Father: Abraham SKINNER
Mother: Mary BRUSH

Family 1: Matilda D SUYDAM
  1. Abram W SKINNER
  2. Joanna M SKINNER
  3. Mary C SKINNER
  4. Sarah Jane SKINNER
  6. Cornelius R SKINNER
  7. Etta M SKINNER

                    _Jacob SKINNER ___
 _Abraham SKINNER _|
|                  |_Rhoda MC_DOWELL _
|--Charles D SKINNER 
|                   __________________
|_Mary BRUSH ______|



!.....Skinner, David A GEDCOM 1/97 carpenter/farmer The 1850 Federal Census of North Illinois for the Township of Adams, County of LaSalle shows Charles living with an Alonz Whitmore and that Charles' occupation was carpenter. The 1860 Federal Census of North Illinois for the Township of Adams, County of L CHARLES D. SKINNER, age 32, male, farming, value of Real Estat $4590.00, value of Personal Prop. $550.00, born Pa. MATHILDA, age 28, female, born New Jersy. ABRAM, age 9, male, born Ill. JOHANNA, age 7, female, born Ill. MARY, age 4, female, born Ill. SARAH, age 1, female, born Ill. Also listed as living in the same household: BENJAMIN BRUSH, age 40, male, farm laborer,BORN PA SILYLLA BRUSH, age 38, female, born N.Y. CAROLINE, age 6, female, born Ill. Benjamin Brush was an uncle, the brother of Charles' mother. There is a family tradition that Charles Skinner had owned property in Chicago but that a fire destroyed the proof of his ownership. The documents had been in a safe. The story goes that the papers were destroyed when the safe was openned even though sev ad died in August of 1867. His widow, Matilda D. stilled lived on the north border of the town with her children.) It is possible the "papers" of the family tradition could have been destroyed in this fire. It should be remembered that Leland is very near to Chicago, and that Abraham Skinner had started a store in Leland. One can easily imagine that property "near Chicago" could over the course of time became "Chicago."

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