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Volume 2 Number 3
Summer 1985
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Thanks to William Weiler for transcription of this article.


First... I'm late. The schedule reads "Mail SKU 21 June." Here it is the 23rd and I haven't gotten it to the printer's yet. The week prior to the 21st (the 17th through the 20th) we had: 2 Graduations, 2 Graduation Dinners, 1 Little League Game, 1 Boy Scout Court of Honor, 1 End of the Year Roller Skating Party, and who knows what other little things in between. Nevertheless, it's done and will be to the printer tomorrow.

It's been an absolutely wonderful quarter. I've received loan copies of Cornelia Otis Skinner's "Family Circle," and Marion G. Turk's "The Quiet Adventurers in North America" from Genevieve Copley of Tucson, AZ. I've received a copy of Dorothy West's "Thomas Skinner of Malden, MA: Descendants." I bought at auction a copy of the book "The History and Antiquity of the Worshipful Company of Skinners, London," 1876, and received a copy of "The John Skinner Family Heritage," from Ruth & Lloyd Skinner of Mesa, AZ.

I had an opportunity to visit with some of the Skinner Kin. Fran McKay tracked me down through the Update donated to the Southern California Genealogical Society Library in Burbank, CA. Fran and her husband Jim visited us and Fran shared her voluminous Skinner information that she had brought from Comstock Park, MI. Sande Skinner of Chicago, IL was to visit the day Fran & Jim were here, but good old General Telephone decided to have a problem with connections that day. Sande may be out in August to do some Skinner Searchin'. I've received many phone calls from Skinner Kin. Eunice Skinner of Globe, AZ and her daughter Lynn of So. Pasadena, CA are expected later this week for a visit and barbeque. Letters continue to pour in from SKU notices in `The Second Boat,' `The Genealogical Helper,' `The Chicago Genealogical Society Newsletter,' the newsletter of the Connecticut Society of Genealogists, and the LDS Family Register Index. It's been a busy and exciting 3 months!

One of the MOST exciting things I came across will be of major interest to descendants of Thomas of Malden. Many of us searching for our lines from Thomas of Malden have come across a reference to a diary that was kept by Thomas, his son Benjamin, and his son Thomas, that recorded births, deaths, and other family records. The book still exists. It is in the possession of a Skinner descendant, and I am currently in contact with this person to get photographs of the diary to run in Update. It's in a beautiful state, considering it's 300+ years age. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

As a result of all this information literally pouring in, I've had to make a major decision as to long and short term goals. We all know that the long term goal is to have a major data base of Skinners. However, with small sets of information coming in, as well as queries about specific Skinners, it's been very difficult to spend any time getting information into the data bank. Also, because of the fact that I have a few major sources of Skinners that I need to check, a lot of time is wasted searching all of the resources that I have.

Decision: This summer I plan on inputting all the data from the major resources into the computer data bank. Although this will mean that I must put aside many of the individual lines that I currently have until later, when I do put them in, it will make my job much easier as I'll just have to add the details that you have. Plus, having only one index to go through to search for an elusive Skinner is much easier, as is adding those `leftover' Skinners that we all have laying around. Lastly, it's easier printing out a lineage if all the information is in the data bank.

I've made a slight expansion of the Update for this issue. The more I dug, the more information I found that people had sent in for inclusion. KEEP IT COMING! More and more of you are sending in those bits and pieces that bring all of this stuff alive. I think it's great

Have a wonderful summer!

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