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Dr. Elisha Skinner (1754-1827) – Back to life!



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I recently received the following note from Edwin A. Page of Massachusetts:


“For the past 16 years, I have been portraying Dr. Elisha Skinner regiment surgeon for the Massachusetts Xth Regiment which successor to Marshall’s Company.


In addition to portraying medical history, I try to honor the memory of Dr. Skinner. My efforts have been to discover as much biographical information on him as possible. I have many questions, mainly regarding his latter life circumstances. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.”


From the Medway Historical Webpage:

Pills, Potions, Poultices: A Re-enactment of Revolutionary War Doctor Elisha Skinner. Come see Edwin Page portray Dr. Elisha Skinner [1742-1827], regimental surgeon for the Massachusetts Xth Regiment of the Continental Line.


You will learn what sort of anesthesia was used to perform surgery, why infant mortality was so high and how to use an 18th-century remedy to cure your next headache. You will most certainly come away with a greater appreciation for 21st-century health care.


How exciting to have someone portraying a Skinner ancestor! Dr. Elisha Skinner (1754-1827) was a revolutionary-era physician.


The article about Dr. Elisha Skinner that appeared in Skinner Kinsmen Update Volume 2 #2 pg 3 was received (10/26/1984) from John B. Skinner, III (1907-1994) with the following attached note:


“This was written by my good friend Barbara Kitchner for Rising Virtue Lodge and myself. It was read in Lodge and then filed in the archives. Dr. Elisha was a cousin once removed to my Daniel [Skinner].”


Can anyone assist Edwin Page in providing any further information on Dr. Elisha Skinner?


Our thanks to Edwin for preserving the remembrance of an ancestral Skinner. We hope that we can obtain more information about his portrayal of Dr. Elisha Skinner.


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