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There is no proof without evidence
Volume 2 Number 2
Spring 1985

Letter From the Editor

IL - Chicago Records
Defendant's Index
Chancery Division

Immigrants Three

Clyde M. Senger
- Skinner Ancestry

Ancient Skinner Lines

Letters of Asahel Skinner
- 30 June 1817

Dr. Elisha Skinner

Ruth Skinner Ancestry

Where's Thomas From?
- The Continuing Saga


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Thanks to William Weiler for transcription of this article.


Well, what do you think of the new look?

I decided that since the movement in the Association was definitely forward the format of the Update would be changed. Using this format, you will be able to create you own notebook of Skinner information. This size will also fit more nicely into a file folder. Last, but I’m sure not least, the print size is normal. I have received a few comments on the size of the print, so this should solve the reading problems. I would like to know if the Updates have reached you in an acceptable condition, i.e., did the Post Office keep them neat and clean, or were they totally destroyed. Although there is a bit more cost in this format, I feel you deserve to read a quality publication, and I deserve to publish one. I hope you like it.

It’s hard to believe that this is the fourth issue of the Update. Gosh, how time flies! Although this issue completes our first publication year, the first subscription year will end with the fall issue. The fall issue will have renewal information so be looking for it. We will, for 1986, keep the yearly subscription at $10. No price holdback guarantee for 1987. It will all depend on printing costs and postage. Donations are always accepted!

A massive listing of Skinners was received from Mrs. Lloyd (Ruth) Skinner of Mesa, AZ. This is the Beatrice Bayley Book. It is a computerized listing that allowed us to search national data banks for particular family surnames. The data banks we search contain listings from automotive registrations, telephone directories and the results of house to house canvassing for cross street directories. There are 20,294 listed Skinners. I’m trying to think of a way to contact all of them in the hopes of getting them involved with the Association. Even sending a postcard to each would cost close to $3,000!

And a quickie from Sande Skinner of Chicago: "A Rita Sanders from Englewood, OH mentioned to me that she really regrets not having kept very good records on her expenses when she first began (genealogy). She has just published and could have used every dime she spent over the years while she was writing and even before she knew she would publish, to use as a write-off for tax purposes." Think about all of those dimes you’ve slid into the copy machines at the library!

Once again I want to thank all of you who have written and shared Skinner data. The computer file is growing slowly. We had to add Little League to the schedule of things to do during the week so that takes up another few hours of time. Not to worry. I am convinced that I will win the lottery and be able to quit my job and work on Skinner research full time. In the meantime, you’ll all have to be patient. I’m trying to keep on schedule with the Update, mailing it out on the first day of the new season.

Til the Summer...

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