Family 1: Jane MILLAR

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|--William SKINNER 
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!.....SKU 19(1):3 Skinner, W.J. query (11/00) In the course of searching the ancestry of my Grand Father, William SKINNER, I have discovered that he was born in Ellon in Aberdeenshire on 4 May 1840, worked as a boat builder at Cullen in Bamfshire until there was a serious accident during the launching of a fishing dorie which put an end to the building of dories at Cullen. William then set out for Otago in New Zealand arriving in 1868, subsequently meeting David MILLAR, who with his wife Marion (nee YOUNG) who arrived in Otago aboard the Philip Laing in 1848. They had a daughter Marion who was 6 months old on arrival, and there was born a daughter Jane, who married my grand father William SKINNER on 16 Dec 1879. Both William and Jane died when the family were young, and as my Dad never discussed family history I can find no information relating to grand father William's family history beyond the date of his birth in 1840. Dates and family history here in New Zealand have been verified from records mostly in the Otago Early Settlers archives.

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