Ebenezer SKINNER

Father: Thomas SKINNER
Mother: Mary PRATT

Family 1: Sarah LORD
  1. Ebenezer SKINNER
  2. Sarah SKINNER
  3. Joseph SKINNER
  4. Deborah SKINNER
  5. Gideon SKINNER
  6. Abigail SKINNER
  7. Ann SKINNER
  8. Mary SKINNER
  9. Timothy SKINNER
  10. Lydia SKINNER
  11. Margaret SKINNER

                   _Thomas SKINNER ________
 _Thomas SKINNER _|
|                 |_Mary Gooden \ GOODWIN _
|--Ebenezer SKINNER 
|                  ________________________
|_Mary PRATT _____|



!.....Skinner, David A GEDCOM 1/97 SOMETIMES CALLED "SERGT. EBENEZER," HE ACCOMPANIED HIS FATHER TO COLCHESTER, WHERE FOR MANY YEARS HE WAS A PROMINENT MAN. ON DEC. 14, 1724, THE TOWN MEETING GRANTED TO EBENEZER SKINNER "the liberty of giting wood to make Cole in the sequestred Comons to m... ...Iron works & also the preueleg of fiue or six acers of land if it be thare to be for a pastuer whare a Conuenient place is: thay to haue the priueleg of it so long as they shall maintain Ironworks or other mills thare & no longer, the place lying about 40: or fifty Rods Down the reuer from James Roberdses souwest Corner of his home lot." On February 4, 1728, Ebenezer Coleman of Hebron deeded lands, etc., to Ebenezer Skinner of Colchester, in consideration of part of certain iron works in Colchester. Ab... ...t this time Sergt. Skinner removed to Hebron with his family of eleven children. Here, during one week, Nov. 27 to Dec. 31, 1736, his four youngest children died of putrid sore throat, then so prevalent throughout the colony.

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