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There is no proof without evidence
Volume 1 Number 1
Summer 1984

The Skinner Kinsmen Update


The Ancient Skinner Lines

Jonathan Skinner, A Soldier of The American Revolution

IL, Lisbon Cemetery Inscriptions

Thomas of Malden Descendants

Gregg Legutki, Skinner Lineage

The Savage Correction from The Boston Evening Transcript, 8 Aug 1904

The Skinner Family, a Sketch

Where’s Thomas From?

Patricia Jean Nurre, Skinner Lineage

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Thanks to William Weiler for transcription of this article.

The Skinner Kinsmen Update

The purpose of the Skinner Kinsmen Update is to provide a clearing house or central depository of all the available information related to the SKINNER family name. Through this newsletter, we hope to bridge the gap on those missing ancestors, to find those missing wives, husbands, children or parent(s), as well as to provide a forum for sharing interesting pieces of information which may not necessarily be found by searchers. As an example, included in this issue is a reprint of a manuscript file found in the Los Angeles Public Library. This would not be generally available to searchers anywhere else as there is but this one handwritten copy. This is one of the types of information would like to include in this newsletter.

Some people are interested in joining various hereditary societies, but have been unable to locate a specific bit of information needed to acquire membership. We trust that the integrity of this publication will afford a valid source of information to make such membership verifications possible. We hope, also, to continually update the list of organizations to which we, by virtue of descent, may apply for membership.

Further, as a central “clearing house” of SKINNER information, we hope to make the SKINNER search easier for everyone. Through the assistance of the Postal Service, I have crossed the nation as well as the ocean in search of those elusive SKINNER ancestors. Many of us are duplicating efforts, wasting valuable research time when what we should be doing is sharing the wealth of information we already have.

We sincerely hope that this thinking goes along with yours, and we hope that you will join us in joining the SKINNERs past and present.

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