William Kelly SKINNER

Father: Morgan Alexander SKINNER
Mother: Mary Elizebeth Libbe SMITH

Family 1: Marie Alice WYLIE

                                                  _Thomas SKINNER ______
                               _William SKINNER _|
                              |                  |_Jane \ Jenny BARROW _
 _Morgan Alexander SKINNER ___|
|                             |                   ______________________
|                             |_Grace LEWORTHY __|
|                                                |______________________
|--William Kelly SKINNER 
|                                                 ______________________
|                              __________________|
|                             |                  |______________________
|_Mary Elizebeth Libbe SMITH _|
                              |                   ______________________



!.....Skinner, Michael K GEDCOM (8/96) b d&p. Born 25 Aug 1874 on the family homestead in Lisbon township, Kendall County: Obituary of William Kelly Skinner 1895-1910 Served for fifteen years as a motorman on the Chicago City Railway: Obituary of William Kelly Skinner 1910 Returned to Kendall County from Chicago "We Salute", Unknown Author, Westlake Hospital Board of Directors Salute. 21 Jul 1898 Married Marie Wylie at Joliet, Illinois obituary of William Kelly Skinner William Kelly Skinner was born on the homestead of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Alexander Skinner in Lisbon Township, August 25, 1874. The family was well known in the county. His father, known as "Dick"skinner was a prominent man, serving as sheriff at one time. Kelly was educated at the rural school and at Yorkville, while his father was sheriff. He left the farm while a young man and was a motorman on the Chicago City Railway for fifteen years. Returning to Kendall County he went back to farming and worked farms in Lisbon, at Little Rock, Batavia and on the farm where the terrible accident befell him. While in Chicago he was raised a Master Mason and was made a Royal Arch Mason in Lake View Lodge and Lincoln Park Chapter. Mr. and Mrs. Skinner were also members of Eastern Star. Mr. Skinner and Miss Marie Wylie were married at Joliet, Illinois, July 21, 1898. They had two sons, Morgan Fay Skinner and Wylie Kenneth Skinner. (This was primarily extracted from the obituary of William Kelly Skinner)

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