Morgan Alexander SKINNER

Father: William SKINNER
Mother: Grace LEWORTHY

Family 1: Mary Elizebeth Libbe SMITH
  1. Frank W SKINNER
  2. Grace Magdalene SKINNER
  3. William Kelly SKINNER
  4. Orson Fay SKINNER
  5. Matie F SKINNER
  6. Roy G SKINNER

                                           _John SKINNER __
                    _Thomas SKINNER ______|
                   |                      |_Ann WESTACOTT _
 _William SKINNER _|
|                  |                       ________________
|                  |_Jane \ Jenny BARROW _|
|                                         |________________
|--Morgan Alexander SKINNER 
|                                          ________________
|                   ______________________|
|                  |                      |________________
|_Grace LEWORTHY __|
                   |                       ________________



!.....Michael KSkinner b, d, & m d&p; spouse. 5 Apr 1840 Born in Oneida County, New York State Board of Health, Birth Certificate (Matie F. Skinner), Jan 14, 1879. 1846 Moved to Kendall County Obituary of Morgan Alexander Skinner, 1855 Both Parents died Obituary of Morgan Alexander Skinner, 7 Aug 1862: Enlisted in Company H. Illinois Infantry "Adjutant General's Report of Illinois", Company H., 89 Volunteer Infantry. 1862-1865: Served in the Civil War; Fought at Stones River, Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, Atlanta, Nashville. ibid. 25 Aug 1865: Mustered out of service. ibid. 29 Dec 1869: Married Libbie Smith. Illinois Marriage Record Index Served one term as County Sherriff 28 Oct 1908: Died at home, funeral held at Plattville Methodist Church. State of Illinois, Certificate of death #47301 *Morgan Alexander Skinner (Dick) was the youngest son of William Skinner. At the age of six he moved with his family from Sangerfield, Oneida County, New York to Lisbon Township, Kendall County, Illinois. As a young man he worked on his father's farm and eventually took it over. During the civil War, Dick enlisted in Company H., 89th Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He served with this unit from August 7, 1862 until June 10, 1865. While in the service he served in all the major campaigns and battles this unit fought in including Stone River, Liberty Gap, Chickamaugua, Lookout Mountain, Mission Ridge, Rocky-Face, Resaca, Pickett's Mill, Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta, Jonesboro, Franklin and Nashville. After the war Dick returned to the farm in Lisbon Township and married Mary Elizebeth Smith (Libbie). Dick became a prominent man in the county and was even elected county sheriff. In addition to this he was a member of the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.), the prominent veteran's organization of the day. At his funeral the G.A.R., led by his old company commander Captain Hobbs, paid the final tribute to this Civil War veteren.

!.....Pett, Glenn & Betty fgs (8/97) b, m & d d&p; bur p; m d "Mr Dickson's Publication our date has 1868."

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