Father: Thomas SKINNER
Mother: Jane \ Jenny BARROW

Family 1: Grace LEWORTHY
  1. Mary SKINNER
  2. Jane SKINNER
  3. William SKINNER
  4. Henry SKINNER
  5. Elizebeth SKINNER
  6. John F SKINNER
  7. Eliza SKINNER
  8. Morgan Alexander SKINNER
  9. Martha SKINNER

                                         _Alexander SKINNER _
                        _John SKINNER __|
                       |                |_Margaret WARREN ___
 _Thomas SKINNER ______|
|                      |                 ____________________
|                      |_Ann WESTACOTT _|
|                                       |____________________
|--William SKINNER 
|                                        ____________________
|                       ________________|
|                      |                |____________________
|_Jane \ Jenny BARROW _|
                       |                 ____________________



!.....Michael K Skinner GEDCOM (8/96) 1814 Moved to Charles Parish, Devon, England Tax Records of Charles Parish 1814-1835 Worked as a Farm Laborer for his father at Mochom estate in Charles Parish Charles Tax Records 23 May 1824: Married Grace Leworthy, Spinster Charles Parish Church Records, Page 8, entry 22. 18 May 1835: Arrived New York Harbor aboard the Brig Ebenezer, 179 tons District of New York, Port of New York Arrival Record, dated 18 May 1835. 1835: Settled in Sangerfield, Oneida County, New York 1835 & 1840 Census of Sangerfield, Oneida New York. 14 Feb 1842:Became a United States Citizen Oneida County New York Naturalization Papers, dated 14 February, 1842. 1846: Moved his Family to Kendall County, Illinois to homestead Obituary of Morgan Alexander Skinner, 1855: Both he and his wife died obituary of Morgan Alexander Skinner, *William Skinner was the second son of Thomas. He was born in 1803 in Chittlehampton. He followed his family to Charles parish when he was 12. William continued as a farm labourer on Mockhom until 1835. In 1824 William married Jane (Grace) Barrow from Charles parish. In quick succession they had four children. By 1835 William was 32 years old with a wife and four children. Being a second son, his prospects in England where not all that he could have wished. In that year he made a difficult decision that made a serious impact on the generations to come. *Around March of 1835 William booked passage to America aboard the Brig Ebenezer, William Marshall master of the port of Bidford, Devon. On May 18, 1835 the Ebenezer made landfall in New York Harbor. William Skinner and his family became the immigrant ancestor's of our branch of the Skinner family. *William and his family quickly settled in Western New York, in the township of Sangerfield, Oneida county. He quickly took up his occupation of farming and tried to establish himself in America. In 1842 William completed his change in nationalities and became a United States citizen. *By 1846 William, who by now had several additions to his family, tired of New York and decided to set out for one of the Public Domain land states, namely Illinois. Accompanying the family was six year old Morgan Alexander, who was the first Skinner male in our branch to be born in the United States. *On June 1, 1846 William Skinner purchased 180 acres in Lisbon Township, Kendall County Illinois. The purchase price for this land was $1.25 an acre. He quickly followed this purchase with several others and by the fall of 1849 owned 600 acres in Lisbon Township. Considering the farming methods of the time this was quite a large farm. *In 1855, both William and Grace Skinner and several of the children died suddenly. The cause was unknown but was probably an epedemic of cholera or smallpox. Morgan Alexander, at the age of 15, was left without parents in the care of his older brother, William.

!.....Renee Nation

!.....Pett, Glenn & Betty fgs (8/97) b, d & m d&p; bur p.

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