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July 22, 2007
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Introductory Note: The data we have posted to our website is for you to use to make connections. Data on the Skinner Family Association website MAY NOT be downloaded and reposted on other websites. This is a violation of fair use laws. We suggest that you use the data found at the Skinner as a basis to do your own original research.

We are currently working on a way to get the Google search engine do a search of the thousands of pages of GEDCOMs that have been posted to the Skinner Family Association website. When our data was stored on Bob Skinner's servers, he had a program that indexed the files and made them available. However, those services are no longer available.

We are providing links to the indexes (indices) of the GEDCOMs that we currently have on file: (These will open in a new window.)

John of Hartford Collection: (uploaded 12/2006)
This file is a compilation of some of the data that we have on the John Skinner of Hartford, CT line. It also includes some other lines that extend from John Skinner and Mary Loomis line of Braintree, Essex co, England.
Richard of Woodbridge Collection: (uploaded 10/2006)
This file is a compilation of some of the data that we have on the Richard of Woodbridge line. It also includes some other lines from Pennsylvania and Ohio that are thought to be somehow connected to the Richard of Woodbridge line, but as yet we have not been able to connect.
Tishmingo County Connection, Mississippi
Descendants of William Skinner and Ann Harrel of Elizabeth City, Virginia and Nansmond County, Virginia, descendants extending to Tishmingo County, Mississippi. Extracted from Tishmingo County Connection.
Visitations (uploaded 05/2007)
This file contains extractions from the Visitations in England, printed by the Harleian Society. This is not a complete listing of the Harleian Society as extractions continue to be added as time permits.

Glendenning: A line of descendants from Thomas Skinner of Malden, MA, through Joseph and Mary (Kinne) Skinner.

Kaye-Skinner: Descendants of Ezekiel Ludwill Skinner, Sr., born 1765.

Kea : Descendants of Lemuel Skinner, born 15 AUG 1786, Darlington,SC.

Thomas of Malden: ( version uploaded 07/2007)
A compliled listing of descendants of Thomas Skinner of Malden, MA. Many people have contributed to this descendants list.

Reid: Descendants of Thomas Skinner of Malden, MA, based on extractions by Michele Reid of the Doris Wahl Collection at the Lockport, NY, Library.

David Skinner: GEDCOM contributed by David Skinner.

Ken Skinner: GEDCOM contributed by Ken Skinner

Mike Skinner: GEDCOM contributed by Mike Skinner.

Unknown: Bits and pieces of Skinner Familys which we can't seem to connect to one of the major lines. If you can connect any of these short lines to one of the major lines, please send proving data and we'll be happy to move them!

And we're trying one more way to access the data base using a namelist. We have uploaded namelists from all of our data files:

Emanuel Skinner of Edgecombe

Harding Gedcom

John Skinner m. Croutzon

John Skinner of Hartford, CT

John Skinner of Otterham, England

Richard Skinner of LeBurtons, England

Richard Skinner of Woodbridge, NJ

Thomas Skinner of Maryland

Thomas Skinner of Malden, MA

Thomas Skinner, m1 Mary Gould, m2 Elizabeth Maverick

John Skinner of Georgia

Unknown Skinner Families collection (1)

Unknown Skinner Families collection (2)

Anne Youngblood Zink ancestors


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