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Many people ask, "How can I support the Skinner Family Association?"

The quick answer is, send a donation!

The question then is, "What does my donation support?"

The Skinner Family Association has been working since 1984 to bring Skinner researchers and their cousins together on their family trees.

The pioneers of the Association wanted to have a place where they could collect material regarding the history and genealogy of the Skinner families and subsequently disseminate it to other researchers. The Association has grown to include lines not only from the United States, but also from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Great Britain, and others. As a one-named study, we collect information on all Skinner lines, not just from one particular family line or ancestral couple.

During the last 40-plus years, the Skinner Family Association has amassed a vast collection of Skinner information. Most of this data is currently housed at So, the first answer to the question, "What does my donation support?" is, having data posted on a public website such as comes with a price. Thus, a part of your support goes to the charges of

Early on, the Skinner Family Association created a web site to make Skinner researchers aware of where they could find Skinner resources. Early on, files were uploaded to an online database that is still housed at the current Skinner Family Association web site. Again, this does not come free.

As time went on, it was determined that the Skinner Family Association does not have the web creation skills needed to keep the site updated and modern. Again, this does comes at a cost.

The Skinner Family Association is in the process of totally revamping the website, giving it a more modern look and adding new things such as a museum of Skinner artifacts, information about Skinners of fame - or notoriety - that are currently not found on other websites. The SFA also hopes to begin to add "deep research" on problems that have plagued Skinner researchers over the years. This will include documented research that hopefully might put to rest some bad research that was done in prior years.

With your funding, anything could develop.

The Skinner Family Association conducts an annual fundraising drive. However, your donations are welcome at any time of the year! All donors will be recognized on our donor list.

With a minimum donation of $25, donors will receive access to a complete, searchable, digital set of 19 years of Skinner Kinsmen Update.

We appreciate what you can send to keep the Skinner Family Association online!

There are 3 ways you can contribute to the Skinner Family Association:

1. The Skinner Family Association has a GoFundMe page:

SFA GoFundMe.

2. We have a PayPal option:

You can send money through your PayPal account to SFA:


Note: Use the SFA email: gregg "at sign"


3. The good old way: you can send cash or checks (preferred) (made out to Gregg Legutki) to:

Gregg Legutki, Skinner Family Association

PO Box 2594

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729

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