Father: Jacob SKINNER
Mother: Rhoda MC_DOWELL

Family 1: Mary BRUSH
  1. Charles D SKINNER
  2. Sarah J SKINNER

                    _Abner SKINNER _
 _Jacob SKINNER ___|
|                  |_Keziah DUSTIN _
|--Abraham SKINNER 
|                   ________________
|_Rhoda MC_DOWELL _|



!.....Skinner, David A GEDCOM 1/97 Born in 1806, He married Mary Brush. They had at least two children, Sarah J. and Charles D. He opened the very first store in Leland, Illinois. Family tradition has it that the deed for the store was lost in a fire. He buried his wife, Mary Brush on h

3501 Jewell, Hutchinson, KS 67502

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