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There is no proof without evidence
Volume 1 Number 2
Fall 1984

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The Skinner Family Association

The Skinners

Jonathan Skinner, A Soldier of The
American Revolution, Part II

Orange Skinner Bible

What Kind of Family Records
are Needed?
My Skinner Lineage
Genevieve Skinner Copley
My Skinner Lineage
Katherine Twomey
Where’s Thomas From?
A Continuing Saga
An Attempt to Explain the
Computerized List of C.W. Myers
Question of Issue:
Thomas' Title of Sergeant

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Thanks to William Weiler for transcription of this article.


I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of the SKINNER KINSMEN UPDATE. I was somewhat concerned at the onset as to how it would be received. I have found, through you comments, that my work is not in vain. Those of you who have responded with financial support are many times thanked. Through your support I have been able to distribute the SKU throughout the United States. Copies of the SKU have been sent to libraries across the nation in the hopes that it is placed with their genealogical collections, making it available to the most people.

As a note of reference, queries are now free to subscribers of the Update. Please be sure to include the letter-number code found on your address label.

There is a slightly new look to the Update this month. I have finally gotten the printer for my computer. With it and a word processing program, producing the newsletter is much easier. Being a hunt and peck typist, correcting copious errors on a typewriter has been a real drag. With the computer, a correction takes less time than getting the cork off the Liquid Paper bottle.

Those of you who have subscribed to the update should have received printouts of Family Group Sheets for your Skinner ancestry. Please go over the information we have making corrections and additions as necessary, and return them to us as soon as possible. Be sure to include copies of original data for verification.

Thanks again for your support.

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