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There is no proof without evidence
Volume 3 Number 1
Winter 1986
American Ethnicity
Ancient Skinner Lines
Myrtle S. Bohme Lineage
Clan MacGregor
Cook Co., IL Census
Cook Co., IL Wills
Thelma C. (Browning) Dalberg Lineage
Dead Briton - KGB
Debrett Update
Elephant two-step
Guild of One Name Studies
History of Eugene, Oregon (Chapter 1)
Letter From the Editor
Medical Quirks
New Jersey Settlers
New Jersey Update
Off Broadway
Skinner-Hope Family Record
Jane Skinner Obituary
John Skinner of Hoodbridge
Josiah Skinner Will
Robert Skinner Line
William Skinner Lineage
Skinner Places
Skinner Variants
Skinner's a hit
Vision Quest
Worshipful Company of Skinners

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Thanks to William Weiler for transcription of this article.


There are so many things of which I would like you to take note, it is difficult to prioritize them to first, second, etc. Therefore:

First, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you loyal readers!

First, I want to thank everyone who sent me greetings during the holiday season. I do not mail Christmas cards so please don't feel offended if you didn't receive one from me. I send out 5 cards each year; one to Mom, my sister, brother, and two very close aunts, and it's amazing that I get those five out in time!

First, as you can tell from the cover, and if you've been along since the beginning, we're beginning the THIRD volume of SKU. I've impressed myself with its expansion. I'm truly pleased that you've decided to stay on for
another year. Hopefully we'll get even better as time goes on.

First, a slight expansion. I have been receiving so much Skinner stuff from you that you want to share with others through SKU, that the pile shows no significant depletion when I prepare an issue. Therefore, I decided to expand to 20 pages per issue. However, there comes a catch. The extra pages and the extra weight will cause an increase in copying and mailing costs. But . . .not if you've paid for 1986. New subscribers in 1986 and renewals for 1987 will be paying $15.00. That comes out to an average increase of $1.25 per issue to cover the extra printing costs and postage. I hope that the proposed increase for 1987 won't be a drawback for anyone's renewal come next year...

First, regarding AGRI, the American Genealogical Research Institute. In the last issue of SKU I wrote that AGRI had a supply of Skinner Family History Books available. Boy, were they wrong. I finally received a letter from them in late November, ". . .I was misinformed in connection with our supply of Skinner Family History Books at the time I answered your letter in July. I regret the inconvenience it may have caused you and your readers. The supply of Skinner books is now depleted. We do have a good supply of Coat of Arms and Playing Cards." Signed, Myrtle C. Mosseller. I, too, hope that not too many of you were inconvenienced by this.

First, after the business of last summer entering data from the `big books' of Skinner ancestors and having the mail get backlogged tremendously, I decided to make another change in data entry. I have figured out that it takes from three to five minutes per person to enter data in the computer. Sometimes I receive information about 5 people from a Skinner, sometimes I receive information on 50. Since I can't dedicate my entire time to entering data, I have devised a system whereby I enter data from one correspondent per week. Many of you have received the packets of data that I send out for correction and update. If you haven't received yours yet, be patient. The trouble is, I have over fifty on my desk right now. That means I'm backlogged over a year. Plus, I have been contacting people through the Yates Family Group Sheet Exchange as well as the LDS Family Registry Index, as well as names that you send me as people who have contacted you as a fellow `Skinner Searcher.' Bottom line. Please be patient if you don't hear from me for a while. I try to send a quick note out on each letter I receive acknowledging receipt of your information, but sometimes I don't. If you ever mall anything that you want to be notified of me receiving (not very good English, but...), please be sure to say so in a cover letter. Also, if there is something that you want me to return, please let me know. Unless you tell me you want it returned, I consider it to be part of the Skinner Collection. I expect that shortly I will be getting all of the stuff to the local library as the official repository for Skinner.

Keep the Skinner stuff coming !

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