Father: Abraham SKINNER
Mother: Phebe DICKINSON

Family 1: Jemima -
  1. Roderick SKINNER
  2. Phebe SKINNER
  3. Jemima SKINNER
  4. Rebecca SKINNER
  5. Artemesia SKINNER
  6. Theodosia SKINNER
  7. Millicent SKINNER
  8. Thomas SKINNER
  9. Arnold SKINNER
Family 2: Phoebe STRONG
  1. Abraham SKINNER

                                           _Thomas SKINNER _
                    _Abraham SKINNER _____|
                   |                      |_Mary PRATT _____
 _Abraham SKINNER _|
|                  |                       _________________
|                  |_Abigail CHAMBERLAIN _|
|                                         |_________________
|--Abraham SKINNER 
|                                          _________________
|                   ______________________|
|                  |                      |_________________
|_Phebe DICKINSON _|
                   |                       _________________



!Copley, Genevieve Skinner Skinners: Descendants of Thomas Skinner of Malden, MA pg 54, 113 Contemporary Records: From Hebron, Conn, land records 1762 Mar 9: William BRATTLE and Martha his wife of Cambridge and Andrew OLIVER, Jr., of Boston to Abraham SKINNER of Glastenbury, Conn., a piece of land on the easterly side of a tract called "Country Grant", beginning at stake and stones in line of land claimed by Matthew WILLIAMS; thence Northerly 140 rods to corner of ROW's or BLISS's land; thence easterly leading Northerly partly on ROW and partly on KILBURY 51 rods to and in a line drawn from a white oak tree ye Southwest corner of "Country Grant" to ye end of 314 rods from ye Nor'west corner of Country Grant; thence southerly in sd line to land by Matthew WILLIAMS 11 1/2 rods North of sd White Oak tree; thence Westerly to ye first bounds (vol 5, p 301). 1762 May 31: Abraham SKINNER of Glastenbury to Dr. William BUEL of Hebron, 46 acres 130 rods. Beginning at heap of stones by a brook called Williams' Northeast corner; thence Northwardly 69 rods to sd BUEL's Northwest corner and Dogg Hill thence West about 7 rods to heap of stones, thence North 7 degrees West 64 rods to a chestnut stradle; thence West 52 rods to heap of stones by ROW's land; then South 3 degrees 30' east, 135 rods to heap of stones in North line of Matthew WILLIAMS's land then East 60 rods to first bound with house thereon. Excepting a highway thorugh sd land about 2 rods wide (vol 5, p 311). From Glastenbury, Conn, land records: 1778 Apr 20: Nathan DICKINSON deeded land to Abraham SKINNER 1781 June 19: David DICKINSON, Jun. for 42 deeded 30 acres of land to Abraham SKINNER in Marlboro Parish. Land touching propery of Abraham SKINNER and Israel FOOT. Census: 1790: Glastenbury Town, Hartford County, Conn Abraham SKINNER, 2 males over 16; 1 male under 16; 3 females; 1 other free person. From Windsor Locks, Conn, probate records. Abraham SKINNER of Glastenbury in his will mentions wife Jemima, three sons, Abraham, Thomas, and Arnold, dau., Phebe, Jemima, Rebecca, Melicent, Artemesia, and Theodosia. Son Abraham, Executor, signed Oct. 26, 1790. Witnesses: Richard SKINNER, Serviah BLISH, Sarah HILLS. 1790 Nov 16: Abraham SKINNER had died. Thomas his son, aged 17, chose David BLISH as guardian. Arnold, aged 15, chose Thomas LORD of Colchester guardian (vol 1, 1782-1792, Dist. of East Windsor, pp 140, 142, and 145). Arnold SKINNER, East Windsor, 1800, had died. Bond. Abraham SKINNER, East Hartford and Henry SEYMOUR, Hartford: One piece of land in Hebron, Tolland County of 7 acres. One piece in Glastenbury 1 acre. Sold land to Roger BLACKMAN. Abraham SKINNER, Adm. Mar 14, 1801. Bill to am't of Thomas SKINNER's debts $35.85; To Abraham SKINNER $38.34. To cash paid Capt. WICKHAM for bringing Arnold's chest from Boston. Inventory at Marlboro and East Hartford. E96.0512.37 SKU 14(2)41 Skinner Mary 404 Windsor Ln, Kalamazoo, MI 49002-2917: "Some CT Nutmeggers who Migrated" by Knox, Grace L & Ferris, Barbara B Heritage Books. n.d. p 212 First name given as Abram and was married to Pheobe STRONG E97.0722.02 SKU 15(4)95 Larson, Thalia (7/97) 2318 Via Puerta #B, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Steed, Mildred. Captain Abraham Skinner was original proprietor of Fairport. Telegraph April 16, 1976 page 6

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