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Subject: Scottish Skinners
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 13:58:17 -0500
From: "tnotto" <tnotto@gateway.net>
I am interested in the Skinners who are of scotch ancestry. Could you provide sources or references please.
Thank you,
Tonia Skinner Hannemann
Subject: Query Response
Date: 10 Mar 1999
From: Rodger Skinner <radiotv@cris.com>
My great great grandfather John Skinner came to East Palestine, OH in 1880 from New Castle upon Tyne, England but he had been born and raised somewhere in Scotland and I am trying to find out where. My Dad says he spoke with a thick Scottish brogue. I am fortunate to have a picture of him with my father, grandfather and great grandfather all together.
Would be interested in any info you may find on Skinners coming from Scotland. Here is what I just posted about myself and family on the Skinner board.


Subject: Response
Date: 19 Sep 1999
From: "KATERINA" <cathscot@her.forthnet.gr>
My name is Catherine J Skinner of the Scottish Borders. My grandfather's name was Robert John Skinner who married Margaret Brockie. My grandfather's brother was Adam Blaikie Skinner and a sister called Jesse. I know that my father was born in Earlston in the Scottish borders and His uncle had property in Smailhom. Adams wife Mary went to Austrailia after he died around 1961-1963? It's about all the information I have if its of any help.


Subject: Response
Date: 12 Oct 1999
From: "paul hughes" <R2D2.5@bigpond.com>
Dear Tonia, my name is Peter Skinner. I live in Australia but originally lived in New Zealand.My grandfather, Arthur Skinner, married Jean Grant in 1860, Aberdeenshire,Scotland. They and their 12 children moved to N.Z. in1890.
Arthur's father's name was John. His father's name was George. His father's name was John, who married a Jean Maitland.
I do have some information if you require it.
Kind regards,

Rebecca Skinner - Bermuda
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998
From: Stuart Ward STWARD@ngco.com
I'm looking for the mother of Thomas Smith b 1812 in Bermuda. His parents were Thomas Smith and Rebecca Skinner. Thomas, Jr. died in Truro, NS, Canada and married Sarah vesey also of Bermuda.
Stuart Ward
Halifax, NS

SKINNER - Hebron, CT
Date: 12 Dec 1998
From: "D. Mockler" <dmockler@ballcom.com>
Looking for information on Samuel Skinner (1784 - 1860) and Mary Skinner (1786 - 1869) of Hebron CT. They were the foster parents of my gg-grandfather George Chauncey WELLS, born 16 March 1819 in Colchester, CT to Oliver WELLS and Aroxanna CLARK, from 1822 - 1841.
Looking for reason he was put under their foster care or connection between
SKINNER, WELLS and CLARK families.
Don Mockler

Subject: David Skinner
Date: 6 Dec 1998
From: "Mary Kessler" <mkessler@stny.lrun.com>
My g-grandfather's name is David Skinner. He married a Mary Louisa Jackson in Dunklin Co. MO in 1882. They had a daughter, Ollie Bell, born in 1892. Oral history has it he died when Ollie Bell was approximately three years old. That is the extent of the knowledge I have of him. I have been unable to find anything more. Do you think that you might be able to help me?
I appreciate any help that you can give me, it seems this is a brick wall.
Mary Springer Kessler

Hannah Skinner who married Henry Lander of Va. and Ky
Date: 5 Dec 1998
From: "Lisa Smallwood" <palladin@linknet.net>
I am looking for information on a Hannah Skinner who married Henry Lander of Va. and Ky. I have two possible fathers. One a John Skinner son of Richard Skinner from Woodbridge, NJ. The other possible is a Cornelius Skinner, father of Richard Skinner of Loudoun Co.., Va.. Henry Lander was born 1725 so his wife would have been born in the second quarter of 1700's.
Lisa Smallwood

Date: 28 Nov 1998
From: "tnotto" <tnotto@gateway.net>
Descendents of John skinner from Braintree, England.
2 very good sources have almost completed my search, HOWEVER, there is a breakdown with information about NOAH SKINNER.
The skinner data base only includes 2 children for NOAH (1707)and wife MARY SCOTT.
A second source lists many more children, including my direct descendent, Ezekiel.
Does someone out there have more children for NOAH, son of Thomas(1680)?
Tonia skinner Hannemann

John H. Skinner m Susannah Coaker
Date: 20 Nov 1998
From: Candace Gravelle cteal@dnc.net
Searching for documented children of John H. Skinner and Susannah Coaker, and also for documented children of John H. Skinner's parents who are thought to be Rev War Captain Isaac Skinner and Jane Jackson Skinner.

My Skinner line is from Isaac H. Skinner, born 1800, married to Mary Ann Harley (1806-1870), and who lived in Jackson County, GA., Newton County, GA, Coweta and Carroll Counties in Georgia, where they presumably both died between 1860-1870. They had the following children:

  • Francis Marion Skinner, born Dec 10, 1825 in GA
  • William Jasper Skinner, born Aug 31, 1827 in GA
  • Susan Elizabeth Skinner, born Dec 19, 1828 in GA
  • Lucy Ann Skinner, born Oct 11, 1831 in GA
  • John Newton Skinner, born Feb 20, 1834 in Henry County, GA
  • Nancy Martha R. Skinner, born Jan 24, 1837 in GA
  • Louisa Emily V. Skinner, born Aug 18, 1839 in Henry County, GA
  • Wylie W. Skinner, born Feb 9, 1842 in GA
  • Samuel P. Skinner, born Oct 25, 1844 in GA
  • James Thomas J. Skinner, born Dec 28, 1846 in GA
  • Isaac H. Skinner, born Jan 29, 1849 in GA
  • Andrew Jackson Skinner, born June 7, 1851 in Coweta County, GA
I am descended through Andrew Jackson Skinner who married Rebecca Ann McElroy, daughter of John B. McElroy and Elizabeth Ann Jones. This family and descendants lived in Carroll County, GA and Cleburne County, Alabama between 1850 and 1950's...

Some Skinner researchers of this line say that John H. Skinner who married Susannah Coaker were the parents of Isaac H. Skinner, but I have not found documentation of this. Would also like to know the names of Isaac H. Skinner's siblings and their families, as well as the siblings of John H. Skinner and Susannah Coaker.

Follow-Up: Wylie SKINNER
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 08:49:47 -0500
From: Larry Skinner <larrynskinner@cobbk12.org>
Does anyone have any information about the Decendants from Wylie Skinner? He had a son named Wylie also. Who was my Grandfather. Wylie Jr. had a son named Nathan. who had me my name is Larry. We live in them Douglas county part of Georgia.
Follow-Up: Wylie SKINNER
Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 19:27:38 -0800
From: candace gravelle <cteal@dnc.net>
Larry Skinner,
Regarding Wylie Skinner: Wylie Skinner Sr. who was a brother to my gg grandfather Andrew J. Skinner.
See my home page at
and see the Geneology Report under descendants of Isaac H. Skinner...it has info re: your Wylie Skinner. One of my great uncles who is 96 yrs old and still living in Alabama has a Civil War sword that belonged to your great grandfather Wylie Skinner. Contact me at cteal@dnc.net

Elisha Skinner m Dolly Shiner
Date: 01 Nov 1998
From: shirley soper <ssoper@mo-net.com>
I am searching for Elisha Skinner who married Dolly Shiner in Ohio 9/7/1837, Wayne County. Any information would be helpful.

Hugh E. Skinner
From: Ray Hughey <rhughey@west.net>
Hope you might be able to help me with info on WWI soldier for news feature story. Trying to find info on one Hugh E. Skinner who was in 307th Regiment, 77th Division, Co. M in France during World War One. This man was best pal of another soldier who was killed and who wrote letter to man's fiance. Other man was from Sayville, N.Y. (Long Island).
Appreciate any assistance
Ray Hughey
Thosand Oaks (CA) Star

Bird SKINNER, b.1807 Darlington Dist.S.C.
Date: 31 Oct 1998
From: bubba 1 <bubba1@sunherald.infi.net>
Researching Bird SKINNER, b.1807 Darlington Dist.S.C.He is listed in the 1830 census of Darlington S.C.,Moved to Henry Co AL. about 1838.Listed in the 1840 and 1850census of Henry Co AL.Moved again about 1858 to Choctaw Co AL. Is Bird SKINNER the son of Nathan SKINNER Sr of Darlington S.C.

From: Nathaniel Skinner, bubba1@sunherald.infi.net

Lorne SKINNER married to Olliet Widner
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998
From: Patricia Bennett <mrsb@netins.net>
In my WIDNER family tree, there is one Lorne SKINNER married to Olliet Widner b.12-8-1885. Together, they had two children Francis/Frances and Earl. Do we have a connection?
Hope so!

Ira Skinner, born about 1811 in New York
Date: 30 Oct 1998
From: Janice M. Schoen" <rmschoen@mwt.net>
My name is Janice Schoen and I live in WI. My gt,gt,gt grandfather was Ira Skinner who was born in New York about 1811, married a woman named Nancy, who was also born in NY. They had six children that I know of: Gilbert was born in NY, Emily, Wm H, and Catherine were born in Ohio, Newell and Ellen were born in WI. The family lived in Green Co., WI and also in Polk Co., WI. Catherine married a Grinnell and remained in Green Co.,Emily marrried John Owrey and moved to Polk Co., WI. Ellen married in Polk Co but later moved to NE, she had married Geo Lombard. Newell married in WI but later moved to IA. I would like to find any connections with this family to round out my search.

Ruth Eleanor Skinner b. 6 Jan 1889
Date: 25 Oct 1998
From: RKDKAD@aol.com
I am trying to fill in my open spots on my SKINNER line. I need a birth place for Ruth Eleanor Skinner b. 6 Jan 1889. Marriage information for her father and mother William Wilson Skinner and Ella Burke. Death information on his father David Duncan Skinner b. 2 Feb 1824 married to a Mary Judy. I also need marriage information on William Skinner b. 15 Nov 1757 to Martha Duncan. I need birthdate and information on the parents of John Skinner born in 1733 in Middlesex, NJ. I would also be happy to share the information that I have on my Skinner family.

Date: 25 Oct 1998
From: "tnotto" <tnotto@gateway.net>
Seeking information on Rev.Dr. Ezekiel Skinner

London, England -> New Orleans, LA
Date: 25 Oct 1998
From: Sally Viada <sviada@bellsouth.net>
Looking for parents, etc. of William Skinner bn April 6, 1800, and wife Harriot Hall. Married Feb. 6, 1825 (Marriage entry Parish Registers, Leyton, Essex, England) Harriot Elizabeth Hall. A master shoemaker, Wm. died Sept. 2, 1864 and was buried in Westham Cemetery, Forest Gate, London.
Only three sons, born in Stratford, West Ham, George, Wm. and Henry left London in 1850's for the states. All three died in New Orleans. Two dau's who lived to maturity married and lived in London. Emily Ann bn 1838 married Edward Francis Walters. Adeline bn 1841 married Henry Edwards and had six children.
Any help appreciated on Wm. and Harriot Hall Skinner.
Subject: Query Response
Date: 5 Jan 2000
From: "nicola iggleden" <nicola.iggleden@care4free.net>
As I waded through all the Skinner interests your query caught my eye, a few coincidences I could not ignore! It may be merely that but I'll give you all the info I have. First, all my male Skinners were bootmakers or master shoemakers. My great-grandfather was William John Skinner born on 23.12 1894 in Marylebone,London, England. His parents were Joseph Skinner and Isabella Baillie. Joseph was a bootmaker.(he later had a shop in Kensington) he was born in Birkenhead,Cheshire on 23.11 1854 and died in 1907.

Joseph's father came from the Isle of Man but had moved to Liverpool where there were other Skinner families. Thomas had a bootmakers shop and employed several other men and boys. This line goes back to 1771 on the Isle of Man and all those Skinner males seem to have been boot or shoemakers! The other coincidence - going forward again to my grandfather William - he was later 'left on the doorstep' of a family called Halls in Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex - nobody seems to know the exact details of when or why but he never knew his parents or why they had seemingly abandoned him. It's one of those lovely family mysteries everyone likes to chew on once in a while!

That's all I have really except when we got Joseph's death certificate it was registered by his daughter,

Daisy Skinner.....daughter?! where did she come from.
Joseph had finally married Isabella in 1906 but sadly expired the following year!
There's so many questions to be answered here and for my mum's sake I'd love to solve the mystery of her Dad!

I have quite a bit of information on the Skinners in Liverpool - there are an awful lot of them. Ignore this waffle if it's no use to you but otherwise I'd be glad to assist in any way or would be pleased to receive any suggestions you may have for my research!

Happy New year!

Elizabeth Skinner father Wright Skinner
Date: 15 Oct 1998
From: KENSPAL@aol.com

Looking for Elizabeth Skinner father Wright Skinner Married Ezekiel Bloomfield in 1700 son Reuben Bloomfield b 1757. KensPal @aol.com


William J. Skinner b. March 15, 1806
Date: 14 Oct 1998
From: sam jones <jones4@gulfsurf.infi.net>
I'm trying to find the parents of my gggggrandfather, William J. Skinner b. March 15, 1806. He married Charity P. Johnson March 19, 1829 in Newton Co. Georgia. The issue that leads to me are as follows:
  1. Newton Jasper b. March 11, 1830 M. Caroline O. Corley Dec. 20, 1854
  2. William Alfred b. March 31, 1858 M. Frances Uticia Slocum Sept. 10, 1878
  3. Clara Nell b. July 3, 1879 M. Pearl Harwell Dec. 28, 1899
  4. Jamie Ruth Harwell b. Nov. 18, 1900 M. Willis Leroy Dyer Feb. 4, 1926
  5. Dorthy Ann Dyer b. Sept. 25, 1930 M. Jack Kenneth Roberts Dec. 3, 1950
and then there was me! So you can see I have gone through several genertions, and I would like to go on to the parents of William J. Skinner. Thanks for any help. Deb. you can e mail me at
thejonesbunch@juno.com if you can be of any help.

Originate from
Date: 10 Oct 1998
From: "Tonia Skinner Hannemann" <tnotto@gateway.net>
Can someone tell me where the skinners came from?
I have our family traced back to the 1700's here in the US, but where did they come from. I do not know if they were Dutch, Scotch or English. When did they 1st come to the US?
Thank You,
Tonia Skinner Hannemann
Date: 31 Oct 1999 20:29:00 -0700
From: "Paul Skinner" <paulo@mcn.net>
All I can tell you about my ancestor, Richard, is that he arrived in Elizabethtown, NJ on August 1, 1665 aboard the Philip. He came over from the Isle of Jersey, one of the Channel Islands off the coast of France. He may have been there during the Cromwellian period and the Restoration of Charles the II. As to where we go from there is anybody's guess. I am trying to find out myself. Charles travelled from Scotland to Jersey, stopping at the Isle of Man and the Scillys off Cornwall. Also, a contingent of troops from Ireland came to Jersey after Charles arrived. A Captain Skinner informed the Govenor of Jersey, Sir George Carteret, of Charles the I beheading. Skinners are mostly a UK lot, ranging from the Skinner sept of the Clan Macgregor to gentry from Britian. Good luck and hope this helps

Seeking Information on Isle of Man Skinners
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998
From: JSkin39217@aol.com
I would appreciate any information regarding the Skinner clan from the Isle of Man. My g'g father was Silas, son of William. Silas married Anne Jane Callow, in Kirk Andreas before returning to the US. If any one has or thinks they might have some further info I have some more definitive names and dates to provide. Thank you
Subject: Query Response
Date: 17 Apr 2000
From: "Paul Skinner" <paulo@mcn.net>
I don't know if this relates. I have seen Richard Skinner of Woodbridge New Jersey (1665) came over from the Channel Island of Jersey. I can't remember where I saw it but I have seen a reference to the Isle of Man being the place of his possible origin. He is supposed to have been born c. 1639-40. Any possiblity?
Yours 'Aye,
Paul Skinner


Skinners of West Malling, Kent England
Date: 08 Oct 1998 20:34:59 +1000
From: Mary Rogers <marybob@apex.net.au>
Skinners of West Malling, Kent England.
I am searching for information about this Skinner Family. My Great Grandmother was Pheobe Susan Skinner, born 1860 in West Malling. Her siblings were: Aaron, Ann, Thomas, William and Harold. Aaron and Harry were in the building/decorating trade and Aaron built the Boys Home in West Malling (it has since been converted into a house). Pheobe married George William Dale. Any information would be welcome.
Mary Rogers marybob@apex.net.au

Joel SKINNER b. about 1804 in NY
Date: 7 Oct 1998
From: "Leo M. Basten, Jr." <lbasten@infinet.com>
Looking for the parents of Joel SKINNER b. about 1804 in NY, and of his wife, Hulda ___, b. about 1810 in NY. Dates are taken from Indiana census records. Joel and Hulda's children are: James b. abt 1839 in PA; Alexander b. abt 1841; Rosanna b. abt 1844 in Licking co., OH; Isaac b. abt 1847 in OH; Melissa b. abt 1851 in IN; Philetta b. abt 1854 in IN; Rosetta b. 1856 in IN (my great grandmother) and Ezra E. b. abt 1865 in IN.
Leo Basten (lbasten@infinet.com)

Ezekiel Skinner, minister, physician and a governor of Liberia
Date: 5 Oct 1998
From: "tnotto" <tnotto@gateway.net>
Ezekiel Skinner was a minister, a physician and a governor of Liberia . He was born in 1777 in Glastonbury Conn. and died in 1855 in Greenport Long Island. Anyone out there with information? I have the family tracked from him on, and I have the name of his parents: Ezekiel and Mary
Tonia Skinner Hannemann

John Skinner and Elizabeth Gollop
Date: 01 Oct 1998
From: "Martin Rainbow" <mrainbow@shaw.wave.ca>
I am searching for ancestors and Descendants of the Marriage of John Skinner and Elizabeth Gollop, I know there is a current John Skinner who has been doing reseach.
Both john and Elizabeth are burried at St. John's Norway Cemetery in Toronto, Canada. They lived in York county and East York Township, Ontario from 1880's onwards
Martin Rainbow
email mrainbow@shaw.wave.ca

William Skinner of Appanoose Co., IA
Date: 1 Oct 1998
From: "Larry L Ulrich" <LARRYLU@prodigy.net>
Looking for information on William Skinner who lived in Appanoose Co., IA.
He married Elizabeth Albertson Jan 1869. I don't think she was his first
wife because he had a daughter born about 1867. All the infromation I have
on them is a copy of their marriage license and an entery in the 1870 Iowa
census. Any help appreciated.
Larry Ulrich
Date: 15 Apr 1999 16:27:34 -0700
From: Mark_Skinner@lblesd.k12.or.us (Mark Skinner)
Greetings -- Your reference to Appanoose County, Iowa caught my eye. My g-g-grandfather was Marion Harper Skinner, who was born April 27, 1834(?), and son of Joel R. and Rachel Skinner. Joel and Rachel Skinner lived in Perry County, Ohio in 1833, moved to Vinton County, Ohio in 1840, and then to Blakesburg, Wappago County, Iowa in 1854. I have no knowledge of Marion's siblings. He married Sarah Cloyd (or Clyde or Cloyed) of Rush County, Indiana, on January 27, 1856 in Blakesburg, Iowa. Marion was a sergeant in Company "C", 36th Regiment, Iowa Volunteers from Appanoose County during the Civil War. Marion wound up in Oregon in 1877, and we're still here.
Mark Skinner
email markjskinner@netscape.net

Date: 30 Sep 1998
From: Ken Darling <darlingk@spiretech.com>
JOHN JOSEPH SKINNER resident of Essex, Essex County, New York 1809 & Green County, Wisconsin 1823, Born about 1784, Major in Military probably War of 1812, Father of Eugene Franklin Skinner b 1809 and St John Skinner b 1810.
Looking for personal, war & ascending family history, wife's name etc.

Ashford Conn and Greenport, Long Island
Date: 28 Sep 1998
From: "tnotto" <tnotto@gateway.net>
I am trying to trace the Skinners of Ashford and Greenport. I am related to Ezekiel Skinner (1777-1855) son of Ezekiel and Mary Skinner. Husband of Sarah Mott. They lived in Ashford and Greenport. Any idea how I can research where they came from originally? I have family tree completed after that.

A Nebraskan Sarah Skinner
Date: 27 Sep 1998
From: RAYMOND AND ELDORA RIDDLE <rael@uswest.net>
Can you give me any information about Sarah A. Skinner? She is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Waverly, Lancaster County, Nebraska. Dod is 9/25/1893, age 75, wife of Sylvester. I think her maiden name may have been either Martin or Wait.
Thanks, Eldora Riddle, rkr5@juno.com

Rachel Burzei Skinner
Date: 25 Sep 1998
From: Catymarko@aol.com
Searching for anyone familiar with Rachel Burzei Skinner, my great grandmother.
Rachel Burzei Skinner was born 1840 in Cooksville, Niagara District, Canada, and died August 13, 1943 in Vienna, Elgin County, Ontario, Canada. She married Calvin Pace December 02, 1862 in Elgin County, Ontario, Canada, son of William Pace and Poteena.
She moved to Vienna from the Niagara District with her family when she was 2 years old (about 1842). Per a letter received from the Elgin County Pioneer Museum she was born in Cooksville, Ontario and of English decent. She lived in Vienna her entire life except for a few years in St Thomas and other centres. At St. Lukes Cemetery, Bayham (Con 3, lot 10, 397) buried are Rachel B. Pace 1840 - 1943 and Calvin C Pace 1828 - 1908.
Possibly her father or brother was Daniel Skinner, also Vienna Township, Ontario Canada.

Nathan Skinner Family
Date: 20 Sep 1998
From: "Gerald L Whiddon" <glwhiddon@prodigy.net>
Would like to contact the person who submitted the Nathan Skinner family info to SFA. The info states that Nathan had the following children;
1. daughter Skinner
2. Catherine Skinner married to Caraway Oates
3. Isaiah Skinner
4. Ethatinda Skinner married to William Whedden
5. Margaret Skinner married to John Granthan
6. Dorcas Skinner married to Mozingo
7. John Skinner
My interest in Ethatinda who was married to William Whedden. I feel sure the spelling of William's last name should have been Whiddon. My GGGrandfather was William Whiddon. All of the info I have shows his wife's name as Sarah. A deed filed in Henry County, Alabama in 1841, selling land owned by Nathan Skinner, list heirs as:
1. Caraway Oates
2. William Whiddon
3. Isaiah Skinner
4. John Granthan
5. Dorcas Mozingo
I have been unable to establish who William Whiddon's parents were. He was
born abt 1793 is South Carolina as per early census of Henry Co. Al. He and
is family moved to Henry Co. between 1820-30.
Any help would be appreciated. Will gladly share any info I have with
interested party.
Gerald L. Whiddon

Nathan and Easter Skinner
Date: 15 Sep 1998
From: Gerald L Whiddon <GLWHIDDON@prodigy.net>
Would like to contact the party who provided the family info abt Nathan and
Easter Skinner in the Immigrant Ancestry of John Skinner of Va. Nathan and
Easter are listed as having the following children:
Daughter Skinner,
Catherine Skinner married to Carraway Oates,
Isaiah Skinner,
Ethatinda Skinner married to William Whedden,
Margaret Skinner married to John Granthan,
Dorcas Skinner married to Mozingo and
John Skinner.
I am expecially interested in Ethatinda and William Whedden.
I am as positive as possible that they are my GGGrandparents. William Whiddon married Sarah Skinner either in South Carolina or Georgia before moving to Henry Co. Alabama between 1820 -30. Deeds in Henry Co. list Caraway Oates, William Whiddon, Isaiah Skinner,John Granthan and Dorcas Mozingo as heirs to Nathan Skinner. Deed dated 1841. I believe that Ethatinda was Sarah's middle name and the spelling of Whiddon was misread to be Whedden.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Gerald L. Whiddon
Subject: Query Response
Date: 15 Sep 1999
From: Gene Skinner <genes@neto.com>
Dear Mr. Whiddon,

Your query of 9/15/98 caught my eye as I was searching the Skinner Family Assoc..


I doubt if I can be of help with your search but I will review my records and let you know.


You indicated you would share iformation if you have it, so I will ask about the John Skinner you list as a son of Nathan and Easter Skinner.


Do you have any details about him such as date and place of birth or whom he married? I notice he is not mentioned in the 1841 Will of Nathan.


My GGGrandfather was John B. Skinner and I am trying to prove who his parents were. One genealogist has suggested his parents were Nathan and Easter though I believe there is stronger evidence they were Benjamin Skinner Jr. and Esther Key (Skinner).

Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Gene Skinner

17 May 1998
From: VWhite0901 VWhite0901@aol.com
I'm searching for information on my GGrandfather's family: David J. SKINNER b. April 22, 1848 d. May 31, 1921 married Feb. 5, 1871 to Hamey Loruh LIVINGSTON b. Mar. 21, 1853 d. Aug. 16, 1932 they are buried at Riverside Cemetery Spencer, IN. They had eight children:

Lizzie Olivia b. Oct. 1871 d. June 1872,
Homer Napoleon b. May 17, 1874 d. Nov. 18, 1956,
Fidelia b. Oct. 31, 1876 d. ? ,
Commadore b. Aug. 7, 1878 d. Dec. 1880,
Theodore b. Feb. 10, 1880 ,
Martin b. Aug. 17, 1882 d. ?,
Everett b. May 2, 1884 d. ?,
Harry b. Nov. 2, 1887 d. ? .
I have information on Homer's family, do know that the children all stayed in IN. for the most part--Everett moved to NY. and I think PA. Fidelia married and moved to OH. Anyone with any information on this IN. SKINNER family I would like to hear from you. Would like to find out who David's and Hamey's parents and siblings were too. Thanks so much.


Update: 9 Sep 1998
From: Nancy Skinner White VWhite0901@aol.com
Since I wrote to you I have located David J Skinner's family in Garrard Co. KY. and Greene Co., IN.....
Father is: Clark Skinner........b. abt 1794 KY.
+Lucinda ? .........b.abt 1812
2. Peyton S. Skinner...b. 1831 KY.
2. Will Skinner.....b. 1833 KY.
2. Elizabeth J. Skinner...b.1835 KY.
2. Mary P. Skinner...b. 1837 KY
2. Sarah Skinner......b. 1839 KY.
2. James H. Skinner b. 1841
2. John R. Skinner.....b. 1842
2. David J. Skinner.....b. 1847
2. Malissa F. Skinner..b. 1847......

This family lived in EstillCo. KY. and Garrard Co.KY.....

then part of this family moved to Greene Co. IN. around the 1850-1860 time frame (Peyton, Mary, James, John, David & Malissa)

John Skinner, born in 1612 in Braintree, Essex England
5 Sep 1998
From: TR3Joy@aol.com TR3Joy@aol.com
I have John Skinner, born in 1612 in Braintree, Essex England as ancestor of Joseph, born in Hartford Conn in 1643. His son is Richard, b 1674, Windsor Conn. I have this line down through Horace Austin Skinner, who was my gggrandfather, b 08 oct 1816 in Vermont. Anyone else know these people?? Please email me at TR3Joy @aol.com

Subject: Query Response
Date: 14 Jan 2000 14:34:22 -0500
From: R Howard Skinner <rhs7@psu.edu>
I'm a descendent of Horace Austin Skinner and would be interested in sharing information with you.

Anna Skinner b.1464 in Surrey
2 Sep 1998
From: MillersX6@aol.com MillersX6@aol.com
Hi, came across these Skinners while working on my Wyatt line. Hoping someone might have more info on who they are...Anna Skinner b.1464 in Surrey, England and married Henery Wyatt. Her father was John and b.1445 only have a year for his wife 1442.

William Sr. b.1704 in Elizabeth City, Va.
2 Sep 1998
From: MillersX6@aol.com MillersX6@aol.com
Hi, researching the Skinner line of William Sr. b.1704 in Elizabeth City, Va. Hoping there are others out there working on this same line. Would love to exchange info.

Subject: Query Response
Date: 26 Oct 1999
From: "JoAnn Tannery" <jotan@texoma.net>
One of my ancestors is William Skinner that was born in 1704 in Elizabeth City, Virginia. My line goes as follows:
John Skinner b. 1666-1667 m Jane Smith
William Skinner b. 1704 m. Ann Harrell
Samuel Skinner Sr. b. 1726 m ???
Wiley Skinner b. 1774-1775 m. Sarah ??
Samuel Skinner b. 1799 m. Betsy Humble
Wiley B(enjamin) F(ranklin) Skinner b. Jan 21, 1821 m. Lavinia Langlin (1), Mary L. Dye (2)
Thomas Andrew Skinner m. Endotia Sellers (1), ??? Sellers (2)
Alva Skinner Sr. Oct 1887 m. Eva Mae Potts
Leonard Harold Otto Buster Skinner m. Jessie Alice Isbell
Beverly JoAnn Skinner(me) m. Zack Tannery
Please send me an e-mail if I can help you. Some areas are sparse in data but maybe we can put it together.
JoAnn Skinner Tannery


SKINNER / Canada
01 Sep 1998
From: Richard Skinner <rms7n@virginia.edu>

I am looking for information about my gggrandfather, Joseph Churchill Skinner. I believe that he was born in Annapolis, NS in 1792. He entered the ministry and settled in Washdemoak Lake, NB. Family tradition says that our family fled Colchester, CT after the Revolution because of their Loyalist sympathies.

Subject: Query Response
Date: 23 May 2000
From: "geoffcox" <geoffcox1@freezone.co.uk>
Dear Richard, Ihave Churchills and skinners in my family, I live in england, Our churchills we can date back to the first duke of Malborough, I am researching a Edward Alfred Skinner who we know was in Wyandotte ,Kansas in 1910 as we have a copy of the census sheet. his wife was sarah, agrandson John Joseph at the the time of the census must have been staying or living with him at the time the census was done , please e-mail for more info if interested Jane Cox

SKINNER / WHITE Perquimans Co, NC
29 Aug 1998
From: Sean\\Lynn Olivier lynn.olivier@bigfoot.com
I am seeking information on the family of John WHITE 1735-1771 and Sarah SKINNER. I have been told that they had children James, Mary, John, Elizabeth and Stephen. I descend from James WHITE b ca 1753 NC d bfr 01 Sep 1810 Rutherford Co, NC and his wife Rachel JOHNSTON b ca 1759 NC d ca 1835 Smith Co, TN. James and Rachel were married 14 Apr 1784 in Perquimans Co, NC.

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