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Subject: Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri
Date: 31 Mar 2000
From: SPritch209@aol.com
Hi everyone:
I am interested in the Skinner families that are still or are at least connected to the Bolivar, Polk County, Missouri area. My Grandfather was born there and It has come to my attention that there are probably some relatives still living there. Anyone that could help me with some of these connections it would be appreciated
God Bless

Subject: Kentucky Skinners
Date: 30 Mar 2000
From: MOMANDBEE@aol.com
Is anyone researching the Kentucky Skinners - Richard Skinner of Flemingsburg, Kentucky and family.
Louella MOMANDBEE@aol.com

Subject: Joseph Skinner
Date: 26 Mar 2000
From: Lwbs@aol.com
I am searching also for a connection between Captain Skinner and Captain Delano presuming they were related in some way. Maybe by marriage? Captain Delano commanded the other ship under Captain Skinner.
Jorge Delano

Subject: Joseph Skinner
Date: 23 Mar 2000 18:39:15 EST
From: Lwbs@aol.com
Dear Skinner Kinsmen:
For a research paper on the influence of Americans in the SA Independence Wars, I am looking for information on Captain Joseph Skinner. Captain Skinner was a know privateer during the War of 1812 as Commander of the war ship "Governor Tompkin" capturing the ship "Wereid", sold in New York for 270,00 dollars . . . Captain Skinner later was the Comodore of the flotilla of two 850 tons patriot warships built in the East River Shipyards that left NY port on September 9, 1818 bound for the port of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I need all the information I can get on Captain Skinner.
Many thanks
Jorge A. Delano
at Trinity College in Hartford, CT

Subject: Another relative
Date: 23 Mar 2000
From: "Bonnie Spalding" <bon@dmi.net>

I finally got brave enough to wade into the deep and trepid waters of family research on the internet. And I found you. Ann/Anne Skinner born about 1475 in Reigate, Surrey, England married Sir Knight Bat(?) Henry Wyatt/Wyott about 1500, he was born about 1460 of Allington, Kent, England; died 10 March 1537, same place. Had children: Sir Henry Wyatt, born abt 1500; Margaret Fransje Wyatt b 1502/1514; Sir Knight Thomas Wyatt, born abt 1503; and Mary Wyatt born abt 1509. Sir Knight Thomas Wyatt is my direct line to Ann/Anne Skinner and Sir Henry Wyatt/Wyott. Beyond having the names of her parents: John Skinner born abt 1449 of Surrey England and that he had a wife, I draw a blank.

Do you have any information this far back? Or can you tell me where to search?
I'm not in any hurry. Thanks, Bonnie bon @dmi.net

Subject: Skinner family of Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia
Date: 22 Mar 2000 14:41:06 -0500
From: "john garveey" <garv-gaarvette@starpower.net>
I have alot of information on the Skinner family of Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia.
I am still looking for more information.
William Skinner married Milly they had a son John born 1798 in Virginia death aft. 1880 he married to Zilpha Ann Northcutt born Jan.10,1882 in Harrison County Kentucky Zlipha's father was John Northcutt Sr. they had a son Henry Skinner Born 1897 died Nov.5,1895= consumption married Oct.4,1849 in Kentucky. to Mary A. Pickett. Mary'a parents were William and Sara Brown Pickett. William was born 1811 in Virginia death sometime before 1860. William and Sara were married March 23,1830 in Harrison County Kentucky. Sara was born 1799 in Virginia death April 14,1876 in Scott County Kentucky. her father-- Evan Brown. William and Sara had two daughters Mary A., and Margaret J.
Margaret J.married Silas Skinner they had a daughter Parthenia Skinner.
Mary A. married Henry Skinner they had two sons (that I know of) Allen L. Skinner born Oct.11,1871 died Sept.5,1905 he was a bartender death due to gastraligia. and John Skinner born Feb.1,1855 in Scott County Kentucky died June 6,1931 married Oct.9,1879 to Lurinda Meeks born May12,1863 died May12,1940 her parents were George and Elizabeth Meeks. John and Lurinda had 7 sons and three daughters, Bertha, Hettie A., Eliza J., Santford, Samuel, Netwon, Hez, Virgil, and Raymond. Samuel Skinner was born March 27,1884 in Clinton County, Indiana died Oct. 3,1969 married to Maude L. Jones born Sept.22,1887 in Rankin, Ill. died July14,1933 they had a son Glenn F. and a daughter died at birth.
Glenn Skinner born April 24,1911 died April 28,1985. he married Dec.8,1945 Doris Miller born Oct.26,1923 in Jefferson County. died? parents were Carl W. and Stella Waren Miller. after she died he married July15,1950 to Mable L. Sturgis born Jan. 4,1919. they had a son Kenneth E. Born June 10.1952 and a daughter Linda Sue born March 1,1951
I would appreacate any information on my family
Please email me at johngarvey39@hotmail.com thanks, Linda

Subject: Skinner family
Date: 21 Mar 2000
From: Trinky_2@webtv.net
I am new to this but have seen some very similar names for my family. I got this information from my Aunt's family Bible. I am not sure of everything yet, but am working on it. I can trace from Thomas Skinner of Malden all the way through Asahel Skinner & Phebe Gould. There are a few differences after that. Here is what I have. Does anyone have anything to help me any further?
Thomas Skinner of Malden, MA b. 1617, England.
m. Mary Gooden (1621-1671)
Thomas Skinner (1645-1722)
m. Mary Pratt (164-1704
John Skinner
m. Sarah Burroughs ( know there was a question on the pages I read on here, but this was the name in our Family Bible.)
John Skinner
m. Mary Blake
Daniel Skinner
m. Abigail Briggs
Asahel Skinner
m. Phebe Gould
John Skinner (David/Daniel? was in the list)
m. Hannah Tyler
Daniel Skinner
m. Margaret Narethup (this was hard to read and I am not sure of the spelling)
George Emory Skinner 22 born in Gallia Co., Ohio, living in Mason County, WV (this was my great grandfather)
m. Augusta Ellen Poston 19 born in Athens County, Ohio, living in Mason County, WV on January 1, 1985. This is according to a book on Mason County WV marriages 1870-1885.
They had several children.
Ernest Egbert Skinner 10/18/1885-4/1974
Grace Gertrude M. ? Jarrett
Minta Maude(1/15/1888-3/7/1936) m. Clarence Luther Brown (9/9/1896-11/6/1969) They were married October 18, 1916. These were my grandparents.
Helen Hester
Roy Russell Skinner 2/9/1897-8/1974
Virginia Pearl (Penix-1st marriage)Cornell-3/25/1900-1/71
I don't know what else to do with this info now, but maybe it can help
someone else, too. Thanks.
Kathy Thomas

Subject: CLARK SKINNER b. 1794 KY
Date: 19 Mar 2000
From: VWhite0901@aol.com
I'm looking for the family of CLARK SKINNER b. 1794 KY....I know for sure that CLARK lived in Rockcastle Co.KY from these land warrants:
Kentucky Land Warrants:
Grantee: Skinner, Clark
Acres: 50
Book: A-2
Page: 149
Date Survey: 5-17-1831
County: Rockcastle
Watercourse: Dry Fk Crooked Creek...
Grantee: Skinner, Clark
Acres: 50
Book: G-5
Page: 181
Date Survey: 12-13-1833
Watercourse: Dry Fk Valley
I next found the family listed on the Garrard Co.KY census for 1850.....Clark's wife was listed as LUCINDA b. 1820 KY, but when I found them on the next census 1860 in Greene Co.IN....Clark had died Oct 1856 and SUSANNA b. 1812 KY was listed as the widow and head of household......But I believe that Lucinda and Susanna are the same person.....This is their family and their spouses.....If anyone is connected to this SKINNER line I would appreciate hearing from you.
Descendants of Clark Skinner
1 Clark Skinner 1794 - 1856
.... +Susanna 1820 -
.... 2 Peyton S. Skinner 1831 - 1871
.... 2 William Skinner 1833 -
........ +Arabell
.... 2 Elizabeth J. Skinner 1835 -
........ +Thomas M. Walker 1834 -
.... 2 Mary Skinner 1838 -
........ +David Brock
.... *2nd Husband of Mary Skinner:
........ +William J. Bland 1838 -
.... 2 Sarah Skinner 1839 -
.... 2 James H. Skinner 1843 - 1875
........ +Eliza Goodwin 1837 -
.... 2 John Riley Skinner 1844 - 1912
........ +Rachel Matilda Crockett 1846 -
.... *2nd Wife of John Riley Skinner:
........ +Sarah E. Robinson 1842 -
.... 2 David J. Skinner 1848 - 1921
........ +Hamey Loruh Livingston 1853 - 1932
.... 2 Malissa F. Skinner 1851 - (Melvina)
Thanks so much,
N.J.Skinner White

Subject: Charles Orlando Skinner of Waterford, Erie, PA
Date: 19 Mar 2000
From: MKlaas <msklaas@yahoo.com>
I am researching my great-grandparents
Marcia Leora Baldwin of Waterford, Erie PA married Charles Orlando Skinner of Waterford, Erie, PA. They moved to Washington, Erie County, PA (now Washington County) and lived on Linn Avenue. They are buried in Waterford Cemetery, Erie, PA.
Their children:
Theodore "Tobe"
Thaddeus Steven
Thaddeus Steven was my grandfather. He married Blanche Martha Mehaffey of Hancock County, West Virginia, and lived in Washington, PA.
Their children
Hazel Leora is my mother. She married Ralph Franklin Stanley of Hancock County, West Virginia. They lived in Hancock County, WVA.
Their children
Margaret Ann
Marcia Leora (ME!)
Thank you,
Marcia Klaas

Subject: Harold H. Skinner
Date: 11 Mar 2000
From: Mkmt999@aol.com
My grandfather was Harold H. Skinner. He was originally from somewhere in Canada. Do you have any info?

Subject: Elisha Skinner
Date: 2 Mar 2000
From: "ssoper" <ssoper@mo-net.com>
My Skinner brick wall is Elisha Skinner. He was born in New York abt 1815. He worked as a surveyor, and lived in Ohio, and Iowa. He was married to Abigail Peckham August 15, 1835 in Holmes, Ohio. They were the parents of Sarah, Charles, Henry, William and Easten, and probably at least two others. Elisha served in the Southern Border Patrol of Iowa during the Civil War.
If anyone has a match on any of the above, please let me know.

Subject: SAMUEL B. SKINNER, b 1822
Date: 29 Feb 2000
From: "Ladena" <ladena@grapevine.net>
Looking for information on SAMUEL B. SKINNER, born 1822, and his parents, etc.
SAMUEL B. SKINNER, had three children (James Milton Skinner; Congrave Samuel Skinner (born 1857) and Cordelia A. Sue
Skinner. He was married to Sarah Ann (Sally) Sears.
An old census report on Congrave Skinner says that SAMUEL B. SKINNER was originally from Pennsylvania.

Subject: Skinners
Date: 27 Feb 2000
From: robert maki <barlamar@sympatico.ca>
I am new at searching my Gr.Gr.Gr. Grandfather a Benjamin Skinner. All I know for sure is that he had a daughter Elizabeth born 1827 (maybe born in Canada) because she married Philip DeForest in Canada on Jan. 22, 1842. I can't find anyone that knows of him. I am very new with computers & I don't know how to get this message in the Skinner Queries.
Hope you can help.
Barbara - Canada

Subject: Mariah J. Skinner
Date: 26 Feb 2000
From: "Susan M. Berry" <sberry@nfo.edu>
I'm trying to locate information on my great-great grandmother (and mystery woman), Mariah J. Skinner. According to census reports, Mariah was born in either Alabama or Mississippi ca. 1822. She married John W. Fancher, Jr., in Noxubee County, Mississippi, on 19 May 1842, but later they lived in Union Parish, Louisisana. Circumstantial evidence suggests that Mariah was closely related both to Caroline Frances Skinner Youngblood and also to Morris Skinner, although no one has yet figured exactly what the relationship was. We do know that all three were in Noxubee County in the mid-1840s, and apparently moved together to Louisiana. Mariah and John Fancher, Caroline and Abraham Youngblood, and Morris and Mary Skinner are shown living near each other in the 1850 U.S. census for Union Parish, Louisiana. I am descended through Mariah's daughter Mary Elizabeth (Mollie) Fancher, born in 1854, who married William Thomas Morton. Mariah and husband John Fancher, Jr., both died during the Civil War years, and daughter Mollie and her two brothers were apparently raised by a Fancher uncle. I am in touch with several of Caroline Skinner Youngblood's descendants, who are equally interested in solving the mystery of Mariah. Can anyone help?
Susan Morton Berry

Subject: Maine conection
Date: 24 Feb 2000
From: "Bill" <double@mint.net>
Hello There,
Am sending along a small amount of information which may help some people out.

My Great Grandfather was William Skinner, a Civil War Navy Veteran who was enlisted under the name William Munovan. I'm not sure of the spelling. He was in the Queen's Navy and jumped ship in Boston to join the Union Navy. He said the captain of the Canadian ship was brutal, and that he feared for his life, which might explain why he chose to join the navy of a country at war. He is buried in Millinocket Maine where he died in 1918. He had many children, but the only son to live to have a son was my Grandfather, Edward M. Skinner. I, of course, was named after my father who was named after his Grandfather. My father was born in Maine in 1911. I was born in Maine in 1949. I do not know the name of my great grandmother, but my paternal grandmother was a Guiggey from New Brunswick, Canada. She died in 1961, and my grandfather in 1970. Both are buried in Millinocket, Maine.


I hope this sparse information in of some help to somebody.

William D. Skinner

Subject: Blane F. Skinner
Date: 21 Feb 2000
From: Deborah <plants@planetlink.net>
I am searching for an older man that was adopted from the Skinner line. His father was Blane F. Skinner b. 1892 in Berden, Kansas and died in 1965 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma , that was married to Margaret E. Hamerick b. 1901 in Illinois, then to Wylma Elizabeth Browning. Blane was a teamster by Occupation and white. Margaret was also white but she was just a housewife. I have in front of me the childs(older mans) name at the time of birth and the adopted name. Can you please help this man, if you can't, tell me where to look. I thank you.
Deborah Braswell

Subject: The Newfoundland Skinners
Date: 20 Feb 2000
From: Jenskins@aol.com
I'm searching for information on The Newfoundland Skinners. Here's what I
have so far:
Thomas B. Skinner married Julia Lamb in St. John's Newfoundland before 1900.
They had four children-
1. William B. Skinner, my grandfather- b. 1900, d. 1968, m. Mary Ann Horan also of St. Johns, May 18, 1928. They emigrated to Bellmore, NY and had four children. Thomas P., who had six children William B., my father who also had since children, Patrick James Jeremiah, who has two children, and Ann Skinner, who never married.
2. Patrick James Skinner, Archbishop of Newfoundland from 1951-1979-b. 1904, d. 1988.
3. Joseph Skinner, moved to Vancouver, Canada.
4. Mary Elizabeth Skinner, never married.
I'm especially looking for information on Thomas B., Julia and Joseph. Joseph left Newfoundland for Vancouver and was never heard from again. All I do know is that he has passed away and that he was married and divorced and that he did have children.
Thank you for any help! There are plenty of us Skinners now living in the North Jersey and NYC vicinity and we'd love to trace our heritage back a bit further.

Subject: William Henry SKINNER FAMILY
Date: 19 Feb 2000
From: "Banvie Clothing" <banvie@northnet.com.au>
our skinner family came from Tunsbridge Wells Kent England.
The earliest Skinner we have found is William Henry Skinner a stonemason/labourer who married Elizabeth Edwards on the 24-11-1798.
m. Martha Quinnell daugh. of George Quinnell & Martha Hands on 26-11-1838.
This couple migrated to Australia on the ship Brilliant in 1856.
They were my g.g.g.grandparents.
Is there anyone out there conected to our line.
My name is Narelle Cameron, Ilive in n.s.w. Austalia.

Subject: Macy M. Skinner
Date: 14 Feb 2000
From: "Barbara Skinner" <lucet@artinternet.fr>
I am looking for information on Macy M. Skinner who was born in or around Massachusetts between 1870 and 1871. He married Marian Weymouth Junkins. He has been living successively in Mayfield,CA in 1913 ; and Bellevue,WA in 1940s.

Subject: James E. Skinner b Ohio about 1847
Date: 13 Feb 2000
From: Sbjinfish@aol.com
I am a descendant of James E. Skinner who was born in Ohio about 1847. He was married to a Jane in Salem, Ohio about July 9, 1847. He died in Burden, Kansas on June 9, 1896. He lived in Rock Island, Illinois as well as Kansas. Can someone tell me a connection between the Jane Mink listed in the Skinner Association records and the Jane Wescott/Westcoat that is in the family bible/records that we have? Many of the dates seem to match exactly. Jane was born in New Jersey. I would like to have more information about her.
Darrel Johnson

Subject: James Riley Skinner
Date: 7 Feb 2000
From: Kenzi97@aol.com
I am looking for any info on a James Riley Skinner b. abt 1850, but do not know where. I don't know a spouses name either. I believe his children were James Monroe SKINNER, Love SKINNER, Gussie SKINNER, and Ella SKINNER. James Monroe is my ggrandfather. We are not sure if he was born in Luleing, TX or moved there after he was born. He later married Mary Ila Annie Groves b. 27 JUL 1891/1893 in Garland, TX. They lived in Rockwall County Texas and had 11 children. Any info. on James Riley would be greatly appreciated.
Kim Skinner Hastings

Subject: Skinner / Hardister in MO
Date: 7 Feb 2000
From: "Cindy" <Cyn_Lyn@hotmail.com>
I have alot of info about the Hardister family but have been unable to go
back any further with the Skinner family. If anyone could help out with
additional info. I have my complete genealogy listed at my website on my
family tree page at http://www.angelfire.com/fl2/cynlyn
Skinner Lineage
1)Marion Taylor Skinner:
Amanda Belle Hardister: d.1933
2)James Rueben Skinner: b.3/24/1893 Moberly,Randalph CO, MO d.10/1987 Monmouth, IL
Della Sackfield Cooper: b.10/15/1898 Iowa d.10/1980 Monmouth, IL
3)James Paul Skinner: b.Billings,MT
Anita Alma Ella Geissler:
4)Timothy Paul Skinner: b.2/24/48 Milwaukee, WI m.2/18/67 FL
Virginia Lorraine Hobbs: b.5/21/44 Mingo, WV
5)Clifford Lee James III: b.3/8/70 Baltimore, MD m.7/31/88 NPR, FL
Cindy Lynn Skinner: b.9/29/68 Colo Spgs, CO
(Me being Cindy) Thankyou for any help. ~Cindy

Subject: Looking for info on my relatives
Date: 6 Feb 2000
From: "dannyhawkins" <hawk@ar-digit.net>
Hi my name is Vanessa (skinner) Hawkins.I am the daughter of Cloy Ray Skinner whos father was Albert Lee Skinner he married Allie Pearl(Harris)Skinner he was born June 21,1900somewhere around Damascus, Arkansas. His father was John Skinner and mother Ader(?)Skinner that is all I know but would like to find out more.John and Ader had more childern Hayden, Hershall, Willie,Dick,Jonathon. My
Email is dannyhawkins@ar-digit.net

Subject: Charles Truman Skinner
Date: 4 Feb 2000
From: "JEAN BURBANK" <jean96097@yahoo.com>
My Father is 89 years old and has recently been very interested in finding out information about his ancestors. I have been surfing the net and came across your site. Was wondering if anybody could help me find my Father's lineage.

His name is Earl Herman Skinner, his Father was Lorin Ira Skinner, grandfather was Francis Skinner, great-grandfather was Charles Truman Skinner. Lorin Ira Skinner was married to Ollie Etta Widner. Francis Skinner was born in Point Aux Trumball, Clay township, St. Claire Co. Mich. on April 30th, 1844. He married Sarah Ann Phillips on October 25, 1866 at Algonac, Mich. Charles Truman Skinner was married to Angeline Sharkey. Does anyone out there recognize one of their relatives in the above named people? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Jean Skinner Burbank

Subject: Frederick Skinner and Nancy Mozingo
Date: 30 Jan 2000
From: "Ruth Corley" <ruthc@zebra.net>
I am trying to find someone that will have the list of children for Frederick Skinner and Nancy Mozingo.
Do you know of anyone that has this info. or could help me.
Any help would be appreciated.

Subject: David SKINNER, b. abt. 1860
Date: 26 Jan 2000
From: "Mary Kessler" <mkessler@stny.rr.com>
Looking for info on David SKINNER, b. abt. 1860, d. abt. 1895 in Dunklin Co., MO. He m. Mary Louisa Jackson 1882, one child Ollie Bell b. 1892. Any help appreciated as this is all the info I have.

Subject: John SKINNER m Hannah Louise PARISH
Date: 25 Jan 2000
From: ASnoppy1@aol.com
I am looking for John SKINNER. He was my GGGGrandfather. John married Hannah Louise PARISH. Unfortunately, I have no dates. They had a son, Thomas Lucas SKINNER born 1839. The family story is that he (Thomas L.) and his three brothers came over from England and when they arrived in America they each went their separate ways never to see each other again. Thomas married Elizabeth Winifred ANDREWS, daughter of John G. ANDREWS of Richmond, VA. I know they lived in VA and many family members continued to live in Virginia. Thomas and Elizabeth had a son William Allen SKINNER born 1870 in Richmond, VA. He married my Great Grandmother Cora Belinda HANDWORK in 1895 in Covington, KY. Both moved to Huntington, IN where they are buried. I would like any information available about Thomas Lucas SKINNER or his father John SKINNER. Names of the three brothers where they lived and died and are buried, etc. Thank you, Kathy Clark Blanca

Subject: Samuel C Skinner
Date: 22 Jan 2000
From: "Ladena Johannsen" <ladena@casstel.net>
Please help me. I am searching for information on Samuel C (Congrave/Congrove/Conway) Skinner. He married Sarah (Sally) "Ann" Sears. They had one child that I know if Samuel C (same middle name question) Skinner who married Nancy Elizabeth Cash. An old census record in the younger Samuel indicated that the elder Samuel came from Pennsylvania.
I am searching for my 89 year old great-aunt's peace of mind.
Thanks for your help, Ladena
Subject: Query Response
Date: 17 Apr 2000
From: "Paul Skinner" <paulo@mcn.net>
I saw your plea and I hope I can help. I don't know if this is the same line but I have 2 Samuel Skinners. My Samuel B Skinner was born 5/28/1790 in Somerset County PA and died in Perry County Ohio, 1/25/1853. His parents are Nathaniel Skinner and Elizabeth Harned. Samuel's spouse was Elizabeth Hazelton. This relate to you? Let me know.
Yours 'Aye,
Paul Skinner


Subject: Amanda Matilda Skinner
Date: 21 Jan 2000
From: "Verna Medlin" <v_medlin@hotmail.com>
I'm searching for information on Amanda Matilda Skinner. Born around 1853 possibly in Louisanna. Died 1889 Tarrant County, Texas. Married William Thomas Medford as his 2nd wife. I've been told she was called by one of these names Matilda/Millie/Tillie. If you have any information about her please email me at V_Medlin@hotmail.com. Thank You

Subject: Louis Skinner
Date: 20 Jan 2000
From: NAlden@aol.com
Seeking info on the line of Louis Skinner:
Generation No. 1
1. LOUIS SKINNER was born Abt. 1806 in Clarke co, Georgia, and died Aft. 1860. He married LUCINDA DUCK Bef. 1833. She was born Abt. 1820 in Jasper co, Georgia(?), and died Aft. 1860.
2. i. SARAH M. SKINNER, b. Sep 10, 1836, Muscogee Co. Ga.; d. Jan 01, 1929, Birmingham, Al.
3. ii. JOHN WESLEY SKINNER, b. 1837, Muscogee Co. Ga.; d. Apr 10, 1864, Camp Douglas, Il..
iii. MARY R. SKINNER, b. Abt. 1837, Georgia.
4. iv. THOMAS SKINNER, b. Abt. 1833, Georgia.??
v. ELIZABETH F SKINNER, b. Abt. 1847, Muscogee Co, ga.??
Generation No. 2
2. SARAH M. SKINNER (LOUIS) was born Sep 10, 1836 in Muscogee Co. Ga., and died Jan 01, 1929 in Birmingham, Al. She married JOSEPH KEYS DIMON Dec 23, 1852 in Muscogee Co. Ga., son of ABEL DIMON and MARY VAN NORDEN. He was born Abt. 1827 in Jasper Co., Ga., and died Jul 22, 1887 in Russell Co, Al.
i. STEPHEN HENRY DIMON, b. Aug 15, 1854.
ii. MARY LUCINDA DIMON, b. Apr 07, 1856.
iii. JOHN EDWARD DIMON, b. May 02, 1858.
iv. LOUIS ABEL DIMON, b. Nov 23, 1860, Muscogee Co. Ga.; d. Jan 01, 1929, Birmingham, Al; m. MARTHA CAROLINE BENTON, Nov 22, 1891, Muscogee Co. Ga.; b. Jul 18, 1866, Muscogee Co. Ga.; d. Nov 29, 1942.
v. JULIA FRANCES DIMON, b.1863, Columbus( Muscogee Co.), Ga.; m. BUCKNER MASON HEARN,
vi. JOSEPH WILBUR DIMON, b. 1867, Muscogee Co, ga; d. 1930, Los Angeles, Ca.;
m. SARAH LUCRETIA HEARN, 1885, Girard, Al.;
vii. RICHARD MASON DIMON, b. Aug 20, 1873.
3. JOHN WESLEY SKINNER (LOUIS1) was born 1837 in Muscogee Co. Ga., and died Apr 10, 1864 in Camp Douglas, Il.. He married SARAH ANN ELIZA JANE BROOKS. She was born 1841 in Talbot Co, Ga., and died Jul 30, 1929 in Ga.
i. JONSELINE SKINNER, b. Abt. 1861.
4. THOMAS skINNER (LOUIS) was born Abt. 1833 in Georgia. He married LOUISIANA. She was born Abt. 1837.
i. WILLIAM SKINNER, b. Abt. 1855.
ii. GEORGIA SKINNER, b. Abt. 1859.

Subject: Search for Harry Skinner
Date: 19 Jan 2000
From: "Barbara Rosato" <Barbara.Rosato@uq.net.au>
My name is Barbara Rosato(nee Skinner) and I am trying to find any connections to my grandfather Harry Skinner.Harry was born at Barton on Humber,Lincolnshire in 1865.He may have had a sister named Emily and a brother named Frederick.I will be most grateful if you could point me in any direction to help me with my search. Thanking you. With best wishes from Australia. Barbara.

Subject: James Skinner 1778 to 1841
Date: 14 Jan 2000
From: "Mandy Robb" <robb@spiderweb.com.au>
I am a direct descendant of colonel james skinner the Indian army officer who formed skinners horse regiment .I would be most grateful if you could advise me where I can find more information about this man.
Amanda Robb
Subject: Query Response
Date: 9 May 2000
From: "Paul Skinner" <paulo@mcn.net>
I received this reply from Roland Caen while looking for Skinner in Jersey. I am no relation to this Skinner but Roland may be able to help you;
Hello Paul, Afraid I can be of no help, I see your man quoted in Balleine's History of Jersey, but can find no other reference to the namd SKINNER in the books I have. Apart from him the name rings a bell in the Regt of the Indian Army which used to be called SKINNER'S HORSE....(any connection ?)
.........Roland in Calgary, Canada
Hope this helps you.
Yours 'Aye,
Paul Skinner

Subject: EMANUEL SKINNER b. 1736/1738
Date: 13 Jan 2000
From: txlakefork@webtv.net
HELP! ( Emanuel our Ancestor)
We have hit a dead end. Can someone suguest where we should look for Emanuel's (father-mother) etc. We thougt maybe he was the brother of Samuel Skinner b. 1726, but we now find out not. We first find Emanuel 1774 Edgecome CO NC. with Samuel S, then in 1775 in Charles CO Maryland Census 1775-78. Then he is back in Edgecome CO NC. Any help out there? They were both strong BAPTIST so Wake Forest U. has quite bit on the Sknners. We have quite a lot of documentaton on SKINNER of the South we would be happy to share with anyone. Where do we look now?
Bill & Lynn Skinner
Subject: Query Response
Date: 10 Mar 2000
From: "Kathleen" <ktdexcel@frontiernet.net>
Sorry if this is a repeat message to you. It looks similar to what you noted in your query..Also, I am interested in anything you have on the Skinner family who came to Alabama, to compare to and add to my info! Thanks! Kathleen ktdexcel@frontiernet.net
The Skinners and Hollands intermarried twice. Three Skinner brothers, EMMANUEL, SAMSON, AND CORDIE came to the U.S. form England before the Revolutionary War and settled in Virginia. Emmanuel was a Baptist Preacher. After the war, because Virginia had adapted a "state religion" like that in England amd the Baptist Preachers were persecuted there by putting them in jail, Emmanuel left Virginia and settled in what was then called Tennessee County, North Carolina. The area is now known as Robertson County, Tennessee. There were also two Skinner girls that married Hollands, one was DANIEL and one was WILEY.
It is listed in deed book that Emmanuel bought 195 acres and he gave 2 acres of that land for a Baptist Church to be built, and ground for a church cemetary. The deed listed the beliefs of Baptists (the same as it is today-noted 1931-1935-) and said that if the church strayed from those beliefs, the land was to be returned to his family. He stated also that the church could get drinking water from his well and baptize in his creek.
Church records showed that the first house was a crude log house but later was a frame building, then later a brick house. A plaque there shows him as pastor from 1802-?
1774--Emmanuel married ELIZABETH MOORE in Edgecombe County, N. C., Prior to 1880.
1774--Emmanel was deeded land from Samuel Skinner in Edgecombe County, June 10.
1775--Emmanuel is listed in Charles County, Maryland census 1775-1778. He had to be at least 18 years old.
1777--E. became a member of Falls of Tar River Church, Oct. 18, 1777. He was #73 on church roll.
1777--E. witnessed will of James Thomas, Jan. 12, 1777, in Halifax County. Halifax was created in 1758 from Edgecombe County. Executor of the will was Samuel Skinner.
1780--E. took over the role of pastor of Falls of Tar River, Nash County, church.
1785--E. was witness to deed in Nash County of land going from Samuel Skinner Sr. to Samuel, Jr.
1786--E. was deeded property in Edgecombe County by Samuel Skinner on Oct. 30.
1787--E. was witness to deed in Edgecombe County.
1790--North Carolina census shows E. living in Halifax District, Nash County, with 2 males under age 16, 5 females, and 1 slave.
1793--E. was deeded land by William Skinner, bought property jointly with William, April 4, 1793.
1796--E. was left $25 in the will of John Battle on Jan. 28.
1796 E. was paid on account owed to him in Edgecombe County.
1797--E. took dismissal from Tar River Church where he was pastor, and moved to Cumberland, Tennessee. Letter of dismissal was September 30.
1801--Emmanuel Skinner and Barsheba Moore were recieved by letter into the Red River Baptist Church, Robertson County, Tennessee.
1804-1806--E.listed as tax defaulter in Burke County, N.C.
1800-1818--Records concerning E. are found in minutes of the Red River Baptist Church, Robertson County.
1818--Emmanuel's will was read and recorded. He died in 1818.

Subject: Laura Bruce (ie) Skinner
Date: 9 Jan 2000 13:18:18 EST
From: ARSLIBERTY@aol.com
Laura was my great-grandmother. She married Robert Hales Marshall in Washington Co. Alabama (Sunflower, AL). I have some dates and will send them later. If you have any information on her, I would appreciate it.
Renee Shelfer,
Pelham, AL

Subject: J.A.Skinner married Pauline Blockberger/Blochberger
Date: 9 Jan 2000
From: "Debi Smeltzer" <dsmelt@shipshenet.com>
J.A.Skinner married Pauline Blockberger/Blochberger born 1855 Pennsylvania daughter of Chritstian Blockberger and Minnie Glacier.
I descend from Pauline's sister, Caroline, and am trying to find info on the Blochberger family in Wayne Co. PA Are there any descendants of J.A.Skinner and Pauline Blockberger, who may have some info on Blockbergers? Thanks, Debi Smeltzer,

Subject: Skinners of Florida
Date: 09 Jan 2000
From: TOM SKINNER <tomskinr@bellsouth.net>
any information on William D. Skinner he lived in St. Augustin and his brother had a restraint call TOMMY'S he died OCT, 1962. He had two sons WILLIAM L. AND JAMES T. SKINNER MY MOTHER WAS FROM QUINCY FL. AND HER MAIDEN NAME WAS WHITE.

Subject: Reginald Skinner
Date: 8 Jan 2000
From: "Anitalynne" <romanofa@air.on.ca>
Looking for a line on Reginald Skinner (also called William) Deceased Married to a Lilly or Lillie Woodsford - Deceased Born in the British Isles and migrated to Ontario Canada I have no dates or leads thus far! Please, if you have any information email me at

Subject: George Skinner
Date: 08 Jan 2000
From: cath <cmsalway@ains.net.au>
Hi, to all fellow Skinners,
I have just found this site and would like to add my family to it.
So far I have traced my family back to George Skinner b:1796/7 at Ash Priors, Somerset, England. He was a doctor and practiced in Bath, England; married Jane Elizabeth Skinner (I believe his cousin). They had seven children that I know of:
George Henry 1824-1824, (Dr)George Robert 1825-1856, Jane Maria 1827-1870, Henry 1830-1904, Charles Edward 1832-1838, (Dr)William 1833-1908 and Jane Elizabeth ?-1838.

George died in 1872 and is buried either at Lansdown cemetry or Bishops Lydeard...I cannot find confirmation of his parents, his marriage or his death.His parents may have been John Skinner and Betty(Elizabeth) Joyce...but cannot prove it.

I am descended from Henry(1830-1904). He married Anna Jenkins in 1863 in Monksilvera, arrived in Brisbane (Australia) around 1864.
If anyone feels they have any information, or if I can help anyone with anything I would love to hear from you.
Helen Salway
Melbourne, Australia

Subject: Skinner
Date: 7 Jan 2000
From: Cajgranny@aol.com
I am searching for a William Henry Skinner or Henry Skinner, supposely born in Penn. in 1800 so the family tells me. They only knew him as Henry but going thru the 1879 census I find William Henry in Iowa, Union County, Afton, Iowa. This if where he lived and I guess this is the same. I have been searching for his parents and I'm lost due to I know nothing else to go by. Can you hep me in any way, Linda S. gave me your email thinking you may be able to help me.
Thanks Cleo Mathews cajgranny@aol.com

Subject: Alvin Joseph Skinner
Date: 06 Jan 2000
From: andrea bortner <aconsult@pacbell.net>
I have been trying to connect myself with Alvin J. Skinner. I do not have birth or death records currently but was told that he died in OH sometime between 1900 and 1930. He was married to Susanna (sp) Skinner (Bortner) previously living in Albion, Ind. in the mid to late 1800's. I also have a picture of Lucy Skinner in the old family records. I do not know if my Lucy was a relative of Wm. Parkinson Skinner and Emeline Gregg. I had hoped that some of the Skinner info. would help me in researching my part of the Bortner family. Can anyone help? Sincerely,
Michael Bortner

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