Father: Joseph SKINNER

Family 1: Hannah MOORE
  1. Isaac SKINNER
  2. Hannah SKINNER
  3. Lucy SKINNER
  4. Keziah SKINNER
  5. Mary SKINNER
  6. Deborah SKINNER
  7. Ann SKINNER

                                        _John SKINNER __
                        _John SKINNER _|
                       |               |________________
 _Joseph SKINNER ______|
|                      |                _Joseph LOOMIS _
|                      |_Mary LOOMIS __|
|                                      |________________
|--Isaac SKINNER 
|                                       ________________
|                       _______________|
|                      |               |________________
                       |                ________________



! Loomis, E. Descendants of Joseph Loomis. (1880.) Vol 1. page 108 Fernald, Natalie R. Skinner Kinsmen, Descendants of John Skinner of Hartford, CT. n.d. page 35: He was a weaver. Contemporary Records: From Colchester, CT, land records 1718, Dec 9. Shubael Rowlee of Colchester to Isaac Skinner Windsor a mantion house with 10 acres of upland and meadow. Witnesses: John Skinner; Nathaniel Loomis, Jr. (vol 2, p 281) 1729, Apr 2. Isaac Skinner of Colchester to my brother John Skinner of said town etc. (vol 2, p 339) From Windsor, CT, land records 1731, Apr 12. Isaac Egleston to Isaac Skinner both of Windsor, 5 acres at Swampfield, East & West on said Skinner, North & South on highway (vol 6, p 64) 1735, May 28. Isaac Skinner to Joel Gillett both of Windsor, 10 acres at Swampfield near Messengers farm, east on John Cook, west on Mary Loomis, South on Highway, North on ditch (vol 6, p 234) 1741, Nov 9. Isaac Skinner and wife Hannah, Thomas Moore and wife Abiah, all of Windsor, Daniel Kellogg and wife Deborah, of Hartford to Joseph Steadman of Windsor, 118 1/2 acres in the Mile and half division. East and West on highways, North on lot laid out to Rev Timothy Edwards, South on Col Matthew Allyn (vol 7, p 337) From Barkhamsted, CT, land records 1748, Dec 14. Isaac Skinner and wife Hannah both of Windsor received their share in undivided land of the heirs of Capt Thomas Moore (Proprietors Book p 419) 1762. Hannah Skinner, Isaac Skinner and Enock Drake, Jun, of Windsor were on the Bond, for the Estate of Serg Isaac Skinner, of Windsor. In the graveyard of the Congregational church at Bloomfield are many old and quaint epitaphs, and this one is over the grave of Lucy Skinner: Here lyeth ye/Body of Lucy ye/Daut of Sarg't/Isaac Skinner who/died Feb'y ye 23rd,/1739-40, aged 18 years, Thys was ye first per'sn/that was buried here. E89.0726.04 Skinner, Margaret R 765 Mesa View Dr, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420: Excerpt from: The Skinner Kinsmen / Descendants of John Skinner. pp 9-10. E94.0713.15a Heineman, Richard H descendants chart 1336 Creek St, Webster, NY 14580-2237

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