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Subject: Elizabeth Howard & James Truman Skinner
Date: 30 Dec 1999
From: "Leonard Byrd" <lbyrd02@snet.net>
HI Alanda.....This is Elise....I have been trying to reach you via the email address Aobrien@aol.com [ as well as your other one] all to no avail. I do not want to loose contact as we are researching the same Skinner line! The only information I have on Elizabeth Howard [thought to be Capt. Isaac's mother] is that she was born abt. 1726 and her husband was James Truman Skinner. Have you heard anything more about the name change from Lincoln to Skinner by the earliest ancestor Robert and wife Anne Storer?....Hope you are still out there in cyberspace and happy researching!...Elise lbyrd02@snet.net

Subject: Hester Ann Skinner
Date: 29 Dec 1999
From: Jan Stockman <JanetCS@aol.com>
Am looking for information for Hester Ann Skinner who married Joseph Eaton . In 1833 they had a son, Richard James Eaton who was born in Caroline County, Maryland and died in 1921 in Centreville, Maryland (Queen Annes County) . Hester and Joseph were my great great grandparents. I am researching the Eaton line and have reason to believe they are the Welsh line Eatons. There is a strong possibility Jospeh was the son of a minister in Chowan County, North Carolina.
Any information is greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Subject: I am a Skinner too
Date: 29 Dec 1999
From: "Lannoye" <lannoye@wi.freei.net>
My name is Malissa Ann Skinner-Lannoye I am the grandaughter of Kennth Bryson(KB)Skinner of Sewerd NE if you have any information on my family please contact me at
malissal66@yahoo.com .thank you

Subject: John SKINNER, Boston, MA 1750s
Date: 28 Dec 1999
From: "Scott Michaud" <mazhude@hotmail.com>
Hi all.
I'm trying to establish the family connection of John Skinner of Boston, Massachusetts. He married Mary RUST in 1755 in MA. Their daughter, Jane SKINNER, was born 1758 in Boston. John SKINNER was a naval commander in the Revolution. Is he related to the Thomas Skinner who came to Malden MA in 1649?
Happy holidays!
Scott Michaud

Subject: MARSHA SKINNER b 1803 in Luzerne, Bradford Co., PA
Date: 27 Dec 1999
From: "Leonard F. Raab" <lenraab@dreamsoft.com>
Wonder if you have info on MARSHA SKINNER b 1803 in Luzerne, Bradford Co., PA. Names of parents unknown but know that her father was of Conn. She mrd abt 1824 Alpheus Crawford and several children born in PA, but by 1845 they were in IL. I have searched LDS site and posted query on Genforum site. But no luck so far. Linda at linda33@joltmail.com suggested I contact you.
Thanks for any help. Len

Subject: Skinner families of Essex Co. New York
Date: 26 Dec 1999
From: Sharon Pike <spike00@lex.infi.net>
I am looking for information on the Skinner families of Essex Co. New York in the 1840's & 1850's. They are probably all related. Can anyone identify them?
Alonzo Skinner
Orten Skinner
Mary Skinner
Orten Skinner
Apollus Skinner
John Skinner
William Skinner
West Point
George Skinner
Orrin Skinner
Jane Skinner
Orrin B. Skinner
Sharon Pike
Subject: Query Response
Date: 09 Mar 2000
From: Michele Reid <michele.reid@sympatico.ca>
Hi - I found your inquiry/query on the Skinner Kinsmen site and have some information that might work for you. I am studying the Thomas of Malden line and have an Orrin Skinner born Sept. 20, 1820 in Chenango Co. New York died Apr 24, 1867, Payne, Paulding, Ohio. If you wish more infor please contact me.
Michele Reid


Subject: SARAH SKINNER b 1815 Rutland, VT
Date: 22 Dec 1999
From: Lithgirl31@aol.com
Looking for information on SARAH SKINNER born in Rutland, VT in 1815. I believe she may be the daughter of Nelson Skinner, as Sarah was married in Richmond, NY (Ontario County) in 1839 to Myron Norton. If anyone has info on Nelson's children, I would appreciate it.

Subject: Season Greetings
Date: 19 Dec 1999
From: "WILLIAM HARDING" <MOMDENE@worldnet.att.net>
To-day talk to Jean Adlam recently been to England to visit her mother in
Jean father is Frederick Henry Pile b 1909 - 1967 Branscombe
Francis SKINNER married John Durbin
his brother Seth Durbin dau Jessie Durbin married Ralph HARDING
Joan believes A PYLE married a SELLECK, hope that Martin Perriman may help find the marriage..
brought home information on the PILE / PYLE family..
I am looking for, wrote letters no answer my Aunt Kaye Harding visit her in the 20's for the will of Samuel Harding..
Ms M. SELLECK Budliegh 41a Park Close Woodbury Exeter EX5 1NO
1) Recently search the Seaton & Beer
Thomas Pyle & Elizabeth
William b 1786 Fanny b 1788 Thomas b 1789 John b 1794
John Pyle + Melina
son Henry b 1804
son David b 1807 found in the 1851 Census
William Lockyer married Ann Pile dau of John Pile & Melly Bartlett
John Pyle + Sarah Batstone dau Mary dau Elizabeth
2) Will be sending a letter to Oliver Carter and have him find Martin Perriman whoms lives in Otterton
a) ask Oliver if he can get their address to trace their ancestors
can trace the SKINNERS up to the 1881 Census..
Joan claims the SKINNER build the best homes in Sidmouth
have Oliver ask the family to give a brief description of the family and then send to Skinner Kinsmen Update ( Skinner Family Association)
Phyllis Mary Carter + Sydney SKINNNER b 1929
dau Sheila Skinner + John Geach
son Gary Skinner
son Kevin Skinner
son Andrew Skinner
3) Simon Payton >> William Henry Carter married Amy Stocker instead of Lucy Helena Searle..per Oliver & Mrs Betty Bullock
Florence Ellen Carter married Arthur DOWELL b 1908
4) Raymond Cook >> Oliver Carter will be in contact with you...
1900 SURNAMES from Oliver Carter tree that are found in the 1800's
Barbara PYNE b 1932 Exmouth
Nellie SAGE b 1900 - 1985
Roland EDBON
Yours Truly
Paul William Harding

Subject: Sarah SKINNER & John CONKLIN Reference
Date: 16 Dec 1999
From: Richard Wood <pawood@azstarnet.com>
In making my connection with Daniel SKINNER's daughter, Sarah (b. 1775), I noticed a reference # (Reference: 14288 ). Is this number a reference to some document? (Note to Richard: reference numbers are just those assigned by the program. Gregg)
My purpose for the question is to verify, through a document, that John CONKLIN (b. 1779), husband of Sarah SKINNER (b. 1775) is the son of William CONKLIN (b. 1754) and Elizabeth Brink CONKLIN (b. 1758)
My utmost thanks to all the people involved with this database, it is one of the best I have ever used.
Thanks in advance for the help.
Merry Christmas to all.
Richard Wood
Tucson, AZ

Subject: Marion Taylor Skinner Descendants
Date: 15 Dec 1999
From: "Cindy" <Cyn_Lyn@hotmail.com>
Skinner Lineage
1)Marion Taylor Skinner:
Amanda Belle Hardister: d.1933
2)James Rueben Skinner: b.3/24/1893 Moberly,Randalph CO, MO d.10/1987 Monmouth, IL
Della Sackfield Cooper: b.10/15/1898 Iowa d.10/1980 Monmouth, IL
3)James Paul Skinner: b.Billings,MT
Anita Alma Ella Geissler:
4)Timothy Paul Skinner: b.2/24/48 Milwaukee, WI m.2/18/67 FL
Virginia Lorraine Hobbs: b.5/21/44 Mingo, WV
5)Clifford Lee James III: b.3/8/70 Baltimore, MD m.7/31/88 NPR, FL
Cindy Lynn Skinner: b.9/29/68 Colo Spgs, CO
I have a lot af blanks to fill in and more info on other "branches" on this family tree at my website. http://www.angelfire.com/fl2/cynlyn Please stop by and see if we can make some connections! ~Cindy Lynn

Subject: Lorenzo D. Skinner Family Line
Date: 15 Dec 1999 10:35:41 EST
From: SPritch209@aol.com
Hi everyone:
I am still looking for those elusive Skinner family cousins. I have seen a lot more have joined so am hoping to find someone that can connect to my Lorenzo D. Skinner family line. Lorenzo was b. in Virginia 1813 and married a Delilia Phifer Nov. 24 1835 in North Carolina. They had these children Henry b.1836 no other info would like to find a connection to someone, Jeremiah my ggrandmother b. 1838 married Adaline {Addie} Kirby would like to find info on her, Sariah/Sarah 1840 no info and would like to find some. Anna Catherine b. 1847 married a Casswell Wheeler Nov 10, 1864 Blount County, Tennessee, would like to find out more on her and her family. Sometime after the last birth this family of Skinners moved to Cocke County, Tennessee, they had two more children. James b. 1850 no info at all on him would like to find a connection. Rebecca b. 1852 no info at all on her either. I can help anyone with the family Jeremiah and descendants there after, but nothing on this ggggrandfather of mine, Lorenzo. I have a web site/page for anyone to check if you wish, at the following.
Thank you all and happy hunting.
God Bless

Subject: Sarah Skinner
Date: 10 Dec 1999
From: Richard Wood <pawood@azstarnet.com>
I would like to thank all those folks who put this database together. Because of your efforts, I was able to connect my GASTON-CONKLIN-SKINNER to Thomas Skinner.
Richard Wood
Tucson, AZ

Subject: Lou SKINNER, m Dec 16, 1880 S.M. (Sam Meads) GRIFFIN
Date: 09 Dec 1999 13:35:27 -0800
From: Deanna Ebergson <deeeberg@uswest.net>
I am looking for a Lou SKINNER, she married a SM (Sam Meads) GRIFFIN on Dec 16, 1880. She was from Georgia. Her father was a Dr. SKINNER. She died December of 1918 and is buried in Whitehouse TX. I would appreciate any information that someone may have. Their children were: Kurt, Noel, Grace, Roy, Idus, Mary, Carl, Lucille. The only information I have on Dr. Skinner is that he may have been murdered? He was to have taken a horse & buggy to a call in the night, when the horse returned it contained a body, we presume that it was Dr. Skinner. It is just family stories so I don't have any conclusive evidence.
Thanks for any help, DEE

Subject: Clarissa Skinner
Date: 7 Dec 1999
From: BeegeA@aol.com
I'm trying to locate the parents and siblings of Clarissa Skinner. She married Philip Van Inwegen in Orange County, NY - probably abt 1820-1840 in Orange County, NY. Their children were Annie, Jeptha, James, Mary Elizabeth and David.
I can trace the Van Inwegen line back to the early 1700's and can following Clarissa's daughter Annie down to myself but can find no information on Clarissa Skinner at all.
Any clues would be greatly appreciated.
BJ Anderson, Alexandria, VA
Subject: Query Response
Date: 09 Mar 2000 20:06:49 -0500
From: Michele Reid <michele.reid@sympatico.ca>
Hi - I read your query on the Skinner Kinsmen page and I think I can help you. Clarissa Skinner m. Phillip Van Inwegan was the daughter of Jeptha Skinner, son of Daniel Skinner, son of Benjamin Skinner, son of Joseph Skinner, son of Ebenezer Skinner, son of Thomas Skinner, son of Thomas Skinner (Thomas of Malden). I have extensive information prior to Clarissa but nothing subsequent to Clarissa. I would be glad to give this information to you if you are interested and wonder if you would like to share your info on Clarissa. Please contact me.
Michele Reid

Subject: Skinners in Michigan
Date: 4 Dec 1999
From: FORHIL2391@aol.com
My ggrandfather was Albert Skinner. He lived (and I believe he is buried) in Tuscola Co. Michigan. He was married to Margaret La Rue but I also believe there may have been two other marriages. If anyone has any information on this line or any Skinners in Michigan I would greatlly apreciate it.
Thank you
Sharon Campbell
Subject: Edward Skinner, Antrim Co, then to Kent co, MI
Date: 14 Mar 2000
From: "Dawn" <porky@usxchange.net>
Bo you have any other info on your Skinners, mine are from Michigan, Antrim Co, then to Kent co, MI. My gr gr grandfather Edward Skinner camre to US as a boy with his parents Thomas and Harriet to NY. Then Edward moved on into MI as a young man.

Subject: Thomas Skinner, Great Gonerby
Date: 28 Nov 1999
From: "Brian Southwood" <briansou@iafrica.com>
I have in my family tree the following-
Tabitha Bee, baptised 7 Oct 1806, Great Gonerby, married 17 Mar 1834, Great Gonerby, to Thomas Skinner.
Do you perhaps have anything on this Skinner family in your GOON records?
Kind regards
Brian Southwood
Somerset West
South Africa

Subject: Van Skinner of Bakersfield VT
Date: 27 Nov 1999
From: Cappy <Cappy@TMLP.com>
Does anyone know the names of children of Charles W.Skinner - son of Van Skinner of Bakersfield VT? My father was his grandson - trying to find where the wife of Charles w was born I think it was in Canada - is there any Dutch or German conection to this family?

Subject: Family of George Skinner
Date: 27 Nov 1999
From: "Harvey and Michelle Pace" <harvey@cvtv.net>
I am Kristine Michelle Skinner Pace 3/31/50. Brother Kenneth Jay Skinner now Aransas 5/1/48. Father is Thomas Jay Skinner second son third child of George and Agnes Skinner of Alpena, Michigan. Their children were Mary Skinner Muesse, Vance Skinner,Tom, Frank ? Skinner, Noreen Skinner Hudock, Robert Skinner, Frances Skinner Stone? killed car accident 1956 or 57 one son Mark,husband and brother -is-law also killed is wreck. Youngest son and child James Skinner. Grandmother was Agnus Kraft Skinner.Mary had 15 children, Vance 7 with one dying in first year of TB in Texas, Tom two children, Frank no known children, estranged from family, Noreen had 5 children, Robert two sons, Frances one son, James had children but number unknown. I have 4 children 3 grand children. We moved to Texas in 1957, Vance was already here. Mary stayed is Alpena, Robert is Detroit, Noreen moved a lot, Jim left Michigan but may live there now. ope this helps someomne find links. Grandmother told me after I had Sara that I had a great Aunt Sarah and a Great-great Aunt Sarah Beth . I know no other info further back. Michelle

Subject: Martha M. Skinner, born 1827 in Kentucky
Date: 26 Nov 1999
From: OKBeard1@aol.com
I would like information regarding Martha M. Skinner, born 1827 in Kentucky. I know she married William Henry Brown, but have no idea where they were married or Martha's date of death. I have had little luck on this branch of the family tree, because that is the only information I have regarding her.

Subject: Looking for Army buddy - Waldo Bradley Skinner III
Date: 26 Nov 1999
From: "Don Anderson" <danders2@tampabay.rr.com>
Waldo Bradley "Brad" Skinner III is from El Paso, Texas. I knew him at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indianapolis, Indiana in 1972.
Donald H. Anderson

Date: 25 Nov 1999
From: "Emily Skinner" <mles@speakeasy.org>
I am in search of the ancestry of my ggggggrandfather, Ebenezer SKINNER, b. 1766. I believe he married Mary COOK or CROOK. Their children were Harvey (b. 1803) and Almond (b. ca 1814). I found a reference to Ebenezer in a book about Monroe County, New York, which identified him as a British Loyalist and stated that he lived in Canada part of his life.
My question is, who are Ebenezer's parents? I have heard rumors that he is the son of Benjamin Skinner, son of Joseph Skinner and Martha Kinne. Benjamin apparently did have a son named Ebenezer, possibly born 1766. But none of the records about my Ebenezer that I've found so far mention his parents' names, and none of the records I've found about Benjamin Skinner's son Ebenezer mention his children, so I can't make a definitive connection.
Can anyone help me make a connection? You can see the information I've already collected at
Emily Skinner

Subject: Samuel Skinner, son of Dr. Israel Skinner, born in Great Bend, Susquehanna County, Pa. in 1822
Date: 21 Nov 1999
From: "Tim Rodabaugh" <Jeffred@prodigy.net>
I am seeking further information on my Skinner ancestor, Samuel Skinner. He was the son of Dr. Israel Skinner and was born in Great Bend, Susquehanna County, Pa. in 1822. I have most of Samuel's ancestors information but would like to know more about his family. He was married to Ursula Mayo and they had the following children: George Skinner born 13 Sep 1847 died 13 Feb 1897 married Adelia Rhoda Lawton, Adella born abt 1849, Alida born abt 1852, Charlotte E. born 1852, Eliza born abt 1854, Louisa A. born abt 1854, Emma I. born abt 1856 and Mary born abt 1861. Most of these children were born in Windsor, Brome Co., NY while others were born in Great Bend, Pa.

If you are following this line of Skinners please contact me, I am willing to share what information I have. Thank you very much, Tim

Subject: Queery Response
Date: 12 Jan 2000
From: Mary Philhower <mphilhower@juno.com>
Hi Tim,
My Grandfather, Leon Skinner lived many years in Susquehanna, Pa (a few miles from Great Bend, pa and Windsor NY - I'm in Windsor, NY now) - I have traced him back to John Skinner and they lived near Milanville, NY - I believe that the relationship is Israel's Dad (Abner) was my ancestor's brother (Daniel) - any help I can give on this end please let me know. My computer has been up and down a lot lately but will be glad to share all I have.


Subject: Query Response
Date: 9 Jan 2000
From: "Debi Smeltzer" <dsmelt@shipshenet.com>
Tim, HI, I went to the Skinner site as a stab in the dark. I"m looking for my Blockberger family, in PA, a daughter Paulline married a J.A.Skinner, have you ever come across them? I"m hoping to find some descendants who maybe know about the Blockbergers.
Pauline's parents were Christian and Minnie Glacier Blockberger/Blochberger. of Wayne Co. PA. Christian and Minnie are buried in St.John's Lutheran Cemetery in Honesdale, Wayne Co. PA Pauline was born in 1855.
I descend from Pauline's sister Caroline Blockberger.
Any help appreciated.
Thank you,
Debi Smeltzer dsmelt@shipshenet.com

Subject: John G. Skinner (or John J. Skinner), an early pioneer in Mississippi
Date: 21 Nov 1999
From: "Ham Bishop" <totnham@microsped.com>
Dear Skinner Kinsmen:
I am inquiring about a John G. Skinner (or John J. Skinner) who was an early pioneer in Mississippi. He came into the area that is now Oktibbeha County immediately upon the signing of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek in which the Choctaw Indians ceded their lands to Ms. He was a farmer and politician. Was elected to the first Board of Police, was the second probate judge of the county, and represented Oktibbeha County in the Ms. Legislature 1838-1840. He was known as "the most active man in town."
There was also a Louisa Skinner who married Jesse Merideth in Oktibbeha County in 1871. In the 1870 Ms. Census Oktibbeha County she is listed as 27 years old, and native of Georgia. She is living in the household of Jesse M. whom she married the next year. She had a one year old son named John T. E. (?) Louisa is listed under the name of Elizabeth Morgan, also from Georgia, who was mother of Jesse's first wife, Mary Morgan. Louisa may have been a Morgan, now widow of a Skinner. Jesse Merideth and Louisa Skinner Merideth had four sons, one of whom is the ancestor of my two Merideth sons.
I am writing a Merideth family history and would very much appreciate any information regarding the two above named Skinners, as they have a relation to this Merideth famiily.
Many thanks. I shall look forward to hearing from some of you.
Mary Bishop
Greenwood, Ms.

Subject: Family History Data
Date: 16 Nov 1999
From: "Larry Earl Evans" <e-vans@terragon.com>
Alice Skinner b 1888 my wife's 1st cous 1 time removed
George Brooks Skinner b 1858 my wife's grand uncle
George W. Skinner b 1812 my wife's greatgrandfather
Hattie J. Skinner b 1865 my wife's grandmother
Henrietta Skinner b 1891 my wife's 1st cous 1 time removed
Henry Skinner b 1862 my wife's grand uncle
Isaac Skinner no birth data, My 3rd ggfather
Jenta Skinner b abt 1866 my wife's grandaunt
John Skinner b Delaware(no date) My 2 ggfather
Letitia Ann Skinner b 1848 My ggmother
Maud Skinner b 1865 my wife's grandaunt
Thanks a bunch, Larry
Subject: Query Response
Date: 1 Apr 2000 17:20:39 -0800
From: "maxine meeks" <melmac@schweg.com>
Where was George W Skinner borned an Did he lived in Indiana?
Are YOU related to any Evans In Indiana Clinton CO

Subject: Searching for the parents of Merzy (Mirza) Skinner, born circa 1795
Date: 10 Nov 1999
From: "Jackie Williamson" <kjwmson@navix.net>
I have never posted a query on the internet, so please be patient with me. I have been searching for the parents of Merzy (Mirza) Skinner who was born circa 1795, possibly in Canada, according to 1850 Franklin Co., VT census records. I am reasonably certain that Merzy married Rachel Lovewell, daughter of Robert and Polly Taplin Lovewell, but have never found a marriage certificate, as yet. Rachel was born March 20, 1795 in Vermont.
Merzy and Rachel had the following children:
Irene Saphronia;
Paulina (my great grandmother);

Hannah and Harris (twins);

Robert; Merzy Jr.;

Mary Ann and

Nathan L.,
all in St. Albans, Franklin Co., VT. They are buried in the St. Albans Bay Cemetery beside Robert and Polly Lovewell. Merzy died October 29, 1868 and Rachel died September 16, 1891, due to old age, 96 yrs., 6 mon. 23 da. I do know that their son, Mirza Jr., was a Civil War veteran and settled in Republic Co., KS and is buried in the Ida Cemetery there, with his family. The town of Munden, Kansas, was founded on part of his homestead. Merzy and Rachel's daughter, Paulina, married Martin Joseph Corliss. Their children: John Anson; Mirza George; Joseph Addison; Mary Lovell (possibly Lovewell); Amy Melissa; Daniel Todd; Norman Lasell; Albert Nathan (my grandfather). Martin Joseph and Paulina Skinner Corliss are also buried in the same cemetery in St. Albans. I have been gathering information on their descendants for years. I want very much to locate Merzy's (Mirza's) parents and hopefully make a connection to other Skinners, which will take me back to the land from whence they came to America. Above query from Jackie Williamson-- E-mail: kjwmson@navix.net

Subject: Skinner History
Date: 9 Nov 1999 17:09:37 -0800
From: "Sarah Skinner" <s2skinne@acs.ryerson.ca>
My name is Sarah Skinner, I am from an extremly long line of Rufus Skinner's in Ontario Canada, dating back to Captain Rufus
Skinner of the Fenian Raid, late 1800's I believe. His wife, Sarah Lawrence was the first white women born in Toronto Ontario,
and together a long line of Skinner's created industry in Toronto, for example the Don Vallley saw mill. This is a very interesting
site, I look forward to learning more about my family name!
E-mail: s2skinne@as.ryerson.ca

Subject: Arthur Skinner, originated from Durris,Kincardinshire,Scotland
Date: 9 Nov 1999
From: "peter skinner" <familytree3@ozemail.com.au>
Hi. Can anyone help me? My gggrandfather was Arthur Skinner.He originated from Durris,Kincardinshire,Scotland but later moved
to the Monymusk,Inverurie areas of Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Arthur met and married a Jane Grant in 1860. They and their twelve
children moved to live in new zealand in 1890.Unfortunately Arthur lost complete contact with his two brothers left behind in
Scotland.Their names were James and John.Perhaps they married and had many descendents like Arthur did in N.Z. I am trying to
compile a familytree on the Skinner side and would very much appreciate some help.Of course I would return any help needed.

Subject: My Skinner folks.......
Date: 7 Nov 1999
From: "Tim Rodabaugh" <Jeffred@prodigy.net>
Hi there Skinner family, I am attempting to make a connection to all of these other Skinner families. Is there any thing here that
makes one? Thank you. Tim
Descendants of Samuel Skinner
1 Samuel Skinner b: 1822 in Great Bend, Susquehanna Co., Pa.
.. +Ursula Mayo b: 1829 in Peru, N.Y. m: Abt. 1846
.. 2 George N. Skinner b: September 13, 1847 in Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y. d: February 13, 1897
in Greene, Chenango Co., N.Y.
...... +Adelia Rhoda Lawton b: September 19, 1850 in Greene, Chenango Co., N.Y. d: May 27,
1935 in Owego, Tioga Co., N.Y.
...... 3 Edmond A. Skinner b: December 10, 1876 in Greene, Chenango Co., N.Y. d: December 10,
1876 in Greene, Chenango Co., N.Y.
...... 3 Louis S. Skinner b: January 1878 in Greene, Chenango Co., N.Y. d: February 17, 1960 in
Johnson City, Broome Co., N.Y.
.......... +Emma Smith b: November 21, 1879 in Penelope, N.Y. d: April 17, 1957 in Endicott,
Broome Co., N.Y.
.......... 4 George W. Skinner, Sr. b: November 21, 1907 in Cortland, Cortland Co., N.Y. d:
November 27, 1984 in Binghamton, Broome Co., N.Y.
.............. +Laura Jean Bevins b: October 20, 1910 m: October 13, 1932 in Newark Valley, Tioga
Co., N.Y. d: February 20, 1994 in Medina, Orleans Co., N.Y.
.............. 5 George W. Skinner, Jr. b: July 13, 1935 d: November 17, 1992 in Medina, Orleans Co.,
.................. +Marlene (Skinner)
.......... *2nd Wife of George W. Skinner, Sr.:
.............. +Eva Slater b: 1920 m: Abt. 1940
.............. 5 Georgianne Skinner
.................. +(Edwards)
...... 3 Christine Rhoda Skinner b: September 02, 1892 in Greene, Chenango Co., N.Y. d: July 05,
1931 in Binghamton, Broome Co., N.Y.
.......... +Otis Lawrence Waters b: October 03, 1882 in McGraw, Cortland Co., N.Y. m: March 26,
1910 in Cortland, Cortland Co., N.Y. d: October 26, 1955 in Colchester, Chittenden Co., Vt.
.......... 4 Franklin Otis Waters b: December 25, 1910 in Gee Brook,Cortland Co., N.Y. d: August
12, 1968 in Winter Garden, Orange Co., Fl.
.............. +Norma Estelle Fuller b: May 26, 1910 in Owego,Tioga Co., N.Y. m: October 13, 1932 in
Newark Valley, Tioga Co., N.Y. d: January 25, 1974 in Elmira,Chemung Co., N.Y.
.............. 5 Franklin Otis Waters,Jr. b: October 26, 1933 in Owego, Tioga Co., N.Y.
.................. +Janice Irene Dieffenbach b: December 07, 1933 in Endicott, Broome Co., NY m:
February 19, 1954 in Key West, Dade Co., Fl.
.............. *2nd Wife of Franklin Otis Waters,Jr.:
.................. +Kay Pruitt b: December 07, 1942 in Portales, Roosevelt Co., N.M. m: May 29, 1982 in
Palm Springs, Riverside Co., Ca.
.............. 5 Norma Anne Waters b: March 07, 1937 in Owego, Tioga Co., N.Y.
.................. +Darrell Norman Rodabaugh b: March 24, 1936 in Horseheads, Chemung Co., N.Y.
m: October 06, 1956 in Breesport, Chemung Co., N.Y.
...... *2nd Husband of Christine Rhoda Skinner:
.......... +William C. Andrews m: Abt. 1925
.. 2 Alida Skinner b: 1852 in Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y.
.. 2 Charlotte E. Skinner b: 1852 in Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y.
.. 2 Eliza Skinner b: 1854 in Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y.
.. 2 Louisa A. Skinner b: 1854 in Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y.
.. 2 Emma I. Skinner b: 1856 in Windsor, Broome Co., N.Y.
.. 2 Mary Skinner b: 1861 in Great Bend, Susquehanna Co., Pa.
.. 2 Adella Skinner b: 1866 in Great Bend, Susquehanna Co., Pa.

Subject: Gatsy Skinner b.New Port Arkansas-1876
Date: 7 Nov 1999
From: "Jerry & Carol Clendening" <jercal@egl.net>
I am searching for information for Gatsy Skinner b.New Port Arkansas-1876 m.Wade Crawford 16-Nov-1894.jercal@egl.net

Subject: Mary Skinner b. abt 1835 Perquimans Co., NC
Date: 6 Nov 1999
From: "Tricia Raiford" <praiford@awod.com>
I'm looking for any info on Mary F(E) Skinner b. abt 1835 married Francis Chappell on Feb 5, 1857 in Perquimans Co., NC.
They had Martha L., Sarah E., John Frank, Matthew Palin, Rachel, and Delphine. I believe that Mary's father was William A.
Skinner who married Mary ?
Any help would be appreciated. Please respond to my e-mail address: wr@awod.com

Subject: Nancy Clementine Skinner
Date: 6 Nov 1999
From: JCroak1973@aol.com
I am really getting desperate (I'm fairly new at this), I am trying to find my g-grandmothers family. Her name was Nancy Clementine Skinner born in 1850 Trigg or Christian Co., Ky. She married LeeRoy Johnson in 1868 in Trigg Co. Is she hiding somewhere amongst your Skinners? Would like to join the assoc., do I qualify since technically I'm not a direct Skinner?

Subject: Richard SKINNER & Susanna POULAIN
Date: 1 Nov 1999
From: KatDyal@aol.com
I am searching for any information on Richard SKINNER Sr & Susanna POULAIN..My line is as follows
Richard SR SKINNER m Susanna POULAIN
REV Nathaniel SKINNER m Elizabeth KING
Nathaniel SKINNER m Elizabeth HARNED (2) Hannah KING
Phillip SKINNER m Hannah KOON
William Ervin SKINNER m Martha OWENS
Vera Bernice SKINNER m Dale GROSS
Velma Katherine GROSS m Charles LYCAN
I do have a SKINNER family history booklet on Phillip SKINNER line if anyone is interested...
Happy hunting everyone
Kathy LYCAN Dyal
Subject: Query Response
Date: 17 Apr 2000
From: "Paul Skinner" <paulo@mcn.net>
I am reseraching the same Skinner line as you are. I posted to the Skinner Family Association site. Would love to know what more you have. Having trouble sorting out some of the generations. Hope to hear from you.
Yours 'Aye,
Paul Skinner


Subject: Query Response
Date: 6 Mar 2000
From: "Paul Skinner" <paulo@mcn.net>
Hello cousin!
I am a descendant of Richard Skinner and Susanna Poulain too. I am seeking info on him as well. I have seen some info at the LDS search site that shows Susanna's parents but nothing about Richard. About all I have been able to determine is that Richard was probably on the Isle of Jersey in the Channel Islands before he came to NJ. What about you? Curious to see what you have.
Yours 'Aye,
Paul Skinner

Subject: New Skinner family in Ohio
Date: 1 Nov 1999
From: "Carolyn" <ferrin@tacisp.net>
Thank you for making this information on the Skinners available. I was able to find our ggg grandparents and their descendants
back to 1640! We will be sending you a contribution soon.
I found Joel Skinner, married to Rachel Chinoweth (Chenoweth) on 6 Aug 1832. I have more information on their family if you
would be interested. I will list what I have and if you would like me to fax anything to you, I will be glad to.
This information was found on the Vinton County, Ohio 1850 Census:
Joel Skinner, born 1808 in Pennsylvania
married to: Rachel Chenoweth, born 1816 in Ohio
Male: Marion Skinner, born abt 1833 inOhio
Female: Margaret M. Skinner, born abt 1836 in Ohio
Female: Ann Skinner, born abt 1838 in Ohio
Male: Thomas Skinner, born abt 1840 in Ohio
Female: Ellen Skinner, born abt 1842 in Ohio
Male: John C. Skinner, born abt 1845 in Ohio
Male: James William Skinner, born 1 Jan, 1847 in Ohio, died 27 Nov 1919 in Ibapah, Tooele, Utah
Female: Jerusha Skinner, born abt 1849/50 in Ohio
Hope this is of some help to you. Thanks again.
Carolyn Ferrin ferrin@tacisp.net

Subject: Richard Skinner of New Jersey
Date: 31 Oct 1999
From: "Paul Skinner" <paulo@mcn.net>
Am seeking any leads on the origins of Richard Skinner of New Jersey. Many have just said he was from England but no specific
location. I have seen him listed as being from the Isle of Man. I know he may have been on the Isle of Jersey but how he got
there and where from is still a mystery. Does anyone else have the same curiosity? Would like help in this quest. Also any
information on Skinner/Macgregor connections would be appreciated.

Subject: Richard Skinner of New Jersey
Date: 31 Oct 1999
From: "Paul Skinner" <paulo@mcn.net>
Hello. My name is Paul Skinner, a 10th generation descendent of Richard Skinner of New Jersey. I saw some time ago, a person
thought Richard came from the Isle of Man. I know he was on the Isle of Jersey before coming over to the States. Does this
relate to your Skinners?

Subject: William Skinner. prisoner in Newgate Prison
Date: 31 Oct 1999
From: "Sherry Senseney" <ssensen1@tampabay.rr.com>
Does anyone have any information re: William Skinner who was listed as a prisoner in Newgate Prison. He is listed as having been shipped to Maryland in 1729? aboard the ship called "Merry Jacks" from London to Maryland.
Sherry Senseney
Subject: Query Response
Date: 21 May 2000
From: "Louis & Kim" <gatch@alltel.net>
My name is Louis Gatch. I am doing my wife's family history on SKINNER. In looking thru some information I saw mention of the ship Merry Jacks. My Family came over in 1729 and Godfrey Gatch may have been on this ship. Do you have a copy of the passenger list?
I am also looking for information on Edward Nicholas Jay Black Skinner. He is my wife's GGGGrandfather.
Louis Gatch

Subject: JOHN SKINNER 1802
Date: 28 Oct 1999
From: Mary Philhower <mphilhower@juno.com>
JOHN SKINNER 1802 - I am looking for any info on John Skinner, married Charity Caulkins, children, William, Betsey, Caroline, Oliver, John, Arlisa and George. Looking for John's father
Subject: John Skinner 1802
Date: 28 Oct 1999 10:42:31 -0400
From: Mary Philhower <mphilhower@juno.com>
Looking for the father of John Skinner, born in Penna. husband of Charity Caulkin, children are: William (1830) Betsey (1829) Caroline (1834) Oliver (1839) John (1844) Arlisa (1845) and George (1847)
Thank you
Subject: John Skinner 1802
Date: 28 Oct 1999 10:43:08 -0400
From: Mary Philhower <mphilhower@juno.com>
Looking for the father of John Skinner, born in Penna. husband of Charity Caulkin, children are: William (1830) Betsey (1829) Caroline (1834) Oliver (1839) John (1844) Arlisa (1845) and George (1847)
Thank you
Subject: John Skinner 1802
Date: 28 Oct 1999 14:53:04 GMT
From: "Mary philhower" <philhower@hotmail.com>
JOHN SKINNER born 1802 IN PENNSYLVANIA - wife Charity Caulkins( 1808), children Betsey (1829) William (1830) Caroline (1834) Oliver (1839) John (1844) Arlisa (1845) George (1847) they stayed in or near Sullivan County New York and were there in the 1850's according to a census -I am looking for the father of JOHN SKINNER 1802.
Subject: Query Response
Date: 13 Jan 2000
From: "Bob Limburg" <rlimburg@dreamscape.com>
My paperwork is packed away at the moment, but, I am sure that your JOHN SKINNER is from the JOSEPH SKINNER line that came from Connecticut. He was killed circa 1760. His son DAVID was the first to raft down the delaware river. DAVID and several of his brothers settled SULLIVAN CO,NY NEWTON,SUSSEX,NJ AND WAYNE CO,PA. I believe that your JOHN is couple of generations down from Joseph, but this line goes back to the 1600's to THOMAS of Malden,Ma.

As far as CALKINS, this line comes from OLIVER CALKINS and this line also goes back to approximately the same time.


Both of these lines are well documented, there is a book about the Calkins/Caulkins family also, several on the Skinners. As well as any of the county histories/atlas. I will however try to get some specific info if I have it. Hope this sparks your interest,


Bob Limburg-Syracuse,NY

Subject: Oscar William Skinner, b probably Nottingham, UK, 1870s
Date: 28 Oct 1999 19:09:56 +1000
From: "David Skinner" <skinner@netspace.net.au>
Hello Skinner Clan,
I am trying to find the forebears of Oscar William Skinner, born probably in the 1870s and probably in or near Nottingham, UK. He married Mary Heighton some time around 1900, and had two sons, George William (my father) and Hedley, and one daughter, Eva. He was employed as an railway-engine driver for most of his working life.
If anyone knows of him, they may be interested in a family tree down to several young Australians born in the 1990s.
Who knows, I might find a long-lost or distant cousin out of this.
David Skinner, Melbourne, Australia

Subject: Simuel Eddings SKINNER b 1857 Mississippi
Date: 27 Oct 1999
From: Blkjklady8853936@aol.com
I am currently looking for information on my great grandfather Simuel Eddings SKINNER born 1857 in Mississippi. Simuel (S.E.) had two brothers John and William and 4 sisters, Kate, Lorena, Annie Bell and Unknown. Married Susan Jane BRADBERRY in 1888 in Lonoke, Arkansas and moved to Texas. They had 12 children: Clarence SKINNER (b.1889), Hattie Lena SKINNER (b.1890), Ollie Gertrude SKINNER (b.1893), Nellie Mae SKINNER (b.1895), Gracie SKINNER, Earle Franklin SKINNER (b.1898), Hosea Emmitt SKINNER (b.1901), Linnie Eddings SKINNER (b.1903), Eula Florence SKINNER (b.1905), Dovie Jewell SKINNER (b.1905), Reuben Floyd SKINNER (b.1907) and S.E. SKINNER (b.1909). Simuel Eddings SKINNER died in 1911 and is buried in Weinert, TX. I cannot find any information up-line about his parents. Anyone with any information please contact me and let's swap information. I have down-line information.
Donna Hannan

Subject: Afro-American / Indian / Caucasian Skinner Family
Date: 25 Oct 1999
From: SeaTCelani@aol.com
My recent family ancestors are from the Salem NJ and the North Phil. PA area. Does anyone know of a Robert, Joseph, Clara, Randy, Steve, Tyrone, Peggie, Margaret, Sheila, Tyrone or Barbara Skinner?

Subject: Jerry or Jimmy Skinner. Marlow Okla, c 1938
Date: 22 Oct 1999 19:06:27 EDT
From: Japlvn@aol.com
I'm looking for either Jerry or Jimmy Skinner. From Marlow Okla, about 1938, As I was born in 1939.

Subject: Elizabeth Skinner, born between 1810 and 1820, probably in Ohio
Date: 16 Oct 1999
From: DeanaT4@aol.com
Hi, I am searching for the parents of Elizabeth Skinner, born between 1810 and 1820, probably in Ohio. She was married to Thomas Jefferson Thompson, December 25, 1833, in Jackson Co., IN. Their Children were: William Henry Thompson b. May 28, 1836 and Mathew Allen Thompson b. April 1840, both born in Jackson Co., IN. There may have also been a Daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth died between 1840 and 1842, in Jackson Co., IN. I have been unsuccessful in locating a Skinner family in the Hamilton Two, Jackson Co., IN., or surrounding counties. Would appreciate any help in finding my GG-Grandmother's family.
Modena T Riddle

Subject: Henry Otis Skinner, b. Belfast, Waldo Co., ME
Date: 16 Oct 1999
From: JeanOlsson@aol.com
Looking for any connection to Henry Otis Skinner, b. Belfast, Waldo Co., ME or his son Henry O. Skinner, Jr, b. 1850 Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. H. O. Skinner, Jr. m. Inez Mabel Fisher in 1869 in Boston, Suffolk Co. MA. There was a Percy Skinner connected to this family, not sure of his relation. Please contact me if you have any connection to this Skinner or Fisher branch. Thanks.

Subject: Henry Otis Skinner, b. Belfast, Waldo Co., ME
Date: 16 Oct 1999
From: JeanOlsson@aol.com
Looking for any connection to Henry Otis Skinner, b. Belfast, Waldo Co., ME or his son Henry O. Skinner, Jr, b. 1850 Boston, Suffolk Co., MA. H. O. Skinner, Jr. m. Inez Mabel Fisher in 1869 in Boston, Suffolk Co. MA. There was a Percy Skinner connected to this family, not sure of his relation.
Please contact me if you have any connection to this Skinner or Fisher branch. Thanks.

Subject: John Skinner
Date: 15 Oct 1999
From: Mary Philhower <mphilhower@juno.com>
I am looking for information on my Greatgreat Grandfather John Skinner, he married Charity Calkin and I believe that William H.Skinner was his dad, reference # 14276 - William married Elizabeth Gray - can you tell me who submitted this information so that I can find out if this is the same John I am looking for. All town records came up dead ends. Thank you ever so much,
Mary Philhower

Subject: William Augustin Skinner
Date: 09 Oct 1999
From: Bill Fleming <j-bf@worldnet.att.net>
My grandfather was William Augustin Skinner. He had a brother named Walton. They called my grandfather Big Gus and my father Little Gus. My grandfather moved to New jersey, married Catharine Highland and gave birth to my father, William Augustin and to my uncle John Skinner. I would love to have some information on the family back before my grandfather. Can anyone help me? My grandfather was in his 40's when he died, my dad was in his teens. Any help would be appreciated!

Subject: Alexander Skinner b Charles Co. MD. about 1775
Date: 06 Oct 1999
From: Joan Hackathorn <johack@home.com>
I am looking for information on Alexander Skinner and his parents. He's my 4th g-grandfather. He was born in Charles Co. MD. about 1775. He married about 1804 to Catherine Caroline Scatt, the daughter of Rev. James Scott from Scotland, and And Sarah (Brown) Scott. It has been pasted down in the family that Alexander aquired a conderable amount of land in VA. (1806-1807) He brought slaves with him to clear the land and a tree fell on him and killed him. Sometime from Jan. 1807, before 31 May 1807, the was his 2nd son was born, his dad was dead at the time of his birth. This land was later known as Confluence,and is in either in Harrrison or Lewis co of that time. Of this time since the civil war it's become known as Orlando, WV. It lays partly in Lewis Co. and partly in Braxton co. WV. I have 4 generations down if anyone wants to share.
Anything back on Alexander would be nice.
Loretta Snider
Subject: Query Response
Date: 3 Apr 2000
From: "Sherry Senseney" <ssensen1@tampabay.rr.com>
Loretta; Do you have the names of Alexander's children? Am looking for my gggfather's father, I think he may have been an orphan & was raised by other Skinner kinfolk? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Subject: Query Response
Date: 15 Mar 2000
From: "maxine meeks" <melmac@schweg.com>
Do you Have any thing on a Rosanna Skinner married to William Meek in Deature co Ind. in 1840 from Ky Borned in VA.

Subject: John Skinner born 1802 Wife Charity Caulkin
Date: 06 Oct 1999 16:54:01 -0400
From: Mary Philhower <mphilhower@juno.com>
John Skinner born 1802 Wife Charity Caulkin - children: Betsey, Caroline, Oliver, William, (?unable to read) John, and George - looking for any information on John - this info comes from SULLIVAN COUNTY NEW YORK from a 1850 census. thank you

Subject: Cornelius Skinner b. 1769 in Loudoun Co. Virginia
Date: 6 Oct 1999 08:12:40 -0600
From: "Joyce Hines" <jchines@Pagosa.Net>
Seeking information on the parents of Cornelius Skinner b. 1769 in Loudoun Co. Virginia. He married Jane Carr and migrated to Weschester, Clark County Kentucky. There is a possibility that his father is Phineas Skinner s/o Cornelius Skinner Jr. There is a sentence in the familly bible of Phineas Carr Skinner son of Cornelius and Jane Carr (awkwardly written) which states "Phineas Skinner grandson who owned this bible came to Missouri (Platte County) from Clark Co. Kentucky where he was born in 1801." I am hoping that this Phineas Skinner is the grandfather of the Phineas Carr Skinner who owned the bible. This bible was copied in July 15, 1936 by Mrs. John Georgen (wife of the owner of the Bible at the time) for a D.A.R. project. It lists marriages and birth dates of that line of the family. I descend from Azubah Skinner, d/o Cornelius Skinner and Jane Carr. She married Joel Franklin Chiles and migrated to Jackson County, Missouri. I found the copy of the Bible Entries in the Mid-Continental Genealogical Library in Independence, Missouri and would be happy to do look ups or even submit to this site.
Joyce Chiles Hines

Subject: Claude Franklyn Skinner
Date: 5 Oct 1999
From: Klauskat@aol.com

I am looking for ANY information on a Claude Franklyn Skinner (my Grandfather). He was born June 19, 1882, and died January 21, 1954. He was married to Pearlie Mae Lewis, and lived in Atlanta, Ga. They had at least 6 children: Eunabelle, James Edgar, Trellis Lee, Nina Pearl, Jessie Franklyn, and Sara Hazel.

The children that are still alive have no information concerning where he was born, or who his parents were, so I am at a dead end. I will be greatly indebted to anyone who can get me past this wall....Thanks!
Dave Skinner

Subject: Gatsie
Date: 4 Oct 1999 21:33:26 -0400
From: "Jerry & Carol Clendening" <jercal@egl.net>
Hello I am searching for Gatsie Skinner Crawford B.New Port AR. Father John Skinner.Thank You Carol

Subject: Sarah Skinner born in 1815 or 1816 in Rutland, Vermont
Date: 3 Oct 1999
From: Jacksmom31@aol.com
Looking for the parents of Sarah Skinner born in 1815 or 1816 in Rutland, Vermont. The family later moved to Ontario County, NY in the by the 1830's. Sarah Skinner married Myron H. Norton and then moved to Ionia County, Michigan. Does anyone know if Sarah Skinner ties in with Nelson Skinner of Ontario County, NY? That's the only name I can find in this county. Thanks!
Rae Lithgirl31@aol.com

Subject: John Skinner who married Charity Calkin Skinner
Date: 02 Oct 1999
From: Mary Philhower <mphilhower@juno.com>

I have found my Great Grandfather, John Skinner (approx. 1802 in Penna.) who married Charity Calkin Skinner (approx 1808 in New York) and their children were 1)Betsey, 2) Caroline 3) Oliver 4) William 5) John 6) ? can't read and the 7th child was my great grandfather George. I am at a loss as to tracing John and Charity back to their parents. I received this information from the Sullivan County New York census records of 1850 in the Town of Lumberland. Any help will be appreciated

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