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Over the years we have made various attempts at using codes to let us know where the data has come from and how to find it again. As you find files which apply to your family, you may have questions regarding our coding system. We are including the most common codes below with their explanation to help in your research. If you find a code that isn't listed here, let us know and we'll add it.

b d, b d&p, b&d p, etc. These letters indicate what information was submitted by the person whose name preceeds the letters. i.e. b d&p would indicate this person contributed the information on the birth date and place. If the information differs from the orginal data submitted, the new information follows, i.e. d p Otisville indicates that this person's submitted data shows that Otisville is the person's place of death. This coding was added in the late 1990's and is not on all uploaded records.

E number, i.e. E91.0423.01. These numbers correspond to our filing system. E91.0423.01 would indicate an item that was processed April 23, 1991. The .01 would indicate the page number of a multipage file. Names following the number indicate person who submitted information.

Name (5/95), i.e. Parlance, John T. (5/95). Indicates name of person submitting information and date information was sent in. If provided, e-mail address will be listed. We try not to list submitter's address to protect their privacy, however, with over 17,000 records, we are sure we've missed some!

Name, number, i.e. Copley 150. Indicates this information came from a privately published resource. Number following indicates page number. Ususally these resources are not available in libraries.

SKU number, i.e. SKU 15(3)72. These numbers indicate that this information appeared in an issue of our quarterly Skinner Kinsmen Update. SKU 15(3)72 would indicate that the information appeared in Volume 15, Number 3, page 72. Names following the number indicate person who submitted information.

We hope this helps!

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