!
Any concrete information would be appreciated!
Rebecca Ridges

Subject: Allen Skinner b. 1869 in Speightstown, Barbados
Date: 26 Aug 1999
From: "carlisle" <soils@a-znet.com>
Skinner families in Barbados. Am searching for info re Allen Skinner b. 1869 in Speightstown, Barbados. I believe he was a merchant and possibly had a plantation on the island. May have relocated to Panama or England in the late 1800's or early 1900's.Would also like to know of any other Allen,Kenneth or Lionel Skinners born during the 1800's and early 1900's in Barbados .Please reply with any info you may have no matter how sketchy. Thank you.

Subject: Skinners are now spread far and wide around South Africa
Date: 25 Aug 1999
From: "piet" <sorgsa@lantic.net>
Hello there, all Skinners around the world. I am Pieter Retief Skinner from Pretoria, South Africa. Gather most info for your site is generated is the USA and I feel oblidged to let you know that our line goes way back in South Africa's history and particularly in the establishment of the city of Pretoria.
Our forefather, William (a barrister), was born in Canterbury, Kent, England in 1828 and came to what was still a very unsettled Southern Africa on a hunting expidition in the mid 1800's. Together with two French brothers, Duvereux (I think this was the spelling) they stumbled on part of what was called "the great trek", the famous team leader (called "boer") was a French/Dutch decendant named Pieter Retief who was murdered with one of his sons by the Zulu, a black tribe.
William married Retief's daughter Deborah and they settled in Pretoria. He worked as the first Landrost of Pretoria under Paul Kruger, the Boer leader and today Skinner Street is a landmark here and incidentally the widest street in Pretoria.
The Skinners are now spread far and wide around South Africa. Anyone interested in mailing me with comments or wanting to chat about our local clan may do so at sorgsa@lantic.net
To the SFA good luck, keep up the good work

Subject: JOHN SKINNER. Lived around 1810 to 1840 around cambridgeport and charlestown
Date: 24 Aug 1999
From: Heirlost@aol.com
Anyone related to a JOHN SKINNER. Lived around 1810 to 1840 around cambridgeport and charlestown. Large property owner on the cambridgeport waterfront.

Subject: Agnes Woods?
Date: 24 Aug 1999
From: steinwan@elkvalley.net (Olive Steinwandt)
I am in search of any descendants of AGNES SKINNER, (Woods). Her father would have been my grandfather PETER WOODS, and her mother would have been ELLEN ANGELINA ISBELL. Agnes may have been born on November 10 or 22, 1891. I have two different facts about Agnes' marriage, she married a CHINN, and had two girls,HELEN and MARGUERITE, or she married a SKINNER, and had a son PETER. I believe that Ellen married again to a FRED MITCHELL.
I would appreciate any info that you can send me. Thanks for your time.
olive steinwan@elkvalley.net

Subject: Green Berry Skinner of Randolph County, Missouri
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999
From: AWCFlash@aol.com
Green Berry Skinner of Randolph County, Missouri was my great grandfather. He was born April 29, 1843 in Sugar Creek Township, Randolph County, Missouri. He served in the Missouri Militia during the Civil War. He married Nancy Catherine Wagaman January 25, 1865 in Carroll County, MO. Green Berry Skinner died in Cairo, Missouri on September 8, 1924.
There children were:
Ada Skinner, b. May 21, 1872 in Randolph County, MO (my grandmother)
m. David Franklin Condon March 23, 1904 in Macon Co, MO
Oather Abraham Skinner, b. December 26, 1867 in Macon County, MO
m. Clelia Down Rogers January 31, 1900
Thomas F. Skinner, b. April 19, 1868
m. Cora Elsa ??
Mollie Belle Skinner, b. February 19, 1870
Lula Fances Skinner, b. August 27, 1874 in Randolph Co., MO
m. Henry Thomas Capp April 4, 1906 in Carroll Co., MO
Sarah Skinner, b. October 13, 1876 in Carroll Co., MO
m. Alfred Capp (brother of Henry Thomas) in 1904
Bessie Skinner, b. November 3, 1884 in Carroll Co., MO
m. Irvy Ray September 12, 1905 in Carroll Co., MO
I don't have any other information on the Missouri Skinners, where they originated, what they did, etc. If any of these names ring a bell or fit your family tree, please let me know.
Austin Condon, Colorado
Subject: Query Response
Date: 28 Mar 2000
From: "Cyn Lyn" <Cyn_Lyn@hotmail.com>
Hi I found your email address on Skinner family board. I have tried to reach you in the past. I am looking for info on my Skinner family from Moberly MO. My Great Grandfather was James R Skinner and his parents were Marion Taylor Skinner and Amanda Belle Hardister. Please come check out my website and let me know if you recognize any of these families. If you would leave the info you have on the MO Skinner family on my message board that would be great!
Cyn Lyn
my message board

Subject: Sarah Murphy Nixon
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 1999
From: Bevu <bevu@teleport.com>
Would like to share Nixon information, looking for mother of David Murphy Nixon b 1850's in Indiana. Could this Sarah be related???
Thank you
Bev Underwood

Subject: Amy Skinner and Samuel D. Rush
Date: 02 Aug 1999
From: farrar <scribee@yahoo.com>
Does anyone have information about the children and grandchildren of Amy Skinner (b. 1786 d. 1851) and Samuel D. Rush (b. 1782)? According to unverified family information: their daughter Amy F. Rush married James R. Roffey about 1860; Amy Rush and James Roffey's daughter, Minnie Roffey, married William Henry Goddard in Cameron, Illinois about 1889. Would appreciate any help on this.
Please email me at scribee@yahoo.com. Thanks.

Subject: AMY SKINNER b 3/11/1786 m SAMUEL D. RUSH in 1819
Date: 26 Jul 1999
From: farrar <farrar@gnv.fdt.net>
Seeking information on AMY SKINNER b 3/11/1786 married SAMUEL D. RUSH in 1819. I believe Amy's parents were Nathaniel Skinner and Elizabeth Harned, who had a daughter Amy born on the same date. I am trying to confirm that Amy Skinner and Samuel D. Rush had a daughter named Amy F. Rush. Amy F. Rush married James R. Roffey in 1860. Their daughter, Minnie Roffey, married William Henry Goddard in 1889. Their daughter, Rose Irene Goddard, married Mitchell Watt Edwards. Rose and Mitchell's son, Mitchell Gene Edwards, is my husband. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I will be glad to share what information I have.
Please email me at scribee@yahoo.com.

Subject: Richard Skinner m Susanna Poulain descendant line
Date: 23 Jul 1999
From: NanNoble@aol.com
My line is: Richard Skinner m Susanna Poulain
Richard Skinner m Sarah Moore
Nathaniel Skinner Sr., (Rev.) m Elizabeth King
Samuel Skinner m Agnes Critchfield
Samuel Skinner m Mary Drake
John Skinner m Catherine Strait
Nathaniel Roswell Skinner m Elizabeth Croskey
Leroy G. Skinner m Lucinda Yanger
Howard Jefferson Skinner m Ethel Mae Hamilton
Leroy H. Skinner m Sadie C. Miller
Anyone have any information on any of these individuals. I have info. on Richard and Susanna, but nothing on the others. I'm very new at this and appreciate any help you can give me. I particularly need information about Lucinda Yanger.
Thanks, Nancy Skinner Noble
Subject: Skinner / Croskey
Date: 21 Dec 1999
From: "Merriam White" <merriam@sprintmail.com>
I am a Croskey researcher. I found your query for a Skinner/Croskey marriage from Jul 1999. Do you have any dates or places for your Skinner family. So far there are only two Croskey families that came over from Ireland.
If you could let me know a few more stats maybe we could figure out who your
Nathaniel Roswell Skinner was?
Merriam White
Subject: Query Response to Richard Skinner m Susanna Poulain descendant line
Date: 25 Oct 1999
From: "Craig Alexander Rothhammer" <craigr@cnmnetwork.com>
Hello Nan,
I am also working on the same line that you are, and my decendant, Robert Skinner (b. 1738), 3rd son of Nathaniel Skinner Sr., is one of the younger brothers of your Samuel Skinner (b. 1734).
My line is:
Richard Skinner (I) m. Susanna Poulain
Richard Skinner (II) m. Wright? (q. who is Sarah Moore?)
Nathaniel Skinner Sr. (Rev) m Elizabeth King
Robert Skinner m. Mary Willets
Willets Skinner m. Sarah Colburn
Jonathan Skinner m. Mary C. White
James Skinner (author of Sketches of Pioneer Life) m. Hannah Russell Haper
Eugen "Eugene" Alexander Rothhammer m. Mary "Mollie" Rebecca Skinner
And then the Rothhammer lineage from here on.
If anyone is following the link from James Skinner, Mollies' father, please drop me a line. I also am looking for information on Hannah Haper.
Nan, if you have any information to share as you come across it, I would be most grateful.
Craig Alexander Rothhammer
La Crescenta, CA

Subject: Alma Skinner born 1880 and Jessie Skinner born around that time
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999
From: Mygramba2@cs.com
I am looking for any information on my grandparents who migrated from england to the US and settled in Ms on the indian reservations one was a cherokee and one was a coctaw ..... They were Alma Skinner born 1880 and Jessie Skinner born around that time both were Skinners but from different tribes any information would be appreciated......
Subject: RESPONSE: Jesse/Alma SKINNER
Date: 16 Oct 1999
From: Melba <durhamr@lightspeed.net>
Hello, I have a Jesse Howard SKINNER born 1875 Neshoba Co, MS, son of William D SKINNR and Maggie PETTY...is said that he married Alma SKINNER. Jesse's father was not Indian however Maggie is said to be Cherokee although her name is not on the Rolls.

Subject: Lucinda Yanger, who was married to Leroy G. Skinner
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999
From: NanNoble@aol.com
Looking for any information about Lucinda Yanger, who was married to Leroy G. Skinner. Leroy was born in Ohio in 1847 and Lucinda was also born in Ohio abt. 1846. They had two sons that I know of, Nathaniel, born 1869 and my grandfather, Howard Jefferson Skinner born in 1878 in MO. I have the Skinner line back to Richard and Susanna Poulain, but cannot find any information about the Yanger line. I also need any details about Richard and Susanna and their son, also Richard. Any help, cousins? Nancy Skinner Noble
Subject: Query Response
Date: 1 Nov 1999
From: "Paul Skinner" <paulo@mcn.net>
I am a tenth generation descendant of Richard Skinner of Woodbridge NJ. I will tell you what I have on him and his son Richard
Jr. Richard Sr. arrived on August 1, 1665 at Elizabethtown NJ aboard the Philip. He departed from St Helier on the Channel
Island of Jersey but unlikely he was born there. He was a joiner by trade. His son Richard Jr. was born in 1664. Interesting, I
just noticed that his son was born before the marriage to Susannah Poulain which I have has May of 1666! Anyway Richard Jr
married Ann Wright, daughter of Robert Wright in 1690. He died on 5/12/1727 in Woodbridge, NJ. One of his sons, Nathaniel I
married Elizabeth King in 1735. Richard is also referred to as Deacon Richard Skinner but am unsure what denomination.
You also are seeking the children of Ruben Skinner. What I have shows a marriage to one Sara Higgins, granddaughter of Zerah
Higgins. The children and spouses are:
1. Mary Skinner and Jacob Rush
2. 2nd Rev. Nathaniel and Elizabeth Harned
3. Joseph Skinner
4. Rev. James Skinner and a. Elizabeth ? and b. Catharine McClung
5. Nancy Ann Skinner and Thomas King
6. Richard Skinner
7. Rueban Skinner Jr.
8. Samuel Skinner and Mary Drake
9. Phoebe Skinner and Samuel Hull
10. John Skinner and Mary Rush
If you would like the dates I will try to get them as soon as I can. Hope this helps
Paul Skinner

Subject: Patience SKINNER and Piety SKINNER, christened 1822 in Surrey, England
Date: 15 Jul 1999
From: Bronwyn Farber <farbers5@earthlink.net>
Searching for any information on Patience SKINNER and Piety SKINNER, both christened in 1822 in Surrey, England. Daughters of William SKINNER and Lucy LEDBETTER m. 1813 in Oxted, Surrey, England. Piety married John Morgan AMES and eventually emigrated to Australia. Would love to hear from anyone connected.

Subject: SKINNERS of BROMBOROUGH POOL, Merseyside (was Cheshire), UK
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 1999 09:37:28 EDT
From: EmCEl@aol.com
researching the SKINNERS of BROMBOROUGH POOL, Merseyside (was Cheshire), UK.
My grandfather was WALTER SKINNER m. Elizabeth Peers. They had 16 children,
THOMAS (1908)
WALTER (1910)
FRANK (1914 - 1934)
RUTH (1929 -1982)
Anyone else with information regarding this branch?
Graham (GLord@aol.com)

Subject: Emily Sarah Skinner
Date: 07 Jul 1999
From: Eric Nisbet <enisbet@csolve.net>
Emily Sarah Skinner
born Jul 18 1876 in England
died Jan 8 1954 in Toronto, Ontario Canada
buried in Ingersoll, Ontario Canada
parents: Thomas John Skinner and Emily Sarah Busby
siblings: Rose Skinner, Frank Skinner, Ettie Skiner
married John Nisbet in 1899
re-married later Henry Muir, date unknown
Additional, "sketchy" information on the Skinners I'm related to can be found at my web site:
I haven't been able to find additional information on Emily Sarah Skinner's family yet. My main focus has been on the Nisbet's at this point. But if you can help I look forward to hearing from you.
Eric Nisbet

Subject: Lorenzo D. Skinner m. Delilia Phifer
Date: 20 Jun 1999 18:27:08 EDT
From: SPritch209@aol.com
Hi Everyone:
I was not long, that I posted, but I am going to try something a little different this time. I tried send the exact same sometime ago but it got lost somehow. This time I am going through the time and struggle to list the complete line that I am part of. Starting with my ggggrandfather, and if you have any information on his parents or siblings it would be greatly appreciated if you would contact me. I will try and show the level of info that I have on each. If you have a connection would you Please contact me. I am looking for cousins.
Lorenzo D. Skinner b. 1813 in Virginia moved to North Carolina m. Delilia Phifer Nov. 24, 1835 in Mechlenburg County, NC. Her parents were Henry and Florence. Four of his children were born in NC and two when they moved west to Tennessee. In 1840 they could be found in Cocke County, Tenn. and in 1850 they are in Knox County. There Children and decedents are as follows.
HENRY SKINNER b. 1836 NC. [no info]
JEREMIAH [JAKE] SKINNER b. 1838 NC. m. Emily Adaline Kirby [my line lots of info]
SARIAH [SARAH] SKINNER b. 1840 NC. m. unknown [no info]
ANNA CATHERINE SKINNER b. 1847 NC. m. Casswell Wheeler Nov. 10 1864 [no info]
JAMES SKINNER b. 1850 Tenn. m. unknown [no info]
REBECCA SKINNER b. 1852 Tenn. m. unknown [no info]
JEREMIAH AND ADALINE m. Sept. 15 1859, Knoxville, Knox County, Tenn.
---LIZZIE SKINNER b. unknown m. unknown [no info]
---ORDY SKINNER b. unknown m. unknown [no info]
---MANUEL LORENZA SKINNER b. June 9, 1862, Tenn. m Florence Roach [my line lots of info]
---WILLIAM H. SKINNER b. 1866 m. unknown [no info]
---SARAH ELIZABETH SKINNER b. Jan. 1867 m. Thomas Reed July 25, 1889, [some info]
---CHARLES M. SKINNER b. Feb. 16 1870 m. Theresa Mytle Hook March 11, 1900 [some info]
---EDWIN D. SKINNER b. 1872 m [1] Rebecca Reed [2] Anna White Jan. 22, 1817 [3] Lizzie E. Vanderhoof Feb. 8, 1923 [lots of info]
---NATHANIAL CASSAWAY SKINNER b. 1879 m. unknown [no info]
---AUSTIE EMILY SKINNER b. 1885 m. unknown [no info]
------BERTIE LORENDA SKINNER b. 1888 m. Bert Polly [no info]
------JOE SKINNER b. 1889 m. Ethel Faye Harper [little info]
------EDAN SKINNER b. 1891 m. Ted Oliver [little info]
------ALTA THURMAN [MIKE] SKINNER b. Nov. 9 1893 m. Ruth Isabelle Mullinex Dec 27 1919 [lots of info]
------LURA MONROE SKINNER b. Dec. 5 1895 m. Fannie Isaac. [my line lots of info]
------ADDIE ELIZABETH SKINNER b. March 5, 1899, m. unknown [no info]
------RESSIE MARLE SKINNER b. Nov. 26 1900 m. Arley Sayer [no children]
------ORA VIOLA SKINNER b. Nov. 8 1908 m. Herbert Luke [no children]
LURA SKINNER AND FANNIE ISAAC. m. Jan. 3, 1917 my grandparents
-------------FREDA SKINNER b. Aug 30, 1917 m. Eugene Womack [no info]
-------------HELEN PEARL SKINNER b. July 8, 1920, m. William Cecil Pritchett my parents.
-------------WELDON SKINNER B. Dec. 7, 1922 m [1] Joy [2] Belle [3] Marie [some info]
-------------DORIS SKINNER b. July 26, 1925, m. Arron Archer [some info]
-------------FANNIE MARIE SKINNER b. July 12, 1827, m. Austin Bolerjack [some info]
-------------HERBERT TED SKINNER b. Dec 7, 1930 m. Opal Cates [some info]
-------------MARVIN SKINNER b. Aug 31 1933 m Terry [little info]
-------------LELA SKINNER b. July 16, 1936, m. John Harmer [some info]
-------------JIMMIE ALLEN SKINNER b. Nov 1 1938 m. Carolyn Cates [some info]
--------------------STEVE ALLEN PRITCHETT b. Feb. 11, 1940 Council Valley, Payne County [Cushing] Oklahoma. m. [1] Roberta Martin [2] Marcia Claypool [3] Phoebe Prescott. { me what do you want to know} I now live at 2090 Hill Way st. Medford Oregon 97504.
Thank you all and if there are any cousins out there, would you PLEASE contact me. Some of the other related names are Roach, Kirby, Hook, Eads, Isaac, Copeland, Redman, Phifer, and many others.
God Bless

William Jr. SKINNER
Date: 17 Jun 1999 18:13:57 -0500
From: Joyce Talley <talley@accunet.net>
Any researchers for this Skinner line?
5)SKINNER: Nancy P.- b 1840 Webster Co KY + Wm. Dilbeck Sr. >
4)Benjamin B. b 1805 Darlington Co SC + Susannah Dye both d, Webster Co KY >
3)Jesse b 1774-84 Dobbs Co NC + ? Alley >
2)Benjamin Sr b 1750 Lenoir Co NC, d after 1830 SC + Priscilla b abt 1755 - d 1816 Darlington Co SC >
1}William Jr. SKINNER.

Subject: Martha A.M. Skinner
Date: 16 Jun 1999
From: Melba Parker <mrp@lcc.net>
I am looking for information on Martha A.M. Skinner. She is listed on LDS familyresearch as a relative of Ashburn Davis, b.1801 in Benton Co. Tn. Ashburn Davis is my g-g-grandfather and would like to get more info on him. Thanks a million

Subject: John William Skinner, 1876-1877
Date: 12 Jun 1999
From: "MARGARET A. WHITE" <MWHITE12@snet.net>
I am looking for info on the family of John William Skinner, born in England, 1876-1877, married Charlotte Rudd, born 1884-85. Moved to the U.S. sometime prior to 1908. These were my grandparents. They worked on estates and farms in New York and Connecticut. Had three children, John Edward, Christopher William, and Doris Ella.
An addition to the query I posted above, re John William Skinner of England and his wife, Charlotte Rudd, also of England. The birthplace for John was Cumbridge Wells, and the birthplace for Charlotte was London.
Please let me know if anyone knows of this branch of the family.
Thank you.
Margaret White

Subject: Georgia Lanham Skinner who lived in Rome, Georgia
Date: 11 Jun 1999
From: Robvia@aol.com
Looking for Georgia Lanham Skinner who lived in Rome, Georgia in the late nineteenth century. Georgia was married to Oz (Ozwell) Skinner. Would appreciate any help that anyone can provide to our family.
J. Outlaw, North Carolina.
May contact me at www.OUTLAWSTWO@aol.com

Subject: Preston Ryland Skinner
Date: 6 Jun 1999
From: "walkerd" <walkerd@gateway.net>
My name is Bonnie Walker. I have a half brother, John Ryland Skinner. His father's name is Preston Ryland Skinner and his mother's name is Elizabeth Skinner.{my mother} John has a half sister, Dorothy Ann Skinner by his fathers first marriage.
Her mother's first name was Elsie and I am led to believe she was of German desent. Dorothy's mother died when she was a young child and she was raised by her grandmother, Elsie' mother. John and Dorothy's father died when he was two and a half and Dorothy was sixteen. This was the last time we saw Dorothy, and John would very much like to locate her. All we know is that she returned to Oklahoma where her grandmother lived. If you have any information that would help us we would love to hear from you. You may reach us at walkerd@gateway.net or write me at the below address. thank you for any information you might have.
Bonnie Walker
2807 Goolsby Ave.
Richmond, Virginia
Subject: Samuel Skinner line
Date: 4 Jun 1999
From: "JoAnn Tannery" <freshappeal@texoma.net>
Looking for the Samuel Skinner line.
Samuel was born in Northern Kentucky, died in Franklin County, AL.
Married Betsy Humble.
Third child was Wiley B.F. Skinner b. Jan 22, 1821, Davidson County,
Tennessee, near Nashville. Came to Texas in 1845 and died near Gainesville, TX.
First marriage of Wiley was to Lavina Langlin of Limestone County Texas.
Children of Wiley and Lavina:
Amantha I. Skinner
Sarah E. Skinner
Fannie Skinner
Thomas Andrew Skinner (my ancestor)
Wiley Skinner
Lavenia L. Skinner
Second marriage of Wiley B. F. was to Mary L. Dye of Kentucky.
Children of Wiley and Mary:
Casseltine Skinner
Greenville Dellet Skinner
Cannot locate Samuel Skinner or Betsy Humble or their ancestors. Any help will be appreciated.
JoAnn Skinner Tannery

Henry Skinner b. 1836 in North Carolina
Date: 30 May 1999
From: SPritch209@aol.com
Hi everyone
I am looking for Henry Skinner b. 1836 in North Carolina. Was first born of Lorenzo D. and E. Delilia Phifer m. Nov. 24 1835 North Carolina. Henry and his parents and three other siblings Jeremiah, Sariah, Anna Catherine, moved to Tennessee. In 1850 census in Cocke County, it shows Henry as 14, Jeremiah 12, and Sariah 10, Anna Catherine 2, they soon moved on to Knox County and there was born another brother James and a sister Rebecca. I have extensive information On his brother Jeremiah but none on this Uncle. Any info on this Skinner family would be appreciated. And of course I always share my information.
God Bless
Subject: Query Response
Date: 2 Jan 2000
From: "Julian Skinner" <tjsrpserve@hotmail.com>
My Great Grandfather was William Henry Skinner born, I think, about the time you are looking for. He was one of several children from the Carolina's whose parents passed away young and the siblings were split up among family members.
William Henry ended up in Athens, Alabama and married. He then moved to Jefferson County, Alabama. My Grandfather was Thomas Julian Skinner and he and William Henry are listed in the Skinner Family page. My father, Thomas Julian Skinner Jr. passed away last year. I am the III and my oldest son is the IV and my grandson is the V. We don't know anything about my family past William Henry. Maybe there is a connection with you. We have located a burial site with a Thomas Julian Skinner in Marengo County, Alabama, but we know of no connection with him. He lived from 1830+- to after the Civil War.
Let me know if you think this is a link for you.
Julian Skinner

Skinner family from Missouri
Date: 24 May 1999 14:38:54 -0400
From: "Cliff and Cindy James" <CLJAMESX5@email.msn.com>
Hi my name is Cindy (Skinner) James. I am looking for information on the Skinner family from Missouri. My Gr Grandfather was born 1893 in Randolph Mo. His parents were Marion Taylor Skinner and (Amanda) Belle Hardister. I have some info on family in that area.Would like anyone sharing intrest in this area to e-mail me so we can compare notes.
Thankyou! ~Cindy
Subject: Query Response
Date: 05 Nov 1999
From: Rudy Morris <rgmorris@bentonrea.com>
I have Skinner family from Missouri also. Silas Marion Skinner, born 3-8-1867 in Cross Timbers, Hickory, Missouri. He's my Great Grandfather. He migrated with his wife and children to Oregon in early 1900's. Have you ever come across his name?
Thank you,
Margee' Morris

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