Abraham SKINNER (rw)

Father: Abraham SKINNER
Mother: Phoebe STRONG

Family 1: Mary AYERS
  1. Mary SKINNER
  2. Abram Ayers SKINNER
  3. Pauline SKINNER
  4. Roderick Washington SKINNER
  5. Augustus SKINNER

                                       _Abraham SKINNER _____
                    _Abraham SKINNER _|
                   |                  |_Abigail CHAMBERLAIN _
 _Abraham SKINNER _|
|                  |                   ______________________
|                  |_Phebe DICKINSON _|
|                                     |______________________
|--Abraham SKINNER 
|                                      ______________________
|                   __________________|
|                  |                  |______________________
|_Phoebe STRONG ___|
                   |                   ______________________



!Copley, Genevieve Skinner Skinners: Descendants of Thomas Skinner of Malden, MA pg 113: He served in the Revolution E96.0512.37 SKU 14(2)41 Skinner Mary 404 Windsor Ln, Kalamazoo, MI 49002-2917: "Some CT Nutmeggers who Migrated" by Knox, Grace L & Ferris, Barbara B Heritage Books. n.d. p 212 Refs: Rev Soldiers buried in Lake co, OH, p 51; DAR Patriot Index, p 620 - The Skinner Kinsmen, p 105 E97.0722.02 SKU 15(4)95 Larson, Thalia (7/97) 2318 Via Puerta #B, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Steed, Mildred. Captain Abraham Skinner was original proprietor of Fairport. Telegraph April 16, 1976 page 6: Abraham SKINNER, 1755-1826 [TM 2614], is a descendant of John SKINNER and Mary LOOMIS [although Skinner Family records indicate Abraham was a descendant of Thomas Skinner of Malden, MA] from County Essex, England, who came to America in Rev. Thomas HOOKERıs company and settled at Hartford, Conn. He was born Oct. 18, 1755 at Glastonbury, Conn., the third in a family of 10 children, the son of Abraham and Phoebe (STRONG) SKINNER. Two of his sisters married pioneers of the Western Reserve. His sister, Phoebe was the wife of Benjamin BLISH who settled in Mentor Township, and Jemima who married Benaiah JONES from whom the GOLDSMITH family are descendants. Captain SKINNER was married Oct. 13, 1788 to Mary AYERS of Marlborough, Conn. She was born May 31, 1766 and died Oct. 7, 1812 in Painesville. She was a sister of Mrs. Joseph PEPOON, another pioneer settler in this area. Captain Abraham SKINNER died at New Market (Painesville) on Jan. 14, 1826 and was buried with full Masonic honors in the old Washington Street Cemetery which was located where the Harvey High School addition and practice field are today. His grave marker and remains were moved to Evergreen Cemetery, Painesville, and the old marker placed on a new foundation. In the War of the Revolution, he served from the town of East Windsor, among the men who marched from the Connecticut towns, for the relief of Boston in the Lexington Alarm of April, 1775 in Captain Amasa LOOMISı Company. He enlisted again April 24, 1778 in Captain HARRISONıs company, served eight months, and was commissary of prisoners in the Fourth Regiment, Connecticut Line, Colonel John DURKE commanding. In 1800, Captain Skinner in company with General Edward PAINE came to the Western Reserve, and made purchases of land. In conjunction with Colonel Eleazer PAINE they purchased jointly a tract of land, embracing all of tract 4, which included Fairport and extending south along Grand River to the present site of Painesville. Captain SKINNER returned to Connecticut, remaining in East Hartford until 1803, when he again visited his Ohio lands in company with the family of Colonel PAINE. They brought with them horses and cattle, farming implements and young fruit trees. They contracted for the clearing of lands, and built log cabins to shelter the Paine family, and one to be ready for the Skinner family when they arrived. In Feb., 1805 he brought his family to their new home. Three large two-horse sleighs were used to convey the family and household goods. From Buffalo, the journey was made on the ice of Lake Erie, arriving March 5, 1805. They had difficulty getting to the shore because the ice had separated. The site of Captain Skinnerıs log cabin was on the northwest corner of North State Street and Skinner Avenue, facing the Grand River. An etching of Captain Skinnerıs log cabin site reveals a cabin home with smoking chimney, bench and drinking pail by the door, a big soap kettle boiling over a fire a short distance from the cabin and a spring on the hillside nearby. At this time, Colonel Paine and Captain Skinner, together plotted out a town, this plot included a park of public square, and at the river landing a log warehouse was built. This town was called ³New Market² from the old Indian name ³Nemaw Wetaw.² Skinner was one of the original proprietors of Fairport Harbor. He owned three warehouses, stores, taverns, a distillery and many other buildings. His house was the headquarters for gatherings of a public nature, and the first jail in the county stood in his yard; the first court in the county (then Geauga) was held in his frame barn. He built a court house at New Market of hewed walnut logs. At that time the whole of Cuyahoga, Lake and Ashtabula counties were included in the limits of Trumbull County. On Dec. 31, 1805, a portion of Trumbull County was designated to be called Geauga County, the seat of government to be New Market. Soon after his arrival Captain Skinner built a frame house which is part of the main section of the house standing today. Although New Market had excellent soil and possibilities it never became well populated. Henry CHAMPION had a land investment called ³Oak Openings² located where the present U.S. Rt. 20 and North State Street intersect and where St. James Episcopal Church is located. Children of Captain Abraham and Mary Ayers Skinner were: 1.) Mary SKINNER, born Sept. 20, 1789, married Homer HINE Oct. 5, 1807, died in 1882 at the age of 93; 2.) Abram Ayers SKINNER, born Oct. 19, 1791, died 1831 at the age of 40, married Theodocia MEEKER; 3.) Pauline SKINNER, born March 14, 14, 1794, died 1885 at the age of 91, married to Nathan PERRY; 4.) Roderick Washington SKINNER, born July 3, 1796, died Jan. 17, 1871, unmarried; 5.) Augustus SKINNER, born July 7, 1798, died Feb. 25, 1880, age 82, unmarried.

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