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This page last updated on:
August 24, 2014


We've updated this page!
We've moved the Skinner Locations below to an interactive web map (and have added more there!):

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Places honored with the SKINNER name

Neither this page nor the associated map has all of the SKINNER places known to man. If you know of something that is not listed either here or on the map, please let us know and we'll add it!

* Skinner Hill Road
Sherburne, New York

* Skinner Lake
Winchester, California

* Skinner Lane
Pomeroy, Ohio

* Skinner, Maine

* Skinner, Missouri

* Skinner Hill State Forest
Sherburne, New York

* Skinner State Park
Hadley, Massachusetts

* Skinner Street
Sandwich, New Hampshire

* Early Settlers Monument
Lincoln, Kansas

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