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19(3) Subject: Robert Skinner of Calvert County Maryland and Descendents
Date: 31 Dec 2000 23:26:47 EST
From: Tahiti1997@aol.com

Robert Skinner and Anne Storer// Adderton Skinner// Henry Skinner// Walter Skinner. My question is did this Walter Skinner have a son named Walter Skinner who was born in Carroll County Maryland and was married to Salina Davis. Does any of your past newsletters include Robert Skinner of Calvert County Marylands' descendents to the level of Walter Skinner's son Walter Skinner???

Paul Skinner

19(3) Subject: Skinners in NJ and/or NYC
Date: 31 Dec 2000
From: Bill Philbrick <Philbrickw@aol.com>
I am searching for the Skinner line of my family. My great-grandmother was Mary Skinner born about 1885 in NY (possibly NJ) to Viola Baldwin Skinner and Jacob Skinner. Mary had a brother Rufus Skinner. We know that Jacob died and Viola Baldwin lived in her mother-in-law's (Mrs. Skinner) boarding house (in NY? NJ?). She then met Joseph Horson from Brighton, England and married him (and had a child, Beatrice).
Any information on Jacob Skinner, Viola Baldwin Skinner or their descendants would be VERY appreciated. !Who was the Jacob Skinner's mother who ran the boarding house?)
Bill Philbrick

19(4) Subject: Hiram Daniel Skinner [ID=UN4908]
Date: 30 Dec 2000
From: "Judy & Gary Skinner" <ferrethut@ferrethut.com>
I was wondering if you might be able to help. I am Gary Skinner, born of
Robert Leroy Skinner. His dad was
Orin Leroy Skinner, His dad was
C.W. Skinner His dad was
Hiram Daniel Skinner.
Hiram Daniel Skinner was Born 4/18/1818 his wife was Mary M. Brown born 10/11/1824
I am looking for deeper roots for Hiram. I am getting allot of dead ends.
Thanks for anything you can help with.
Gary Skinner

19(1) Subject: SKINNER / MILLAR / YOUNG
Date: 27 Nov 2000
From: W.J. Skinner, S. Canterbury, NZ (See SKU 19(1):3 queries)

In the course of searching the ancestry of my Grand Father, William SKINNER, I have discovered that he was born in Ellon in Aberdeenshire on 24 May 1840, worked as a boat builder at Cullen in Bamfshire until there was a serious accident during the launching of a fishing dorie which put an end to the building of dories at Cullen.

William then set out for Otago in New Zealand arriving in 1868, subsequently meeting David MILLAR, who with his wife Marion (nee YOUNG) who arrived in Otago aboard the Philip Laing in 1848. They had a daughter Marion who was 6 months old on arrival, and there was born a daughter Jane, who married my grand father William SKINNER on 16 Dec 1879.

Both William and Jane died when the family were young, and as my Dad never discussed family history I can find no information relating to grand father William's family history beyond the date of his birth in 1840. Dates and family history here in New Zealand have been verified from records mostly in the Otago Early Settlers archives.

I have already contacted the Scottish Ancestral Roots research organization but so far have had no response from them.

Thanking you in anticipation,


South Canterbury, New Zealand

Date: 11 Nov 2000
From: M J Young <breadmore@tylehurst.demon.co.uk>

In September 1999 I wrote the following message to you which you acknowledged

I am looking for any descendants of Thomas SKINNER and Martha Ann BREADMORE who married at Brightwalton, Berkshire in January 1881. Thomas, aged 25, was a butler in East Woodhay, Hampshire later in 1881.
I am wondering if there were there any children of the marriage? Do you
have any records of this family?
Any information would be appreciated.
Recently I have discovered a Thomas Breadmore SKINNER from Southsea who was killed in action on 15 September 1916 - details on the Commonwealth War Graves web site - wife Ada Alice.
Do you have knowledge of Thomas Breadmore SKINNER or information that would help me establish who his parents were as I am sure there must be a connection to the BREADMORE family.
Looking forward to your reply!
Margaret Young GOONS 2503
Breadmore One-Name Study Web Site:

Date: 7 Nov 2000
From: Laurie SKINNER <Timbercat33@aol.com>
Hi my name is Laurie SKINNER can you help? I'm looking for anything to find family of my father's side his name was Benjamin Clearence SKINNER his father's name was William Nolen SKINNER his mother's name was Martha ( NOE ) SKINNER his brothers' names were Buford, George, Denzel, Charlee, Elmer, sisters were Christine, Thelma, Corene other last names were IRWIN, THOMAS, WILLIAMS, NOE and there are more I'm sure I just don't know.

Subject: Need Help with Skinner Relatives
Date: 5 Oct 2000
From: "Martis D. Ramage, Jr." <martyr@tsixroads.com>
I am searching for information on Skinner relatives. A relative of mine Rose Ellen Billingsley (born 20 August 1864) married William
Terrell Skinner (3 May 1862-13 April 1890) on 29 November 1883. I think they married in Red River County, Texas. Their children
were: Gertrude Ellen "Gertie" Skinner (29 October 1884-13 August 1946) married Arthur Aaron Fodge (1 December 1876-6 March
1937) in April of 1902 in Red River County, Texas; Samuel Byrum Skinner (born 25 February 1885) married Willie Manning and
settled in Los Angeles, California; Gomer T. Skinner (6 March 1887-25 September 1888); Jesse William Skinner (born 8 June 1888);
and Willie Ellen Skinner (17 August 1890-27 October 1983) married Edward L. Brodie (17 December 1880-27 December 1965) and
settled in Wagoner County, Oklahoma.
I would appreciate it very much if you would place this query on the internet.
Marty Ramage
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