Father: Alexander SKINNER
Mother: Margaret WARREN

Family 1: Ann WESTACOTT
  1. John SKINNER
  2. Alexander SKINNER
  3. John SKINNER
  4. Ann SKINNER
  5. Thomas SKINNER

                      _Alexander SKINNER _|
                     |                    |__
 _Alexander SKINNER _|
|                    |                     __
|                    |____________________|
|                                         |__
|--John SKINNER 
|                                          __
|                     ____________________|
|                    |                    |__
|_Margaret WARREN ___|
                     |                     __



!.....Michael K Skinner GEDCOM (8/96) 13 Apr 1762 Married Ann Westacott in Chittlehampton 1798 Appears on the Tax roll at Hobb's Bradbury 1801 Thomas appears on tax roll at Hobb's Bradbury 1 Nov 1808 Died in Chittlehampton, Devon, England Mar 1809 Will settled for about 300 English pounds. * John Skinner is, at this time, the farthest ancestor that I can prove in our tree. I believe he was the son of Alixander Skinner. He was the second son to be named that name, as the first son passed away soon after birth (reusing a name was very common in those days of high infant mortality). Anyway he lived in a rural parish called Chittlehampton in the county of Devon in Western England. In the year of his birth England was at war with Spain in the War of Jenkins Ear. England was in virtually a constant state of war for most of his life. However, it will never really touch life in rural Devon. In 1762 John married a girl by the name of Ann Westacott. And not long after, 5 months to be exact, they had the birth of their first child. They continued to have children but most of them died until Thomas was born and survived. John was what was called a yeoman. One of the group of middle class farmers that formed the backbone of England. Since the restoration of Charles the II most land had been bought from these yeoman, or independent farmers, and formed into large estates of the nobility. The nobility would build a large manor house on one piece of land and then rent out the rest to various "tennants" or yeoman farmers. By the 1780's John was renting an estate called Hobb's Bradbury. The owner, or landlord, of this property was Sir Hugh the Earl of Fortescue. John lived the rest of his life on this farm. In his later years his son Thomas assumed more and more of the duties until John passed away in late 1808. In March of 1809 Thomas Skinner settled John's will for a sum of a little under 300 British Pounds.

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