Benjamin Manning SKINNER

Father: Parry Clete SKINNER
Mother: Mary BUNCE

Family 1: Maria Alvina WOODRUFF
  1. Benjamin F SKINNER
Family 2:
  1. Benjamin DRAKE SKINNER

                                                                                   _Abraham SKINNER _
                                                                _Abraham SKINNER _|_Hannah LEWIS ____
                                            _Benjamin SKINNER _|
                                           |                   |                   __________________
                                           |                   |_Tabitha HILLS ___|__________________
                        _Benjamin SKINNER _|
                       |                   |                                       __________________
                       |                   |                    __________________|__________________
                       |                   |_Elizabeth LYON ___|
                       |                                       |                   __________________
                       |                                       |__________________|__________________
 _Parry Clete SKINNER _|
|                      |                                                           __________________
|                      |                                        __________________|__________________
|                      |                    ___________________|
|                      |                   |                   |                   __________________
|                      |                   |                   |__________________|__________________
|                      |_Sarah MANNING ____|
|                                          |                                       __________________
|                                          |                    __________________|__________________
|                                          |___________________|
|                                                              |                   __________________
|                                                              |__________________|__________________
|--Benjamin Manning SKINNER 
|                                                                                  __________________
|                                                               __________________|__________________
|                                           ___________________|
|                                          |                   |                   __________________
|                                          |                   |__________________|__________________
|                       ___________________|
|                      |                   |                                       __________________
|                      |                   |                    __________________|__________________
|                      |                   |___________________|
|                      |                                       |                   __________________
|                      |                                       |__________________|__________________
|_Mary BUNCE __________|
                       |                                                           __________________
                       |                                        __________________|__________________
                       |                    ___________________|
                       |                   |                   |                   __________________
                       |                   |                   |__________________|__________________
                                           |                                       __________________
                                           |                    __________________|__________________
                                                               |                   __________________



!E93.1122.22, 26, 28, 32 Todd, Sheryl 11(1)16 585 Milleman, Palisade, CO 81526-9725 E94.1128.16 SKU 12(1)16 Copley, Genevieve 3201 E Seneca St #176, Tucson, AZ 85716-3139 E95.0724.108 SKU 12(4)82 1850 Census VT, Windsor, Windsor E95.0801.01 SKU 12(4)88 Todd, Sheryl BM Skinner obituary The Leader, Feb 1915 Pomeroy, Ohio Benjamin Manning Skinner / Self-made Man, Brave Soldier, / Progressive Citizen and Man of Affairs, / Passes Away at the Age of 93 Benjamin Manning Skinner was born on a farm at the base of Ascutney mountain near the town of Windsor, VT., Oct. 30, 1821, and died Feb. 1, 1915, aged 93 years 3 months and 11 days. The early part of his life was spent in Windsor village where he attended the public school. He also attended an academy at Meriden, NH. He engaged in farming, sawmilling, railroading; was a subcontractor on the Vermont Central Railway and when that road was completed was its first engineer and gave that employment up when he was married Oct. 26, 1848, to Maria Alvina Woodruff. To this union there were six children, three dying in infancy. Rollin P., Clara and Mrs. George Schwegman still survive. When he was 16 years old he drove stage and freight teams from Boston, Mass, to White Hall, NH, 120 miles. In 1849, when the gold excitement broke out, he with a company of Green Mountain boys, left for California via New York City, taking a vessel to the Isthmus of Panama, from which point they walked across the entire distance except when they came to the Sagress River where they took boats manned by Spaniards and taken to Acapulca, where the company was compelled to wait several weeks for a vessel to San Francisco. While there he worked on the Panama railway and for the Aspinwall Ship Building company. They sailed on the vessel New World and were transferred at the entrance of San Francisco Bay to the vessel Nopontie [sp?]. They experienced a storm and the vessel was carried one mile inland and left there. The crew and passengers deserted Captain Stevens and his vessel for the gold diggings. The years of 1849-50-51 were spent in California. They found good diggings in many places but were not satisfied and continued to prospect. He was captain of this company when they blazed a trail from Sacramento, Ca., to Nevada City, which shortened the route many hundred miles, and is today the main thoroughfare. Many times they were near starvation and were cared for by the Indians and at one time killed and ate a rattle snake where Goldfield in now located. His brother, George B. Skinner, was sick and compelled to return from California. This broke up the company and caused the subject of this sketch to return home with his sick brother. He then engaged in farming and sawmilling at Windsor, Vt. In 1854 he was offered the management of the Minersville coal mine for Mr. V.B. Horton. At his place he built many homes for the miners and helped them pay for them. He gave up this business and other interests to George L. Joy and entered the Civil War early in 1861. He recruited several companies for Ohio regiments. Later he was sent to Wheeling where he offered himself for service. He was sent to Ravenswood, Spencer and Ripley where he recruited the 9th W. Va. Volunteer Infantry. He was commissioned Major and commanded the regiment in 26 engagements and in all commanded the regiment for three years and 10 months. During this time he was chief of staff for Gen. George Crook for over two years. We are informed by one of his regiment only a few days ago that he was a father to all the boys in the regiment. They were willing to follow him anywhere. In the summer of 1865 he was compelled to resign and return to the bedside of his sick wife who died Jan. 12, 1866, from a complete nervous breakdown caused by the war. He engaged in the Salt and coal business at Minersville. For years also owned and operated a large general store at that place. Oct. 26, 1869, he was united in marriage to Miss Ann Maria Thomas, who preceded him to the great beyond two years ago. To this union three children­Benjamin D., Mrs. John Burnell and Mrs. George P. Daniels, were born all of whom survive him. Gov. R. B. Hayes appointed him a member of the State Coal Mine Commission which at that time inspected nearly all the mines in Southeastern Ohio. Later President R. B. Hayes appointed him postmaster of Pomeroy. This office he declined and assisted the late C. Ible to the position. He was with Gen. R. B. Hayes in many army campaigns. They were ³very close friends and held each other in high esteem. He was manager of the Pomeroy Flour Co. -in the early seventies, county treasurer for two terms, had much to do with city and school government, was member of council and board of education many years. In 1883 he took charge of the Coal Ridge Salt Co. and managed the business successfully for three years. In 1887 he engaged in the hardware business, starting the present Skinner Hardware Co. He retired in 1891 and entered the Salt business at Germany, W. Va. He gave this up in a few years and since then has not engaged in any business. He led an active life and was interested in all affairs of government and city. He was a great reader and kept posted and enjoyed all good story books. He was able to take care of himself and often times would not allow us to know he was ill. He was always glad to meet his comrades and remembered them and his war stories were especially interesting. He was a member of the Loyal Legion, an organization of officers of the Civil War at Cincinnati, Ohio. Also a member of the Army of West Virginia and the G.A. R. Early in life he united with the Baptist church in Windsor, Vt., later united with the First Baptist church of Pomeroy, O., where he still retained his interest and fellowship although for the past few years he has not been able to attend on account of his age. He was not feeling well for a few days but did not seem to be much sick. His death came suddenly and without pain. He went to his long sleep at 6 p.m. Feb. 11, 1915. The funeral services were held at his late residence Sunday afternoon at 2 o¹clock, Rev. F. M. Myers, of Plain City, O., former pastor here, speaking words of consolation to the family. The address of Rev. Myers was especially appropriate. He knew the deceased so well thought so much of him and they were so intimate, that it was like a loving son talking about a beloved father. Rev. Myers paid the Major a high honor as citizen, soldier, Christian, husband and father. It was a splendid sermon. The remains of Pomeroy¹s honored son found a last resting place in Beech Grove cemetery, where Rev. Myers, in touching and fitting words, solemnly commended his soul to his maker.

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