Father: Abner SKINNER
Mother: Keziah DUSTIN

Family 1: Rhoda MC_DOWELL
  1. Amos SKINNER
  2. John SKINNER
  3. Rhoda M SKINNER
  4. Abraham SKINNER
  6. Phoebe SKINNER
  7. Betsy SKINNER
  8. Jacob I SKINNER
  9. Alpheus Gustin SKINNER
  10. William SKINNER
  11. Isaac SKINNER
  12. Josiah SKINNER
  13. Nathan SKINNER

                  _Joseph SKINNER _
 _Abner SKINNER _|
|                |_Martha KINNE ___
|--Jacob SKINNER 
|                 _________________
|_Keziah DUSTIN _|



!.....Skinner, David A GEDCOM 1/97 JACOB SKINNER (Twin brother of Dr. Israel Skinner) was born in 1778. Both brothers are listed in the 1810 Census of New York Orange County, Page 452. Around 1814, (some records indicate earlier) the two brothers moved from Sullivan County, N.Y., to Susquehana County, walked all the way, and brought her first born boy in her arms, much of the way through forest and along narrow paths that could not be called roads. Mr. Skinner was a devoted Methodist, and at his house the Methodist ministers, in going over their circuits, were often entertained, and in his barn the quarterly meetings were held, and to these meetings Methodist people from long distances came to enjoy privileges that are now seemingly c ommonplace.(Centennial History of Susquehanna County, Stock , p. 557).

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