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Capt. Isaac Skinner
Date: 21 Apr 1999
From: JObrien993@aol.com
I am looking for the burial place for Capt. Isaac Skinner. He died in Columbia Co, Ga.in 1805.
Alanda O'Brien
Subject: Query Response
Date: 02 Apr 2000
From: Vicki Skinner <vski@internetcds.com>
Hi, My name is Vicki Skinner and I have been doing research on Capt. Isaac Skinners family for over 12 years. Your query of April 1999 says you wish to know where he is buried? Are you still looking? I will gladly share information. I have a lot. What line are you from?
email: srenniks@yahoo.com
Vicki Skinner

William B. Skinner b. abt 1845 in Stourbridge, England
Date: 17 Apr 1999
From: Jmjcmink@aol.com
Looking for information on William B. Skinner b. abt 1845 in Stourbridge, England, m. Maria Sheldon/Skeldon and came to New Bedford, MA with their children, Thomas, Frances, Eliza and Alfred. They moved to Philadephia, PA and then to Hammonton, NJ where they built a cut glass factory. Their son Thomas took over the business and ran it with the help of his children.

Eliza Skinner, born in Little Bay, Newfoundland, Canada
Date: 17 Apr 1999
From: "Alice and Paul Gallant" <midnite@nb.sympatico.ca>
I am looking for Eliza Skinner, born in Little Bay, Newfoundland, Canada around 1890 . Married Matthew Garland, born Saddle Island, Newfoundland, Canada around 1890.
Their children were John, Minnie, Wilfred and Cecil.

eBay portfolio of Elizabeth Skinner 1870's
Date: 16 Apr 1999
From: shlew <shlew@denver.net>
> This is a Victorian lady's portfolio. It contains a few documents having belonged to
> Elizabeth Skinner on Poughkeepsie, New York, such as her bill to Vassar college and
> some private letters. Items are dated during the 1870's. Dark green morocco, deeply
> blindstamped with the same pattern of each side. There is no key for the lock (it is
> unlocked). Measures 10.75" x 9". Buyer pays $5.25 sh (includes insurance). Good luck in
> your bidding.
Happened across this and just couldn't let it pass.
It's amazing how much family history is sold on eBay in the form of photos, bibles, letters etc. This is the first folio I've seen and couldn't resist posting it to SOMEONE!!
Hope it's helpful

Sarah Skinner and William Whiddon
Date: 14 Apr 1999
From: "Gerald L Whiddon" <glwhiddon@prodigy.net>
Looking for Marriage info on Sarah Skinner and William Whiddon. When and where did they marry? He born abt 1793-5, her abt 1800.

Augustus Skinner born Aug. 1848 in AL
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 00:07:22 -0500
From: "Harold Gosnell" <gosnell@worldnetla.net>
My great grandfather: Augustus Skinner born Aug. 1848 in Al.(1900 census of Vernon Parish, La.) moved to Newton, Tx. ? He married Minerva Stone James 1872 ? children: James A. Skinner born Mar. 1876 Tx., Evander Bernard Skinner born Oct 25 1889 Freestone Co., Tx. (Death cert.) Evander B. Bernard married Hattie Grimes ? Child Adams Skinner. then married Alice Cooper Dowden Dunn ? Children: Tea Ola Skinner, William Penn Skinner, E.B. Skinner, George Skinner, Etta Inez Skinner May 1916. Then married Myrtis Hinson childern: Vernal Skinner, John D. Skinner. Evander died Aug 28 1956.
Harold Gosnell


Crawford County PA Census Records
Date: 3 Apr 1999
From: "Art & Ingrid Skinner" <skinner@busynet.net>
I have results from a census search in Crawford County, Penn. Some of the individuals are ancestors, but others we cannot be sure (The information is very vague).
Please check the following records and let me know if you can identify any of the below individuals. I would like to narrow down who is who.
Crawford County Pennsylvania Census Records
Skinner, John Mead Twp.
Males 20-30 (1)
Males 60-70 (1)
Females 50-60 (1)
Skinner, Cornelius Vernon Twp.
Males 30-40 (1) Females 30-40 (1)
Males 10-15 (1) Females 5-10 (1)
Males 5-10 (1) Females under 5 (2)
Skinner, John Vernon Twp.
Males 20-30 (1) Females 20-30 (1)
Females 60-70 (1)
Skinner, Reuben Summerhill Twp.
Males 20-30 (2) Females 20-30 (1)
Females under 5 (1)
Skinner, Israel Summerhill Twp
Males 20-30 (1) Females 20-30 (1)
Males 5-10 (1)
Males under 5 (3)
Skinner, Reuben Summerhill Twp
Males 30-40 (1) Females 30-40 (1)
Males under 5 (1) Females 10-15 (1)
Females 5-10 (1)
Females under 5 (1)
Fox, Aaron Vernon Twp.
Males 40-50 (1) Females 40-50 (1)
Males 10-15 (1) Females 15-20 (1)
Males 5-10 (1)
Skinner, John Vernon Twp.
Males 70-80 (1) Females 60-70 (1)
Skinner, Jesse Meadville, PA
34 years old, incarcerated in the county jail and labeled "Insane"
Thank you!!!

William Wesley Skinner b Sept 13, 1872, AL
Date: 3 Apr 1999
From: Lori A. Skinner Skinnerx6@aol.com
Looking for Parents of William Wesley Skinner b. sept 13, 1872 @ ALA. married to Ada Millander (?). William also had a twin brother named John skinner I have had no luck finding either one of them....
Any help would be greatly appreciated
Lori A. Skinner

Skinners in Virginia (VA) and North Carolina (NC)
Date: 1 Apr 1999
From: Steve SPritch209@aol.com
Hi everyone:
My name is Steve A. Pritchett and I am looking for information on Skinners that started in Virginia and later moved to North Carolina. I have lots of information that I can help others with but I need details on some of the branches to my tree. You can find more detail listings in my web site so please contact me at ,
if you would look here you will find all of the brothers and sisters and listings of other names that connect to my family tree. Thank you.
God Bless

Nancy Skinner m William L. Waters Aug. 25, 1873 in Rankin Co., Ms.
Date: 24 Mar 1999
From: Juanita Waters <jwaters@cwo.com>
I am looking for descendants of Nancy Skinner who married William L. Waters Aug. 25, 1873 in Rankin Co., Ms.. I know nothing else about Nancy. William was born abt. 1849 in Ms. so I am assuming Nancy was born in Ms. also. William L. was one of several children born to David L. Waters and Rachel Bell.
Juanita Waters

Lorenzo---his son Jeremiah-- his family.
Date: 22 Mar 1999
From: SPritch209@aol.com
Lorenzo---his son Jeremiah-- his family.
I now have family members going down from Jeremiah born NC. 1836 married Adaline Kirby. I now have my own family leading to me of Lorenza Manual Skinner but his siblings of Edward Skinner, and Edward off spring of Myrtle Leona Skinner, William Alford Skinner. I have lots of other information on this Skinner family will share. But would like information on Jeremiah's siblings and his kids and families. Here are some of the Skinner names.
Father Lorenzo 1813 Virginia
Henry W. Skinner 1834
Jeremiah [Jake, James] Skinner 1836 m. Emily Adaline Kirby
Sariah Skinner 1840 m. Thomas W. Anderson
Anna Catherine 1847 m. Caswell Wheeler
James E. Skinner 1850
Rebecca Skinner 1852
Jeremiah's family
Lorenzo Manuel Skinner 1861 m Florence [Fannie] Roach
William H. Skinner 1865 m. Martha Polly
Charles M. Skinner 1870 m T. Heresa Myrtle Hook
Edwin Skinner 1872 m. Rebecca Reed
Nathaniel Cassaway Skinner 1879 m. Eva May Stout
Austie Emily Skinner 1885 m. Charles Arthur Hook
Lizzie Skinner unkown
If you know of someone or you are yourselves related to any of these Skinner members, Please--Please would you get back to me? You may see the rest of my lines at this web site. http://www.Familytreemaker.com/users/p/r/i/Steve-A-Pritchett/. I would be interested in sharing all information and giving any help that I can.

LOUIS (Lewis?) SKINNER, b abt 1806 in Clarke Co, Georgia
Date: 11 Mar 1999
From: NAlden@aol.com
Seeking info on LOUIS (Lewis?) SKINNER ,born abt 1806 in Clarke Co, Georgia and wife, LUCINDA SKINNER (b abt 1820 in Jasper co GA) who lived in MUSCOGEE CO (Columbus), GA in 1860. Also lived there in 1850 with children:
1. SARAH SKINNER (b 1836) married Joseph DIMON
They had children:
They had a child:
3. ELIZABETH SKINNER (b abt 1847)
ALSO may be related to WILLIS and ELEANOR SKINNER who live in Muscogee Co in 1850 OR THOMAS and LOUISIANA SKINNER who lived in shingle hill district of Muscogee CO.
Date: 6 Apr 1999
From: "Karan" <Marie4361@colla.com>
I saw your query on the Skinner Ass. and was wondering if you have any more information on John Skinner that married Ann Eliza Jane Brooks. I have a John W. Skinner that married a Louisa Brooks and he died in 1864 also. Please respond back if this is a link.
Thanks Karan

Date: 10 Mar 1999
From: SPritch209@aol.com
Hi everyone surely there are cousins out there that will connect with one or more of my ancestors. I am looking for all comers that can lead to my family members. I will share as well as receive information on all members.
My primary interest are all but mostly Skinners and Pritchetts, But I will only talk about the Skinner's in this forum. Let us start with my ggggrandfather.
Lorenzo D. Skinner b. 1813 Va. m. Delilia Phifer Nov. 24, 1835 Mechlenberg Co... NC.
Henry Skinner b. 1836
Jeremiah Skinner b. 1838 NC.
Sariah Skinner b. 1840
Anna Catherine Skinner b. 1848 m Caswell Wheller Nov. 10, 1864 Blount co. Tenn.
James Skinner b. 1850
Rebecca Skinner b. 1852
Jeremiah Skinner m. Adline Kirby Sept. 15, 1859.
Lizzie Skinner b.
Ordy Skinner
Manuel Lorenza Skinner b. June 9, 1862
William H. Skinner, b. March 14 1866 m.{1} Sarah Martha Polly, {2} Ellia C.
Charles M. Skinner b. Feb. 16, 1870 m T. Heresa Myrtle Hook
Edwin Skinner B. March 16, 1872, Memphis Tenn.
Nathanial Cassaway Skinner, b. Oct. 9 1879 m. Eva May Stout
Austie Emily Skinner b. Sept. 1 1885
Manuel Lorenza Skinner m. Florence Roach Feb. 27, 1887
Bertie Lorenda Skinner b. Jan. 3, 1888
Joe Skinner b. Sept. 10, 1889
Edna Clementine Skinner b Jan. 22, 1891
Alta Thurman {Mike} Skinner Nov. 9 1892
Lura Monroe Skinner b. Dec. 5, 1895
Addie Elizabeth Skinner b. March 5, 1899
Ressie Marle Skinner b. Nov. 26, 1900 no children
Ora Viola Skinner b. Nov. 8 1904 no children
Lura Skinner m Fannie Isaac
Helen Skinner Pritchett
Steve A. Pritchett
Please contact me SPritch209@aol.com Steve A. Pritchett
Subject: Query Response
Date: 26 Feb 2000 21:54:32 -0800
From: bstk@brightok.net
Hi, I hope you are still doing this. The message was posted some time ago. I have found a few names that correspond with yours and was hoping you could tell me more. Here is what I have. Some of my info may be wrong. My sources did not know very much.
William Henry Skinner (1866-1931) m. Sarah Martha Polly (1862-1918). They had 2 sons Leonard ? (I heard a team of horses ran over him when he was very young) & Charles Walter Skinner - my great-great-grandfather. Born 01-15-1889 died 09-09-1961. He married Cynthia Ann Whipkey on 11-20-1912. They had 4 children Willie M. Skinner 12-25-1913 to 5-11-36 he was a very big man. Faye Marie Skinner 06-07-1918 to 07-27-1918. James Walter Skinner 09-18-1919 to 10-06-1991& Bessie Bell Skinner (my great grandmother) 03-14-1916 to 12-31-1991. I can bring the rest of the line down for you if you want. I am interested in knowing who William Henry's parents and grandparents are along w/siblings. He may have had a brother named Ed. I also have that he married Celia C. (probably your Ellia C.)
Charles Skinner his wife and children are all buried in Flynn Cemetery in Lincoln Cty? maybe Payne Cty. Oklahoma. Any info you have would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time. Also include your link to William Henry. My grandfather will be very interested to know that he has family out there.
Stephanie Kelly

Date: 9 Mar 1999
From: JObrien993@aol.com
Date: 31 Oct 1999
From: "Sherry Senseney" <ssensen1@tampabay.rr.com>
Do you happen to know who Adderton Skinner's parents were? Also, do you happen to have any info re: William Skinner who came to Maryland in 1729 aboard "Merry Jacks" from London? Sherry

Israel H. Skinner
Date: 7 Mar 1999
From: "Art & Ingrid Skinner" <skinner@busynet.net>
Israel H. Skinner
Searching for the parents of Reuben Skinner b. 1801 and Israel H. Skinner b. 1809. Both were born in New Jersey, moved to Ohio and later moved and stayed in Sandwich, Illinois. Have no information on parents. Suspect that Parents might be Reuben Skinner and Mary Ketchum Skinner both in 1784. Any confirmations?

Jesse Skinner
Date: 4 Mar 1999
From: JWIFE59918@aol.com
Looking for information on Jesse Skinner. All I know about him is he married Martha Lee inn 1801. Martha Lee born January 28, 1779 NY? died April 16, 1854. The daughter of Philemon(Phileomon) Lee and Priscilla Sprague. I beleive Jesse and Martha live in Unadilla, Otsego Co., NY. for it seems that is where her sisters lived after they were married.
Other surnames Sprague, Scott, Mudge, Billings, Townsend.
Any information will be appreciated. Thank you.
S. Lee

Israel H. 1809 and Reuben 1801 Skinner
Date: 4 Mar 1999
From: "Art & Ingrid Skinner" <skinner@busynet.net>
Israel H. 1809 and Reuben 1801 Skinner
Searching for the parents of Israel and Reuben Skinner from New Jersey, Then Pennsylvania and in the 1840's from Sandwich, Illinois. Their siblings include Eliza Skinner Fox 1798, John Skinner 1806, Cornelius, Mary, Jesse and a female. I have come to a dead end as far as the name of their parents. Are they Reuben 1784 and Mary Ketchum???
Any answers??? Send me an e-mail... skinner@busynet.net
Date: 31 Oct 1999
From: "Paul Skinner" <paulo@mcn.net>
I don't know if this agrees with your sources but what I have on Ruben shows this:
Ruben b.1736, Woodbridge, NJ-d. 4/21/1814 Turkeyfoot Twnshp PA
m. 1756 to Sarah Higgins and they had the following:
1. Rev. Nathaniel b7/1/1766 Somerset County PA d. 11/14-24/1820 Bealsville OH Belmont County m.1785 Elizabeth Harned
2.Mary Skinner 1761-1826 m. David Rush
3. Nancy Ann Skinner 1773-1867 m. Thomas King
4. Ruben Jr. 1763-
5. Rev. James 1769-1840 m. 1. Mary 2. Eve
6. Joseph 1771-1789
7. Hannah 1795
8. Phoebe m. Samuel Hull
9. Richard b. 1775
10. Ruben (no date listed in my info)
Hope this helps you. I have other info if you would like.
Subject: Response Response
Date: 21 Feb 2000
From: Linda J Adams <laja15@juno.com>
I am just getting started with researching my Skinner roots. My g-grandmother was Florenda Skinner (Shreve) b C1860 in NJ. Her father was Richard Shreve, also from NJ (died in Glassboro)--he was decommisioned from the NJ US Christian Commision in July, 1865. Other children of Richard's were Mary, Ida, William Henry, Fanny, & Ella.
I would appreciate any assistance.

Reuben Skinner b. 1784 and Mary Ketchum b. 1784 PA
Date: 4 Mar 1999
From: "Art & Ingrid Skinner" <skinner@busynet.net>
Reuben Skinner b. 1784 and Mary Ketchum b. 1784 PA
Does anyone know who their children are? Reuben is a direct descendant of Richard Skinner 1640 England and Richard II 1664/1669 Woodbridge NJ
Please help.

Skinner family of Central Missouri
Date: 03 Mar 1999
From: Mike Skinner <baa399@saturn.angelo.edu>
My name is Michael Skinner. My father is Carl Skinner, son of Goldie and Ethel Skinner of Moberly Missouri in Randolph county. I am searching for a family tree prior to my grandfathers birth. It is believed he was born in the area that my father grew up in. If anyone has information concerning the Skinner family of Central Missouri, I would love some help. There is a rumor that my great grandfather immigrated from Scotland and changed his name to his boss' name in Kentucky. Please help me at
Subject: Query Response / Skinner Family tree-england to kansas
Date: 22 May 2000
From: "geoffcox" <geoffcox1@freezone.co.uk>
Dear Mike got your info off the skinner web page, I am researching my great,great Uncle who we know Emigrated to Kansas in the late 19th century I have a copy of the 1910 census for wyandotte county which lists Edward and Sarah Skinner And their grandson? john joseph skinner It lists Edward as a pest house keeper (old name for hospital apparently! ) He was one of seven children I think Some or nearly all were born in Lympstone, near Exmouth,or Exmouth itself. Devon England. My fourth cousin Lives in Exeter, but his mother still lives in Exmouth as do my parents and grandmother . we were all born around the Exmouth area my cousins grandfather was the youngest child . nearly All Exmouth skinners are related in someway. my Great, great grandmother was Alice susan skinner or Susan Alice skinner (I will check with Mum and gran (grans 89yrs old) she was a sister to Edward Alfred Skinner He was born on Dec 25th 1856. Perhaps You have info that my sister and I can cross reference and fill in some gaps from this end of the world!!! feel free to contact me at thise-mail address or snail-mail me address as follows Jane S.COX ,12 Retreat Rd, Topsham , Devon.EX3OLF, England. look forward to hearing from you Jane,

Thomas Skinner b: 1811 in GA
Date: 23 Feb 1999
From: NaiThom@aol.com
I am researching this line of Skinners and am especially looking for the parents of Thomas Skinner.
Descendants of Thomas Skinner
1 Thomas Skinner b: 1811 in GA
.... +Penelope Duke b: in GA m: Dec 02, 1832 in Harris Co., GA d: Aft. 1849
....... 2 Lewis Skinner b: 1835
....... 2 Irene Jane Skinner b: 1837
....... 2 Madelin Eliza Skinner b: 1839
....... 2 Thomas Skinner b: 1840 in AL d: 1882 in Sebastian Co., AR
........... +Louisa Oliver b: 1855 in TN
....... 2 John David Skinner b: March 10, 1845 in Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL d: July 20, 1926 in Hackett, Sebastian Co., AR
........... +Saylor Hespa Albertin "Sarie" Hardin b: July 29, 1852 in Meriweather, Meriweather Co., GA m: Nov 08, 1866 in Tallapoosa Co., AL d: Feb 18, 1945 in Stigler, Haskall Co., OK
............... 3 Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Skinner b: May 19, 1868 in TX d: Dec 12, 1881
............... 3 Thomas Lorenzo Skinner b: May 21, 1870 in Greenwood, Sebastian Co., AR d: Oct 07, 1949 in La Junta, Otero Co., CO
................... +Eliza Jane Wilkerson b: May 17, 1874 in Sebastian Co., AR m: Nov 18, 1894 in Sebastian Co., AR d: Oct 28, 1952 in La Junta, Otero Co., CO
............... 3 John David Skinner b: May 19, 1872 in Sebastian Co., AR d: April 08, 1953
................... +Julie Taylor Gordon b: Sept 14, 1888 d: Aug 17, 1918
............... *2nd Wife of John David Skinner:
................... +Josephine Belle Hester b: Nov 25, 1879 in GA m: Jan 30, 1896 d: Jan 04, 1913
............... 3 Allen Sophet Skinner b: June 01, 1874 in Sebastian Co., AR d: April 20, 1949
................... +Olivia Hester b: Feb 15, 1878 in AL m: 1898 in Sebastian Co., AR d: Jan 15, 1961
............... 3 Lonny B Skinner b: Sept 25, 1876 in Sebastian Co., AR d: Dec 16, 1942 in Ft. Smith, Sebastian Co., AR
................... +Sarah Loretta Thayer b: July 1879 in AR m: 1899 d: 1929
............... 3 Rufers Dowd Skinner b: July 27, 1878 in Sebastian Co., AR d: Aug 01, 1956
................... +Minta Steelman b: 1884 in AR m: Dec 06, 1903 in AR
............... 3 Mattie Lou Skinner b: Dec 19, 1880 in Greenwood, Sebastian Co., AR d: Feb 19, 1955 in Del City, Oklahoma Co., OK
................... +Samuel Virgil King b: Jan 01, 1873 in Rockford, Coosa Co., AL m: Dec 24, 1899 in Sebastian Co., AR d: Jan 10, 1946 in Stigler, Haskall Co., OK
............... 3 Willis Doss Skinner b: March 21, 1883 in Sebastian Co., AR d: Oct 18, 1969
................... +Minnie Griffin b: Sept 19, 1883 in AR m: 1902 in Sebastian Co., AR d: Feb 07, 1983
............... 3 Gusten Olen "Olen" Skinner b: July 25, 1885 in Sebastian, AR d: May 26, 1951
................... +Mamie Mcguire m: January 25, 1913
............... 3 Oslee Skinner b: Oct 10, 1887 in Sebastian, AR d: Feb 01, 1958
................... +Maline Lueteghan m: March 09, 1928
............... 3 Cordealy Skinner b: Jan 15, 1890 in Sebastian Co., AR d: Dec 15, 1925
................... +Walter Mcintire b: Aug 04, 1884 in MO m: Jan 17, 1906 in Sebastian Co., AR d: March 17, 1958 in Turkey Oak, MO
............... 3 Minnie Sarah Skinner b: July 14, 1892 in Sebastian, AR d: March 25, 1977
................... +Charles Elmer Izell b: March 02, 1889 d: July 18, 1936
............... 3 Edgar L Skinner b: Mar 19, 1895 in Sebastian, AR d: June 01, 1943
................... +Lillian Gertrude Mcguire b: Nov 10, 1897 d: Nov 21, 1975
....... 2 Caroline "Carrie" Skinner b: 1849 in AL d: 1886 in Sebastian Co. AR
........... +Leonidas Marion DeLoach b: 1849 in AL m: 1868 d: 1884 in AL
............... 3 Ida Eliza DeLoach b: 1869
*2nd Wife of Thomas Skinner:
.... +Sarah J. b: 1837 in AL m: Bef. 1852
....... 2 James M. Skinner b: 1852
....... 2 Oliver Skinner b: 1854
....... 2 Willis Skinner b: 1857
....... 2 Mary Skinner b: 1860
Some of the children's names sound Scandinavian - is that possible?

Nancy Skinner m William L. Waters
Date: 17 Feb 1999
From: Juanita Waters <jwaters@cwo.com>
Looking for descendants of Nancy Skinner who married William L. Waters in Aug. 1873 in Rankin Co., Ms.. I do not know her parents/siblings names.
Juanita Waters

Silas Skinner b. Jun 1863 in IN
Date: 17 Feb 1999 22:41:20 EST
From: Marla Timmons ABBYSPANO@aol.com
I am researching a Skinner family that may have been in Indiana in the 1860s, moved to Iowa and then south to Missouri (Clark County and Macon County). I have a Silas Skinner b. Jun 1863 in IN according to the 1900 Clark County Mo census. His parents were born in Ohio (father) and VA (mother). He is listed with his wife, Rosa b. Nov 1868 and sister in law Dollie Kildoo. Dollie and Rosa were born in IA and parents were born in KY (father) and Pennsylvania (mother). Dollie (or Dolla) Kildoo b. Nov 1885 married Marlin Skinner (his nickname was Poppy) b. 1886 and was born in MO according to the 1910 Clark County census. Marlin had a twin brother named Starlin.
Silas may be an older brother or cousin to Marlin Skinner. Marlin and Dollie moved to Idaho in 1915, where she died a couple of weeks later. They had one daughter, Opal b. 1907. Marlin then moved back to MO and subsequently remarried.
This has been a real dead end for me. I havent been able to connect them to any other Skinner families. Any help is very much appreciated.

Please respond via email to Marla Timmons at abbyspano@aol.com

Date: 03 Mar 1999
From: Mike Skinner <baa399@saturn.angelo.edu>
Okay... I think I might have some information for you. My grandfather was Ethel Skinner. He married Goldie Klingsmith and they had 13 children. They lived in the Clark and Moberly area in Randolph county MO for a majority of their lives. I'm not sure where grandfather was born, but my mother says it was somewhere in that area. At any rate, according to family rumor, Ethel's father immigrated from Scotland to Kentucky where he changed his name to Skinner. It was believed he changed his name to his Boss' name, however, one Aunt of mine says he was a mule skinner in the coal mines and that is why he changed his name to Skinner. If this rumor is indeed a fact, as I believe it to be (I can't connect myself to any other skinner's) then this could be why you cannot find your family... If you know anything about any Skinner's in the Central MO are, please contact me at this e-mail address
Michael Skinner
Subject: Query Response
Date: 28 Mar 2000
From: "Cyn Lyn" <Cyn_Lyn@hotmail.com>
Hi I found your email address on Skinner family board. I have tried to reach you in the past. I am looking for info on my Skinner family from Moberly MO. My Great Grandfather was James R Skinner and his parents were Marion Taylor Skinner and Amanda Belle Hardister. Please come check out my website and let me know if you recognize any of these families.
Cyn Lyn
my message board

John Skinner xb. 1792 in Georgia

Date: 16 Feb 1999

From: "Beverly and Gary Skinner" <sitzy@metrolink.net>
I am searching for information on the John Skinner family. He was born abt. 1792 in Georgia and married a woman named Ellen. They
had the children William, Nancy, John Nathan, Willis, James, Mathew and Martha. They lived in Georgia and Alabama.

Georgianna "Anna" SKINNER born abt 1843 in Kansas
Date: 16 Feb 1999
From: "Edw H SMITH" <EHSMITH@worldnet.att.net>
Looking for information on Georgianna "Anna" SKINNER born abt 1843 in Kansas. d Feb 1889 in Haviland, Kansas. Her father was
Thomas SKINNER and the mother was Clara (Unknown). Georgianna was married to William Irving STUBBS in 1877. Any information on either Georgianna or her father Thomas would be appreciated.

Ed Smith

More information
Date: 24 Feb 1999 17:41:03 -0000
From: "Edw H SMITH" <EHSMITH@worldnet.att.net>
I Believe that I have uncovered more information. According to the 1860 US Census for Village Twp, Van Buren County, Iowa Georgianna was born in Iowa abt 1856. Her father was Thomas G. SKINNER b. Abt 1815 (A shoemaker). His wife was Sarah and not Clara as I had previously thought.

Nathaniel Jeremiah Skinner, of Newark and Hoboken, N.J.
Date: 15 Feb 1999
From: Mountybob@aol.com
My name is Robert Paul Skinner, of New Jersey. My father is Alvah William Skinner, I have an older brother and sister, Janet and Wayne, and have a twin brother, Richard. IMy grandfather was Nathaniel Jeremiah Skinner, of Newark and Hoboken, N.J. He married Violet Lindabury and worked for Pennsylvania R.R. as a travelling auditor. There was talk that he had a column in the Newark Star Eagle "Pick your bright spot tonite", and was a member of Newark, N.J. Fire Dept during the thirties.
My uncle was the late Nathaniel Jeremiah Skinner. I have another uncle named Harold Stanton Lamson, and another aunt Catherine Skinner, who may have been half-siblings of my father. Any info on linking my family to yours, or if you remember any of them would be appreciated.

Date: 10 Feb 1999
From: Jmjcmink@aol.com
WILLIAM BENJAMIN SKINNER - Looking for info on William Benjamin Skinner 1845-1905, married to Maria (pronounced Mariah) Sheldon/Skeldon 1847-1906. They came to Philadelphia from Dorshire (sp?) England. William and Maria had the following children: Thomas 1877-1950, Francis 1887-1977, Eliza and Alfred 1879-1903. William had a cut glass business.

Date: 8 Feb 1999
From: "Cheree Morozoff" <cmoroz@micropluscc.com>
Looking for information on Elspeth Skinner who married Joseph Finnie in Scotland (date unknown but probably around 1870's). I know of one son (my gggrandfather) Alexander Finnie b. 1873 or 1871 (this has just come under dispute). Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Walter Skinner
Date: Tue, 2 Feb 1999
From: "Skinner, Bill" <bills@txn.com>
Looking for information Walter Skinner lived on the Iron Mountain Ranch in West Texas Born on Sep 25 1895, Died Dec. 1982. I can give information on many that followed but would like some background if Avail.
William Terry Skinner II
Date: 26 Feb 1999
From: Rebekah Gray <rgray@gw.uscs.edu>
Re your post about Walter Skinner. I have a Walter Skinner, no dates, who was the son of Robert (1862-1937) and Addie Underwood Skinner. Brothers/sisters were: Spartie, Benton, Hettie, and Roy. Disregard if you have already found yours, or don't find a match.
Becky Gray

Skinner's from Belleville, Ontario, Canada.
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999
From: Pete Skinner <djskinner@bc.sympatico.ca>
Skinner's from Belleville, Ontario, Canada.
My father was Don Skinner - Born in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.
His father was Allen Skinner - Born in Belleville as well. Allen Skinner owned a barber shop in Belleville most of his life.
We have no history beyond Allen. I am looking for any help.
From: Pete Skinner DJSkinner@bc.sympatico.ca

Date: Fri, 15 Jan 1999
From: Tom Whited wvbigt@citynet.net
I'm searching for the ancestors of Nathaniel Skinner. I have the following information which was obtained from "Jackson County West Virginia Past and Present 1990" as told by Capt. E. Clare Carpenter:
NATHANIEL SKINNER was born August 1826 in Monroe County, Ohio. On March 15, 1849 he married SARAH ANN WILGUS; born August 13, 1822 at Marietta, Ohio. They lived in Washington County, Ohio, and were the parents of: LOTT SKINNER, JAMES SKINNER, PERMILIA SKINNER, THOMAS SKINNER, MALOTHY SKINNER, ELSWORTH SKINNER, OLIVE SKINNER and MARY SKINNER. The house they lived in is still standing near where State Route 26 crosses Duck Creek. There sure were big catfish in Duck Creek then according to tales Grandpa told me. In the late 1870's the family moved to the Ravenswood District of Jackson County, West Virginia. Sarah Ann died March 3, 1890 and is buried at McGee Chapel near Sandyville. On February 11, 1890 Nathaniel married NANCY ADAMS. They were the parents of BESSIE SKINNER, born January 1, 1894. On December 4, 1902 he married Emily Chapman. He lived on Cherry Camp and is listed for taxes until 1906.
THOMAS JEFFERSON SKINNER was born 1856, Marietta, Ohio, died 1934 at Gay, West Virginia. On March 2, 1876 he married MINERVA JANE STANLEY, born March 20, 1853, died December 19, 1937.
Thanks for any help,
Tom Whited

Barbados Skinners
Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999
From: "Deborah L. Carlisle" <soils@a-znet.com>
Barbados Skinners - I am searching for my great great grandfather, Allen O'Neal Skinner who was born in Speightstown, Barbados in 1869. Long story but have found nothing for his or his family's whereabouts after Allen's last sibling was born in 1874 (at least I believe that to be the last sibling). His parents were Isaac Waldron(Walrond)Skinner and Eleanor Jane O'Neal. Family ties are from England and everyone may have returned there. Please let me know if you know of any info that may help to locate the above.Siblings were (all Skinner) Frank Leslie, Elise Goding, Marie Emilie Louise, ,Annie Walrond and Herbert Seymour.(First and middle names)
Thank you. Deborah L. Carlisle

Joshua Skinner (b. NC, 1801), married Cordelia Carter
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999
From: "Darwin D. Davis" <dddavis@viptx.net>
I'm Darwin D. Davis, of Victoria, TX, looking for data on my Skinner ancestors who were b. in NC about 1801, resided and married in Butler Co. OH, and emigrated to southern IL in the 1850's. Specifically, I have Joshua Skinner (b. NC, 1801), married Cordelia Carter (b. 1811, OH), resided in Butler Co. OH in 1850. Cordelia and children (John B., b. 1835, Miles Dixon, b. 1837, Albert C., b. 1846, and 5 sisters) moved to Randolph Co., IL in the early 1850's. Joshua may have died in OH or very soon in IL. The family later moved to Marion Co. IL. Son Albert married Martha B. Telford and had sons John and Melvin and 8 sisters in Marion Co., IL...these are my ancestors. I'm looking for any info on these people, esp. their forebearers.
Date: 24 Feb 1999 14:46:35 -0600
From: "Lawrence K. Bentley" <bentley@troi.csw.net>
I am researching Joshua Hopkins Skinner (b. 1912 in Prince Georges, MD), son of Joshua John Skinner, son of Joshua Skinner. Any information on this line would be greatly appreciated. I believe we may be looking for the same people.

Kate Skinner, born 04/04/1892 in Carlisle Eng
Date: Sat, 02 Jan 1999
From: Karla Dahl <dahlhouse@sk.sympatico.ca>
My paternal grandmother was Kate Skinner, born 04/04/1892 in Carlisle Eng to Thomas and Francis (nee Park). She married Cornelius Clarke 11/5/17 and they emigrated to Canada after WW1. I would like any info pertaining to our branch of the Skinner family tree.
My name is Karla Dahl and my e-mail is karlamarie9@hotmail.com
I look forward to any and all contacts.

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