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19(4) Subject: Skinner info
Date: 28 Mar 2001
From: Michael Libby <mlibby@tasis.com>
I am in search of information on an Elizabeth Skinner, married to a Richard Libby of Cornwall. Their last son(my great grandfather by
adoption) William John Libby,was Born Jan,21, 1850 in Fowey. I am working mostly on the Skinner connection as I am related to the Skinners in Surrey. Spencer William and Maude Skinner were born to James and Elizabeth Ann Sarah (Charman) Skinner who died in child birth with Spencer, my grandfather. He and Maude were then sent to live and be raised as Libbys in Cornwall, by William John Libby and Jane Martin Penrose of the St. Agnes area in 1891.
I am searching to find the connection between the Surrey Skinners and the Cornwall Skinners if possible and as far as the the US for any possible connections.
Any info or connection would be great.


Michael Libby

19(4) Subject: My Skinner Tree

Date: 23 Mar 2001 14:38:28 -0600
From: Jean Sharpe <jedasharpe@lisco.com>
My tree starts with Thomas of Malden
I'm searching for information on Daniel, May 14, 1779, son of Elijah and Mary Joslin married in CT Dec. 30, 1756
Daniel and his wife (unknown) had a son, Francis Harvey married to Jane A. Allen, parents of my great grandfather John H. Skinner who married Zada Haywood July 7, 1870. Their son Francis married Gertrude C. Bunyan in West Charlton NY Sept. 4, 1901.

19(4) Subject: Shield Symbol of Skinner

Date: 9 Mar 2001
From: LXSKNNR@cs.com
I am a descendent of Richard Skinner of Jersey. Do you have any idea what his family crest or coat of arms might be? Or of Claude Daniel, Sousanne Poullain's grandfather?

19(4) Subject: Rev Floyd Skinner

Date: 7 Mar 2001
From: "Daynie McElreavy" <daynie@mediaone.net>
I am looking for Rev Floyd Skinner and his brother Secil Skinner. They were from Clearfield county PA and I would like to know their children and grandchildren. He is my uncle
Dulany Morrison Leach McElreavy

19(4) Subject: Captian Isaac Skinner

Date: 21 Feb 2001
From: "Alanda O'Brien" <aobrien001@prodigy.net>
I'm looking for information on Captian Isaac Skinner and Jane Crittenden Skinner.They were living in what was then Washington Co. in Ga.but is now Augusta, Ga.Isaac died about 1804 and Jane later moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama.Does amyone know where they are buried? Any information will help.


19(4) Subject: Aaron N. Skinner
Date: 17 Jan 2001
From: Alan Wallach <axwall@wm.edu>
I am writing an article on a painting by Thomas Cole that Cole tried to sell to Aaron N. Skinner, dates are 1805-1858. Skinner resided in New Haven, graduated Yale, was a lawyer, ran a successful boys school, lived on Hillhouse Avenue (neighbor of Abraham Hillhouse), served in the CT House and Senate and was known for his involvement in New Haven civic life, and may have been responsible for the commission for the famous Egyptian wall for the Grove Street Cemetery.
I'd be most grateful for any additional information you might have.
Alan Wallach
Ralph H. Wark Professor of Art and Art History and Professor of American Studies
The College of William and Mary

Subject: Skinner information request

Date: 16 Jan 2001
From: Neil Middleham <snoozer@ntlworld.com>
I am just starting (well I've been getting round to it for months) doing some research into my Skinner ancestors. When I found your website with the search engine I thought I had hit the jackpot. I understand a little bit about computers and a little bit about family history but have little expertise or experience at either.
However, I tried a good number of different ways to search for my ancestors family and individuals within it but to no avail. I thought searching on the place where I know they came from (i.e Carlisle UK) would produce some success but the best hit was somebody with the surname Carlisle who was researching the name elsewhere.
I have a general question and a specific one. Generally, are you aware of anybody who is researching Skinners from Carlisle. If so I would be grateful for contact details as this would undoubtedly help.
I have managed to find my fathers maternal grandfather and his family on the 1881 and 1891 census. On the 1891 census the listing is for 11 Byron Street Carlisle and lists William aged 31, a carter; his wife Elizabeth aged 34; and children Henry 11, Elizabeth 8, Annie 5, Isabella 3, William 3m.
My grandmother Sarah Skinner was born on 15/11/1898 by which time the family are shown on her birth certificate as resident at 21 Byron Street, Carlisle. William snr, her father is shown as a wood sawyer (journeyman) and her mothers maiden name is Weightman.
Any information about this family or persons researching it would be warmly appreciated. However, my specific query is in relation to the deaths of William snr. and Elizabeth. It is a bit of a family mystery (or perhaps secret). All I know is that Sarah b1898 went to live with her elder sisters family before adulthood as her parents allegedly died. Of what they died, or of them, the family members I have spoken to claim no knowledge. Do you have data which would identify when and where they died so I could purchase death certificates.
Any help gratefully received. Do not worry about any delay in replying.
Kind Regards.
Neil Middleham.

19(4) Subject: Need some Family History
Date: 4 Jan 2001
From: "Flynn, Donna" <DFlynn@broadband.att.com>
Hello I am trying to research the family history for my mother and uncle. There were 6 children in the family when my grandmother passed away. All the children were put up for adoption so my mother and uncle lost contact with their family so if you have any idea that anyone out there is related to them please e-mail me.
My grandfather's name was Blaine F. Skinner, he was from Burden, Kansas But he passed away in Oklahoma. My grandmother was Margaret Hammerick Skinner
Thank you very much
Donna Flynn

19(4) Subject: Marshal P. Skinner
Date: 03 Jan 2001
From: William Potteet <potteet@ctaz.com>
Need help locating Marshal P. Skinner who was in the Texas Rangers and Member of the Masonic Lodge in Salado, Texas. G/Grandfather of Jimmey Watson whos mothers maiden name was Thigpen.

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