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About the Skinner Family Association

The Skinner Family Association is a group of people who have organized their efforts in search of their Skinner ancestry.

Established in 1984, the pioneers of the Association wanted to have a place where they could collect material regarding the history and genealogy of the Skinner families and subsequently disseminate it to other researchers. The Association has grown to include lines not only from the United States, but also from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Great Britain. In 1986, the Skinner Family Association became a member of the Guild of One-Name Studies located in England. As a one-named study, we collect information on all Skinner lines, not just from one particular family line or ancestral couple.

The Skinner Scroll

The Skinner Scroll was designed by Sande Skinner of Chicago, Illinois, in 1985 We wanted something to relate to the idea of a skinner - a worker in hides and leather. Wrote Sande: "The vellum scroll is the connection as a leather worker had to prepare the animal skin to be suitable for writing."

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Please note: We receive a very large volume of mail each week. We are unable to do individualized research on Skinner lines, but if you would like to add your information to our data base, please contact us. If you contact us with a Skinner question, it may take some time for us to answer you personally as we do not have a staff available to answer questions. (There's just one of me right now! We are waiting for the results of the cloning process.) If using snail mail, please include return postage and enough to cover copies and printing. Please be patient as we want to give each Skinner researcher the best possible research help. Thanks for understanding!

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The Skinner Family Association

c/o Gregg Legutki

PO Box 2594

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729 USA

Richard of Woodbridge Line - uploaded 10/28/2006 containing information on the Richard of Woodbridge Line and other Pennsylvania & Ohio Skinners
Surnames include: Poulain

Glendenning : A line of descendants from Thomas Skinner of Malden, MA, through Joseph and Mary (Kinne) Skinner.

Kaye-Skinner: Descendants of Ezekiel Ludwill Skinner, Sr., born 1765.

Kea : Descendants of Lemuel Skinner, born 15 AUG 1786, Darlington,SC.

Thomas of Malden: A compliled listing of descendants of Thomas Skinner of Malden, MA. Many people have contributed to this descendants list.

Reid: Descendants of Thomas Skinner of Malden, MA, based on extractions by Michele Reid of the Doris Wahl Collection at the Lockport, NY, Library.

David Skinner: GEDCOM contributed by David Skinner.

Ken Skinner: GEDCOM contributed by Ken Skinner
Surnames include: Crouzton (and others)

Mike Skinner: GEDCOM contributed by Mike Skinner.

John Skinner of Hartford, CT collection

Unknown: Bits and pieces of Skinner Families which we can't seem to connect to one of the major lines. If you can connect any of these short lines to one of the major lines, please send proving data and we'll be happy to move them!

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