Thomas SKINNER (Sgt)

Family 1: Mary
  1. Thomas SKINNER
  2. Abraham SKINNER

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|--Thomas SKINNER 
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!.....Skinner, David A GEDCOM 1/97 Town Consable, Ran Tavern BAPM PLAC Puritan Church He was born in the year of 1617. In approximately 1650, he arrived in America from England with his wife Mary and his two sons, Thomas Jr. and Abraham. The family's arrival in America was about 30 years after the arrival of the Mayflower, and about the s The family settled in Malden, Mass. He was the town constable and, at his neighbors request, for a time ran the town "Ordinary." This is a tavern where travelers could be boarded and the purchase of "strong waters" and wine was possible. Thomas was not... ...n. This position carried alot of authority. While in Malden, Mary his wife died. He married a Lydia Shepardson (herself a widow) and thus another line of Skinners can trace their history back to him. The Howard Skinner line traces their line through the first son, Thomas, who is also known as Deacon Thomas. The family, at this point where Purtian in their faith and practice.

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