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Volume 3 Number 2
Spring 1986
Appreciated Comments
ChristChurch Cemetery,
Sherbourne, Chenango, NY
Diller Skinner Connection
Domesday Project
Gonzalez Skinner Connection
Grandparent Paradox
History of Eugene, OR (Chapter 2)
Letter from Editor
Lexington, KY Cemetery
Malden, MA Library Gleanings
Medical Genealogy
New Jersey Settlers (continued)
New York Colony Marriage Liscenses
Regal Note of Thanks
Skinner Crests
Aaron Nicholas Skinner
Asahel Skinner Letter Postscript
Edward Skinner Personal Memoirs
Otis Skinner
William Skinner Theory
Zink - Skinner Connection

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Thanks to William Weiler
for transcription of this article.


First, let's get our growth out of the way...
descendants of: current number up from last report

Thomas of Malden 3538 276
John of Hartford 121 0
Richard of Woodbridge 303 186
Unknown lines 1256 255
English beginnings 50 6
5268 723

Next, we are now official GOONS - that is members of the Guild Of One Name Studies, and we have received our first issue of their publication. One of the things they do is review member newsletters and I see that their standards are very high. I will wait a few issues before submitting a copy of SKU for evaluation. One thing they do mention is the futility of repeated apologies for the delay in data entry, as in most cases people have other things going on in their lives and it is understandable that it will take some time to get data entered and verified. Therefore, this is the last time you will hear it from me! I will, however, keep you updated on the numbers. You will note that there are some type changes in some articles of this issue. I am trying to find out if it is generally readable as I can 'squeeze' more into the column. The wider print is 35 characters wide. The compressed is 50. That means I can get 15 MORE characters per line, 900 MORE per column, 1800 MORE per PAGE. That's almost like getting a third column's worth of information on each page. Please let me know how it reads. Right now it looks like I'll be going to the compressed print to get more information on the 20 pages of SKU.

I can't wait til July. Salt Lake City, here I come! The boys are going to my Mother's in Chicago, BLESS HER SOUL!!! and I'll have a week to dig through the must. I rnetioned my trip to Sande Skinner of Chicago and she's meeting me there to go through the library. * HELP!!! -- > I am planning on going through English records in an attempt to 1. Track down Thomas of Malden's beginnings and 2. See which, if any, of the English lines connect back there. If you have done any work in these areas. PLEASE let me know so that I don't spend time duplicating your efforts. Also, if you have any theories on the Thomas of Malden beginnings, let me know. Having some other ideas might open up the doors to a solution. Of course, if I come across any other tie-ins, I'll work in those areas, but my main concern is old Thomas of Malden.

A recent letter from a reader mentioned concern about some articles that appeared in the Winter 86 issue of SKU. Among other things was her concern about the lengthy article about Eugene, OR and the full pagers given to individuals. I got the impression from her letter that she would like to have the pages of SKU packed with names and dates alone. My feelings on this matter are:

  1. Rather than fill the pages of SKU with names and dates exclusively, I prefer to have articles about Skinners and Skinner related 'stuff.' The article that I received from the Eugene Public Library on Eugene Skinner and his move West, I felt, was very interesting historically, and had a lot of data on a Skinner family.
  2. Articles about living individuals are included because we should recognize our own. The success of Skinners throughout the world should be noted, and if not on the pages of the Skinner Kinsmen Update, where else?
The articles that appear in SKU are those that readers have sent in. I have a stack of 'stuff' for SKU that I add to as it comes in. When it's time to prepare an issue, I turn the stack over, start cutting and pasting, typing, or whatever I have to do to get it into the issue. My feeling is that the type of articles that are sent to meas being of interest to readers are those that the readers send in. The names and dates are in the data bank, and they are available to anyone who wants them. SKU shares the information that brings those names and dates alive. The thoughts, the feelings, and the experiences of those who have gone before, or have made some type of notable effect in today's world are what bring our past alive.

See you next issue- July
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