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Subject: The family name of Skinner
Date: 28 Jun 2000
From: "Paula Skinner" <pskinner@vo.lu>
My family and I are currently living in Luxembourg, we originate from Oxford, England, but know that our family ties are not just from this area of England. Our daughter Nicolle Skinner, her name does not appear on any search engines for the Skinner name. Is she the first to have this name in a Skinner family? I know that the spelling of her name is a little unusual, but we believe it is the Australian version of Nicole.
can you help us?
Many thanks
Paula Skinner

Subject: Books by Natalie Fernald
Date: 27 Jun 2000
From: "Tonia Hannemann" <tnotto@earthlink.net>
I have copies of both books by Natalie Fernald.
I will happily do lookups for you.
None of the SKINNERs listed are from areas other than the northeast, so I can not be of help if your ancestors are from southern areas.
The books begin in the 1600's and go up to the early 1800's. Please provide the information you have along with your query.
Tonia Skinner Hannemann
3rd great granddaughter of Dr. Rev. Ezekiel Skinner 1777-1855

Subject: George Skinner
Date: 25 Jun 2000
From: Edwin Van Riper <edvanriper@earthlink.net>
Looking for information about a George Skinner who was born in England Feb 5, 1849. He emigrated to the USA, ran a hotel on Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY.
Edwin D. Van Riper
Plano, TX

Subject: John Salathiel Skinner
Date: 13 Jun 2000
From: "glendab" <glendab@cmc.net>
If you are a descendant of John Salathiel Skinner and Catherine "Strait" would you please contact me. Several of us are grouping together to exchange information and for research of this family. John was the child of Samuel Skinner Jr. of Somerset, Pa.
Thanks. Glenda glendab@cmc.net

Subject: Peter Skinner
Date: 8 Jun 2000 23:45:13 -0600
From: steinwan@elkvalley.net (Olive Steinwandt)
I am looking for family of a Peter Skinner. The only information I have is that his mother's name was Agnes, born on Nov 22, 1891. Her father was Peter Woods (charlebois). She was born in Butte, Montana. Her mother's name was Ellen Angelina Isbell. Hope to hear from someone.Please reply at steinwan@elkvalley.net

Subject: John D. Skinner b. 1844 Indiana
Date: 7 Jun 2000
From: "Chuck Skinner" <chuck@filmandtape.com>
I'm looking for any information about John D. Skinner b. 1844 Indiana, married Virginia XXXXX, b. 1847 Indiana. John's father was from VA, his mother from KY. They lived in Henrietta, Texas (Clay County).
Their son, Elmer Skinner, b. 1877 Texas, married Pirle (Pearl?) XXXXX, b. 1877 Texas. They also lived in Henrietta, and had 5 children (names available on request).
John D. & Virginia's daughter, Addie Skinner, was born 1878 and died in 1880.
Any information would be appreciated, especially the womens' maiden names, and info about John D.'s father.
Chuck Skinner

Subject: James H. Skinner
Date: 1 Jun 2000
From: "Bruce and Pam Wait" <bpwait@flash.net>
I do not have much information, but I would like to know if anyone has data on my grandfather, James H. Skinner? He married Velma Rae Cowen. They lived in Mineola, Texas in their later years. They lived in Quitman, TX at one time where my dad, Cleland D. Skinner was born. There were 4 other siblings: James Orlan(sp?) Skinner, Treston Audine Skinner, Verlin Vernice Skinner and Marlin Doyce Skinner.
Thank you,

Subject: Skinner Family
Date: 30 May 2000
From: WTC4175@aol.com
Our cousin, Charles Finney Weed (1835-1916) married MARTHA JANE SKINNER (1842-1926) in 1861. She was the daughter of AARON and ELIZA (PORTER) SKINNER who resided South Bend, Indiana.
Do you have a connection to this Skinner family?
We are Weed searchers and have extensive files on our Weed family.
Adella Weed(11) [Adelbert(10), James(9), Eli(8), Lewis(7), Jacob(6-5), Abraham(4-3), Daniel(2), Jonas(1)].
Jonas(1) to America from England 1630-Winthrop Fleet.
Thanks for your help.
W. T. and Adella (Weed) Collins
E-mail: wtc4175@aol.com

Subject: Skinners in Indiana
Date: 29 May 2000
From: Tyson Skinner <Skinner_76@hotmail.com>
My name is Tyson Skinner and I am trying my hand at geneology. I a very interested in finding out where my family line came from and I need some help. As of now as far back as I can go is my GG Grandfather Charles Skinner. I don't know much of him as of yet but I know he son Raymond Otis Skinner was Born ABT. Feb. 11, 1904. Raymond had five children John(my grandfather),Kenneth, James, Laura, and Mildred. John was born in 1921 and is married to Norma Jean Apsley. Anyone with any info that might help please reply to my email at Skinner_76@hotmail.com

Subject: Gideon Skinner
Date: 29 May 2000
From: Kskinni@aol.com

I am looking for information on the family of Gideon Skinner who in 1812 was one of the first settlers of Vernon Center New York. I believe he came from Massachussetts and am interested in finding out about his ancesters from the 1800s' and back. I know there was Levi Skinner who I believe to be his son. If anyone knows the line from Gideon back I would appreciatte it. I am married to one of his ancesters from Vernon Center.


Subject: Raymond Otis Skinner
Date: 26 May 2000
From: Tyson Skinner <skinner_76@hotmail.com>
My name is Tyson Skinner and I am new to this but as of now I am trying to find info on my Great Grandfather (Raymond Otis Skinner) I
believe his father's name was Charles Skinner. Raymond was married to Hati Bates and he was born Febuary 11, ABT. 1904. He had five
children John Alvin Skinner, Kenneth,James,Laura,Mildred; anyone that might have any info on this line please email me at

Subject: Edward Alfred Skinner; Wyndyotte, Kansas
Date: 20 May 2000 11:31:34 +0100
From: "geoffcox" <geoffcox1@freezone.co.uk>
I am researching my grand uncle who we emigrated to Kansas, he was born in Exmouth England on dec 25th 1856, we also know that his wifes name was sarah, also that they had a son called John Joseph Skinner are there any present day relatives that could fill in some gaps for us in the information we have, perhaps we could exchange.

Subject: Tracing ancestors
Date: 19 May 2000
From: Dan Skinner <dskinner@pncl.co.uk>
I am trying to find information on my family. My father was Martyn Skinner, son of Sir Sydney and Lady Emily Skinner, both born in Cornwall. My father was born in 1906 in Acton, London.
Any info?
Dan Skinner

Subject: Skinner
Date: 16 May 2000
From: "Charles B. Eboch, Jr." <flit@penn.com>
I am looking for information on George Skinner Stephens. I have been unsuccessful in locating any information on him. I know
that he died February 5, 1901 in Pennsylvania, U.S.A. His wife was Harriet Jane Pellow Stephens. I believe they migrated from Cornwall, England to the U.S.A. in the late 1800's or
early 1900.
I know that when he passed away a brother came from England for the funeral and that leads me to believe there are still relatives
in England.
Any help you may be able to give me would be appreciated.
Carol Eboch flit@penn.com

Subject: Rachel Skinner
Date: 11 May 2000
From: "Target & Willie" <sexylegs@valinet.com>
Looking for info on a Rachel Skinner who m. John Thayer. She was born May 01, 1734, Norton, MA. He was b. abt 1729
Norton, MA., and d. Mansfield, MA.
Any info on her or her husban would be great.
Thank-you for you time,
Tammy Thayer-Stevens

Subject: Skinner Family
Date: 10 May 2000
From: "A & L Vanderleer" <alvander@telusplanet.net>
Greg, I got your name as a Skinner Family Guild Member from the Internet. I am hoping you can help me. My grandfather's mother is listed
on his birth certificate as "Annabella Richards formerly Skinner". I have been unable to find any information about her so far. My grandfather was born in Trecrogo, South Petherwin on February 8, 1885. I don't know where his parents John Henry Richards and Annabella Skinner might have been born, however, I suspect they would be from somewhere in the Cornwall area.
Do you have any information that might help me? I searched the Surname Index on the Skinner site but had no luck finding an "Annabella"
Louise Vanderleer

Subject: Lydia Skinner
Date: 22 Apr 2000 08:36:37 -0400
From: "Judy Wypych" <wyp@berkshire.net>
I am looking for information on my ggggrandmother Lydia Skinner, she married Mark Leavenworth Elkins in 1815, was born about 1793 and died June 1, 1843. She is buried in Chappell Hill Cemetery in Mansonville P.Q. Mark's mother and some family are buried in a family graveyard in Brome County, Quebec along with Abel and Jemima Skinner and other family members but I can find no record that they had a daughter named Lydia. Any information would be appreciated.
Judy Wypych

Subject: Thank you
Date: 15 Apr 2000
From: VARNONRL@aol.com
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful website. My husband's family comes from Elizabeth Skinner, daughter of Hugh and Sarah, she married William Dyke. I had not even tried working on the Skinners because they were so numerous and I did not know where to start. We suspected that her father was Hugh because she is buried with a Hugh Skinner in the Jonesburg, Missouri cemetary and we figured that was her brother. Anyway. Thank you again. Is there a way to connect with other Skinner descendants from the same family? We also have a Skinner connection to another family. My husband's South family plugs into Spicy Skinner who married John South. We are pretty sure John was brother to our Thomas but we are having problems figuring out which family is which with those Souths. Wow, you all made my Saturday. And it needed some uplifting after two awful weeks at work. Have I said "thank you"
I really mean it. Jan Varnon, Lake Mary, FL

Subject: Charles Wesley SKINNER
Date: 09 Apr 2000
From: "Suntex School" <lougeed@harneyesd.k12.or.us>
I'm searching for any information on a Charles Wesley SKINNER, born 12 Jul 1865 at Granby, Newton, MO - died 22 Feb 1936 at Webb City, Jasper, MO.
Thank you.

Subject: WoW
Date: 7 Apr 2000
From: Ejskin@aol.com
My name is Edward Skinner and I am descended from Scottish Skinners that settled in Newfoundland, Canada in the nineteenth century. I found your website to be fascinating and would appreciate any contact with other Skinners. My ancestors survived by swordfishing on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. The majority of the clan still resides in newfoundland still making their living from the sea. I have met few Skinners living in Halifax and fewer more that are any relation to the Skinners of Newfoundland. Thanks for the great site.

Subject: Miles Turner Skinner
Date: 2 Apr 2000
From: "Carolyn Furnace" <gfurnace@n-link.com>
My great-great grandfather was Stephen Owen Frazier who married Mary Ellen Skinner daughter of Miles Turner Skinner. I am trying to verify all info.
Carolyn Engler Furnace

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