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Subject: Parents of Elisha Skinner, born about 1815 in NY
Date: 29 Sep 2000
From: "ssoper" <ssoper@mo-net.com>
I'm trying my query once again. I'm searching for the parents of Elisha Skinner, born about 1815 in NY; occupation was surveyor. He married Abigail Peckham in 1835 in Holmes County, Ohio. They later moved to Appannoose County, Iowa. I have found where Dr. Elisha Skinner and his wife Sarah lived in Holmes County, Ohio during the same period of time that my Elisha married Abigail in Holmes County, Ohio. I think this is too close to be a coincidence. I've never found any children listed for Dr. Elisha Skinner & Sarah Loomis, but believe they were the parents of my Elisha. Does anyone have any information on the family of Dr. Elisha & Sarah Loomis?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Subject: B.F. Skinner's cabin on Monhegan
Date: 28 Sep 2000
From: "Kristi Chase" <KristiChase@post.harvard.edu>
Hi Everyone,
We bought B.F. Skinner's cabin on Monhegan which burnt down in 1962. We are planning on rebuilding on the site and would like to have a picture of the original structure. If anyone has a snapshot please contact us.
Thank You in Advance,
Kristi Chase

Date: 25 Sep 2000
From: JannRSVP@aol.com
Hi.... I was just looking through for some genealogy in Port Isaac and came upon your site.... I have some old postcards to my great-grandmother from 1909 which came from a niece & nephew. Was there a SKINNER who may have married a HICKS around the late 1890's.
I can't quite make out the children's signatures.... could be Ian or Jack... BUT Skinner is definately the last name.
Eliza (Mary Elizabeth) Hicks married Richard Rowe and they came to New Jersey.Eliza's sister married a SKINNER and lived in Port Isaac or Port Galverne (have cards from both places).
Please let me know if you have come upon a Hicks marrying into the family.... would be wonderful to finally know who these cards came from! thanks!

Subject: William N. Skinner from Franklin TN
Date: 22 Sep 2000
From: Timbercat33@aol.com
Needing help I know that my grandfather William N. Skinner was from Franklin TN he married Martha (NOE) skinner having children
Benjamin C. Skinner d.o.b 1919 d.o.d 1979
Corene Skinner married a (Irwin) b.d. 1915 d.o.d 1978
George Skinner d.o.b 1917 d.o.d 1996
Charles Skinner d.o.b 1908 d.o.d 1980
living are Thelma Skinner, Christina Skinner,Elmer skinner, Beuford Skinner, dent Skinner
The (wife of the boys were ) Lottie Skinner, lulu Skinner, Dora Skinner,
I also know that we are related to Irwin's - Wayne & Harold Irwin. They had children Beth, Troy, Trent, Deborah, Gary, and there was a Mark and Susane Williams to but I cant seem to but any more together please tell me if you can help
Thank you
Laurie (Willett) Skinner

Subject: Merl Skinner
Date: 16 Sep 2000
From: "Joe Baker" <jobak@quixnet.net>
I am seeking the family line of Merl Skinner. I lack any information on his parents or their place of origin. He lived in Ottumwa, IA and also several years in Tulsa, OK. Married my aunt, Helen Baker. Believe he died about 1949-50 in Wapello County, IA. He had two children, Merl W. and Dorothy. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. I can be contacted at:

Subject: Benjamin Skinner (1737-1801)
Date: 11 Sep 2000
From: Barbara Fleming <BertBarbFlem@aol.com>
I am looking for the wife of Benjamin Skinner (1737-1801) son of Joseph Skinner and Martha Kinne. Her name is Millicent but have been unable to find a last name. If you can help, please email bertbarbflem@aol.com

Subject: Mary C. Skinner, b.Abt 1812 MD, who married William Leeper,b.1795 PA
Date: 10 Sep 2000
From: "R&r" <rrgroovy@earthlink.net>
I am searching for the parents of Mary C. Skinner, b.Abt 1812 MD, who married William Leeper,b.1795 PA. She was married in 1832 in Montgomery Co.,Ohio, raised a family with him in York Twp.Darke Co.,Ohio and died Abt.1885. Their children were Cephus M.,b.1835, William G.,b.1839, Harriet L.,b.1842, Samuel,b.1846, Mary Anna("Annie"),b.1848, Sarah Cecilia ("Tadie"), b.1851, and John E.,b.1856. Samuel and Harriet both died young, Cephus raised a family in Darke Co. and Sarah married a Shiverdecker and raised a family in Miami Co. William left Ohio, to "Go West", Johnny moved to IN, and we think that Annie did too, but that's not verified.
Please, if anyone has a "lost" Mary Skinner, born in Maryland, she is my great-great grandma, & I would appreciate any info or leads you have about her parents.
Thank you.
S.Rose Leeper

Subject: Isaac H. Skinner
Date: 9 Sep 2000
From: "Patricia Wright" <patricia_w0@yahoo.com>
Do you know anyone who may have information as to who the parents of Isaac H.Skinner were, He was born around 1800 in Georgia and married a Mary Harley.?
Patricia Skinner Wright

Subject: Ezekiel L. Skinner
Date: 7 Sep 2000
From: "The Skinner Family" <skinner3@mindspring.com>
I was wondering if anyone has any information on Ezekiel L. Skinner...his first name may possibly be Ezekiah...born in Charles County Maryland and died in Fauquier County Virginia in May 1823. He was married to a Mary Eleanor Allender or Ellinder. This is where I am stuck. He had the following children:
James A.
Asa W.
John Thomas
Mary E.
Joseph or Josiah
Amelia or Millie
Any help would be greatly appreciated...
Thanks, Kristi Skinner

Subject: Skinner UK
Date: 7 Sep 2000
From: "Rob Skinner" <professor@u.genie.co.uk>
Myself and some of my family were talking about the origin of the Skinners that have lived in Kenilworth, Warwickshire England. In the conversation my uncle told me of article that he had read recently. Basically this article states that the king of England in the early part of the 14th century frequently visited Kenilworth castle on his travels. On one stay he had a sexual affair with a village girl. She was married to a Skinner, she fell pregnant soon after this affair. It was suggested that the baby may have been the son of the king, however, it was brought up as a skinner. I wanted to know whether you had ever read an article like this because I question the truth behind it.

Subject: Skinners from Wales
Date: 7 Sep 2000
From: "neil chamberlain" <neil.chamberlain@clear.net.nz>
I am looking for Skinners from Wales particularly from the Blaenarvon, Pontypool region. I have come to some what of dead end .My Grandfather Roy emigrated to New Zealand with his family but his father left behind two brothers on of which move to the United States. Any help would be appreciated.

Subject: Francis Marion Skinner
Date: 4 Sep 2000
From: "Patricia Wright" <patricia_w0@yahoo.com>
I am looking for information on Francis Marion Skinner and his wife Mary Ann Hatfield. They are both buried at Indian Creek Cemetery in Bowdon Ga. Francis Dad was Isaac H. Skinner, Isaac was born around 1800 in Georgia. Francis was born 12/10/1825. Anyone having information on this side of the family would be appreciated

Subject: Frank Skinner, Hollywood Musician
Date: 04 Sep 2000
From: diane godbout <dvgodbout@sympatico.ca>
Hello, I have just found your site by accident. I am researching an ancestor who came from England with his brothers and wife about 1874.His name is Charles Skinner who came to Canada. It is thought he had brothers, one who might be James or John who went to the States and found Skinner Satin. My mother received a letter from lawyers in the States some years back asking that she contact them however she never did. I would like to hear from you in the event we may be able to determine that we are dealing with the same family. Thanks.
Diane Godbout
Belleville, Ontario

Subject: Frank Skinner
Date: 22 Aug 2000
From: Royal Bachman <royalbac@softdisk.com>
While surfing the internet for the past few hours, I found you are a member of The Guild of One Name Studies, and you are the located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. As a result of the information, I wonder if you are related, or know of someone who is related, to Frank Skinner who was quite well know in the Music Side of the Movies in Hollywood and surrounding areas during the late 19200s through the mid 1940s.
Let me explain why I am interested: My grandmother, Elizabeth Beeley had a sister named Mary Ann Beeley who married John Freeman(?) SKINNER in Arenzville, Cass County, Illinois. They had several son's and daughters. A son, Chester Milton SKINNER, had a son, Frank Chester Skinner, who was the family member who became famous in the Hollywood Music business. He was a composer, arranger and music director, among other activities.
I have not been able to find when, or where he died, and whom his descendants might be.

Any information you might have on the gentleman will be most appreciated.

I will be most happy to send you any information (not much) I might have on the Skinner family in Meredosia, Illinois and surrounding areas.
Thank you, Royal Bachman

Subject: Skinner ancestors
Date: 20 Aug 2000
From: Servant00@aol.com
Please Help:
I need my ancestors of William Skinner from Lunenburg Co. VA born 1779. He was in the VA militia 1814. Also married on 27 November 1815 to Elizabeth Byars/Byers in Lunenburg Co. William Died in 1831. His family then moved to Williamson Co. TN
children of William and Elizabeth Skinner were:
John Marshall b1816 d. 1888
Griffin T. 1820-1900
Gilley James 1822-1858
William Bennett 1824 ?
Branch Jones 1827-?
Lucy Ann 1830-?

Date: 19 Aug 2000
From: RGray02@aol.com

Subject: John W. Skinner m Mary Jane Mack
Date: 15 Aug 2000
From: LostInThePast38@aol.com
Hi, My name is Carolyn, I am seeking info on John W. Skinner who marr Mary Jane Mack in Clark Co. IL. on Feb 26 1852. they are my gggrandparents, I would like to find the parents of both, since there seems to be many many Skinner's I thought mine might ring a bell with one or more of you. I would surely appreciate any help, Thanks. Carolyn

Subject: Skinner relations from Cochecton, NY and Milanville, PA
Date: 10 Aug 2000
From: "Bob Limburg" <rlimburg@twcny.rr.com>
Looking to connect with Skinner relations from Cochecton, NY and Milanville, PA. these are descendants of Joseph Skinner/Martha Kinne. going back to Thomas of Malden.
Looking to fill in late 1800s to present with documentation, obits, pics.
Bob Limburg-syracuse, ny
I descend from Joseph-daniel-nathaniel-calvin-weston-charles-martha-robert-me.

Subject: My Skinner Connection
Date: 7 Aug 2000
From: Edward Cleary <Edward.Cleary@tigerdirect.com>
Source: Ryerson Genealogy Book 1916 By Albert Winslow Ryerson Page 87
Judge William Erskine Skinner of Hoboken,N.J. was born in Glasgow,Scotland, on May 17, 1831, and came to America in 1840 with his parents, the Rev. John Skinnere d.d.., and Elizabeth (Taylor) Skinner. He was admitted to the practice of law at Natchez,Miss., in 1857, and on returning to New Jersey he followed his profession in Trenton and Newark, NJ., In 1864 he was made Counsellor, while living in Kearney, Hudson County, NJ. He was Master Examiner and Special Master of Chancery; Supreme Court Commissioner and U.S. Commissioner. He was Presiding Judge of the Bergen County, NJ., Court of Common Pleas, Quater Session and Orphans Court, From April 1876 to April 1888.
Married to Mary Linn Ryerson. (Daughter of Hon. David Ryerson and Mary Linn who was daughter of Dr. Andrew Linn and granddaughter of Joseph and Martha (Kirkpatrick) Linn)
1. Elizabeth Kirkwood Skinner-died April 2, 1904, at Hamburg,NJ.; married Charles H.Linn, Son of Dr. Andrew and Julia (Vibbert) Linn. Mr Linn is a druggest of Hamburg,NJ.
A. Mary Ryerson Linn
B. Julia Vubbert Linn
C. Alexander Linn
D. Elizabeth Kirkwood LInn
2. George Ryerson Skinner-Born Feb 15, 1860; Died Dec 22, 1885. He Married on his deathbed, Eva Myer Hasbrouck,dau of Dr Hasbrouck. Mr Skinner was an attorney and one time partnership withWessels Ryerson in Paterson,NJ.
3.John Erskine Skinner, born Nov. 10, 1862. Resided in Slocan City, B.C. Canada.
4. Catherine McMurtry Skinner Resided Hoboken, NJ 5 22 1897; Unmarried
7. William Erskine Skinner, born Dec 30 1871 marries first Elizabeth Van
Blarcom and had a son. The mother died and he married 2nd Olive Van blarcom a sister of his first wife, and they had a dau. Resided in New Jersey.
a. John Fraser Skinner (byfirst wife)
b. Edith Skinner
8. Magdaline Fraser Skinner Married Albert Prescott Morris, and they had --
a.George Ryerson Morris born Aug. 19, 1891
b. Albert Prescott Morris jr.
c.Norman Fraser Morris born 1903-resided Hoboken,NJ
9.RALPH W. SKINNER- born Feb. 1 1874 married Mar 8 1900 Charlotte McGregor Borthwick.. Mr Skinner was an attorney of Newark,NJ--(he has taken an enthusiastic intrest in family genealogy and rendered valuable assistance in prepreation of this book.)
10. Lyle Ashfordby Skinner born May 21 1875 married May Genevieve Ketchum Resided Brooklun, NY
My link is through:
11. Henry Taylor Skinner born July 10, 1881
Henry married Catharine McGill Higgens of Blairsdale (?) NJ, Date unknown.
Known children include:
1. Virginia
2. Catherine (My Grandmother)
Married Clarence Redemon Mundt, Escanaba, MI around 1930.

Subject: Vermont Skinner Lineage
Date: 5 Aug 2000
From: akskurgis@webtv.net (Richard Skinner)
I hope you are interested in a missing lineage of SKINNERs. My information stops at Ralph P. SKINNER b. abt 1804 and Mary Burton. I would appreciate any further information you might have about them. Ralph's father or gfather may have been from Conn. and emigrated with a landgrant from N.H along with Ethan Allen. I don't really know.
Thank you, Richard Lynn Skinner (Jr.) Lynn, Essex, MA.

Subject: Parsons cemetery Jackson County, WV
Date: 29 Jul 2000 09:40:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Kellea Lewis <kellealew@yahoo.com>
I am working on Parsons cemetery documentation in Jackson County, WV. There is a Thomas Skinner b. 1856 in Ohio d. 1934 in Gay, Jackson Co, WV. His wife's name was Manurva ? b. 19 Apr 1854 d. 19 Dec 1937. Thomas, his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are all buried in this cemetery. He is the only Skinner in the Census records for the time period, the census state that he was born in Ohio. I am hoping that someone of the Ohio Skinner Family might know something about him that we may add his history to the cemetery history.
Thank you
Kellea Lewis
Gay, Jackson Co, WV

Subject: Skinners from Mechlenburg County, NC
Date: 28 Jul 2000
From: SPritch209@aol.com
Hi all you Skinners
I am now looking for all Skinners from Mechlenburg County, North Carolina from 1830-1840-1850 census. I am particularly interested in the following names found. William Henry, Jeremiah, Lorenzo D. Charles, Mary. My family from Lorenzo m. a Delilia Phifer and Mary Skinner married Peter Phifer. I believe that Mary is the sister of my Lorenzo. Peter is the brother of Delilia. I believe that Jeremiah is the older brother by 2-3 years he came to Mechlenburg first and then William Henry Skinner, with I believe Lorenzo at 17 years old. I found a William Henry Skinner I believe to be his brother.
I believe and it is pretty conclusive that any Skinners in the county at this time is all belonging to one family. If you have info or can connect to any of these Skinners would you please contact me. AT SPritch209@aol.com thank you.
God Bless

Subject: Skinner Family Assoc.
Date: 26 Jul 2000
From: Ruth Brook <ruthbrook@yahoo.com.au>
I am writing to you in relation to your " Skinner Family Association " in the faint hope that you might have some information which may be helpful to me in my ELDER family research ... out of London ?
My GGGG Grandparents - Robert Elder & Mary Mendey - had 8 known children in the Bethnal Green / St. Leonards / Chelsea districts of East London between 1819 and 1841.
The youngest of their children was Louisa Elder born 1841. In 1862 Louisa married Philip Lyons, and we know that they had at least one son - Philip - in ca. 1865.
The next I know of Louisa is on the 1881 Census where we could not find a couple matching the descriptions of Louisa and Philip Lyons, but in desperation I looked for a son Philip ... and then found that Louisa had remarried ... the census showed the following :-
12 Goldsmith Square, Shoreditch, London.
George Skinner Age 42 Born Middlesex, England.
Boot Finisher
Louisa Skinner Age 40 Born Middlesex, England.
Silk Weaveress
Phillip Lyons Age 16 Born Middlesex, England.
Step son of George
Boot Laster
I have as yet been unable to find a marriage between George & Louisa between 1865 and 1881 ... am still looking ... but am interested to know if you might have any information regarding SKINNERS in London, which might be of some use to me in my search !? I do not know as yet whether George & Louisa had any children of their own.

I thank you for your time, and will look forward to hearing back from you.

With thanks,
Ruth Brook

Subject: Zophar Skinner - MA and RI
Date: 23 Jul 2000
From: "Wendy Walter" <wgw@halcyon.com>
I'm searching for information on Zophar Skinner who was born about 1774 and died in 1843 in Norton, Bristol County MA. He married Bethiah Freeman in 1799 in Taunton, MA.
Zophar and Bethiah had 6 children:
Elijah Skinner
Nathianel Freeman Skinner
Zophar Skinner
Abigal Hawes Skinner
Mary Freeman Skinner
Betsy Godfrey Skinner.
I'm descended from Zophar the 2nd (born 1803 in Norton MA - Died 1860 in Cumberland, Providence Cty., RI). He married Cynthia Comstock and had 3 children:
Joseph Godfrey Skinner
Zophar Skinner
Henry Francis Skinner
Once again, I'm descended from Zophar the 3d (1843-1926). He lived his whole life in Valley Falls, R.I. and married Eliza Jane Carpenter in
Zophar the 3rd was my great-great grandfather.
I've seen references to lots of Skinners from Norton, Bristol County, MA, but can't find any connections to my line. Can anyone help?
Wendy Walter

Subject: Rev. John T. Skinner
Date: 15 Jul 2000
From: "Karan Skinner Fletcher" <karan_skinner@yahoo.com>
I am researching the line of Rev. John T. Skinner and wife Martha T. Turner. John was born in 1799 and died April 1878 in Newton Co. GA. He married Martha Turner on Jan. 2, 1817 in Hancock Co. GA. After Martha died he married a 2nd time to Rachel Yancy on Aug. 15, 1864. John and Martha had a total of 9 children all born in or around Henry/ Newton Co. GA. Any information concerning his parents and/or siblings would be welcome. Thanks Karan

Subject: Lydia Anne Skinner, b. 1930
Date: 11 Jul 2000
From: CindyPaws@aol.com
We are searching for my husband's birthmother, Lydia Anne Skinner. She was 18 at the time of his birth on 29 Feb 1948 in Staffordshire, England. We have no other information other than her name. Would love to have any information. Maybe there are some half-siblings out there ! Thanks for anyone who can help us out.

Subject: Skinners
Date: 11 Jul 2000
From: Quentin Skinner <quentin.skinner@nextpage.com>
My name is Quentin Skinner and I come from a line of Skinner's from Pinedale, Wyoming. My dad is Quentin Skinner and he has 4 brothers, Bud, Monte, Ole, Courtney and Bob Skinner. My grandfather was Clem Skinner and his wife was Viola Skinner, both of Pinedale.
I am told by my dad that Clem came to Wyoming from Wisconsin, but from there, I don't know much about my heritage. How can I find out more?
Quentin Skinner

Subject: Great Aunt Skinner
Date: 11 Jul 2000
From: "Edward Day" <dayglass@lineone.net>
I do not know christian name.Possibly born about 1900 in London England. Father name. William. Mother Ellen. She was taken from her home and family and put into an orphanage and then transported to America at about the age 3-5 years. Had two sisters Ellen the eldest, then Jessie. Do not know if she ever married, or what surname she was given, if in fact it was changed.During the second war, family sent photos to an address in Miami.She was looking for her family in England, and advertised through a english newspaper. We did not get a reply, so dont know if she received them. Hoping you can help.

Date: 08 Jul 2000
From: Scooter <natims@pacbell.net>
Hi all you Skinners: I have no association to the Surname but i do have a letter from a JOEL SKINNER TO a Mr E.C.SKINNER in Elmer Oaklahoma dated 8/17/1945. JOEL was in the Army at the time. Scott

Subject: Robert SKINNER born Dec 1851 at Pitminster, Blagdon Hill, Somerset, England
Date: 7 Jul 2000
From: "Yvonne & Nigel Armitage" <armitagedesign@xtra.co.nz>
Greetings All,
Looking for any information or connection to the following:
My Great Grandfather, Robert SKINNER was borne December 1851 at Pitminster, Blagdon Hill, Somerset, England. He was one of 5 children of John & Jane SKINNER (nee Marke). Robert's parents are I belive buried at Pitminister as are two of his brothers and sisters. Besides my Robert, the other child to survive to adulthood was I believe Sarah SKINNER. I would welcome very much any info on this Skinner line or anyone who feels there may possibly be a connection to this line that we could explore.
Thanks for taking the time to read this - look forward to hearing from you !
Yvonne Armitage
Auckland, New Zealand.

Subject: Richard Skinner of NJ-Researchers and Descendants
Date: 5 Jul 2000
From: "Paul Skinner" <paulo@mcn.net>
Hello cousins!
I just finished looking over Marion Turk's book "The Quiet Adventurers in North America." I don't recall the page number but she seemed to have her doubts about the Channel Island origins of Richard. She wasn't sure if the family should have been included. But what caught my attention was the mention that the ship, The Philip, stopped in New York and Virginia before arriving in Elizabethtown, NJ. Could our Richard have come from one of those 2 places? I ask because no one has been very forthcoming about the Philip and any documents associated with it; no record of Richard's birth in Jersey; no record in Hampton, England that I could find through GenForum/UK. So, I am wondering if we have overlooked something.
Additionally, I wonder if a valet would also be a carpenter. One researcher purported claims Richard was Philip Carteret's valet. Again, no one at the Channel Islands Genforum has come forth with any records. Would a person have had such diverse occupations during the 1640-60's? I am not very familiar with that sort of history. I would appreciate any thoughts, verifications, denials, whatever with regard to this theory. Thanks for your input.
Yours 'Aye,
Paul Skinner

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